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Tent Accessories

Optional accessories make your glamping tent more luxurious and comfortable.

Glitzcamp’s modules offer a ‘plug and play’ solution that is quick and easy to install, and is designed to bring unprecedented convenience and comfort to your home. From compact bathroom modules to versatile kitchen modules, from cosy bedroom designs to creative space-saving loft bed modules, you can mix and match these modules to create a unique spatial experience according to your needs. These modules are compatible with each model of Glitzcamp’s Dome for a variety of accommodations, including campgrounds, cabins, hotels, and more.
Modular Deck
Modular Deck
Modular Bathroom
Modular Bathroom
Solar System
Solar System
Door & Window
Door & Window

Modular Deck

Our modular decks are made of high-strength polypropylene (PP). It is water and mold-resistant and can withstand a variety of harsh outdoor environments. Whether you choose interlocking or roll form, our decks provide a strong and reliable foundation.

This deck provides a solid platform for glamping tents, protecting the base from sharp objects or uneven ground. It can effectively extend the life of the tent.
It also effectively blocks moisture from the ground, keeping the inside of the tent dry and clean, preventing the growth of mold and odors.

It is easy to set up and take down, suitable for all kinds of glamping tents.

Shelter Modular Deck


Build a deck in hours
Minimal tools required
A fast start to ROI
Low maintenance
Increase your tent's value
Shelter Modular Bathroom

Modular Bathroom

Modular bathrooms for glamping tents are different from traditional structures. These self-contained units take very little time to build and install, saving significantly on time and labor costs.

Key Benefits:
  • Wide Selection
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity and Self-Containment
  • Time Optimization
  • Addressing Industry Pain Points
Modular bathrooms allow operators to customize a variety of styles, colors and materials to match their specific branding and aesthetic requirements. These bathrooms are constructed using quality materials and the latest technology to ensure durability and functionality. They provide guests with a five-star hotel-like experience in nature. Modular bathrooms can provide campground operators with additional business opportunities and a competitive advantage.
Prefabricated Integrated Bathroom


List of all Parts of Integrated Bathroom

 SizeOther DetailsPicture
Integrated wall and partition2995*1358*2300
  • Light steel keel
  • Interior and exterior panels
  • Water and electricity lines
  • Hot and cold water pipes
  • Socket panels
Integrated Wall And Partition
Toilet door2100*600Aluminum alloy frosted black glassToilet Door
Pulse toilet665*395*430
Drainage hole distance 300mm
/Pulse Toilet
Lifting shower head + faucet/Bright color, two functions
Material: Faucet body copper
Lifting Shower Head + Faucet
Hot and cold water taps/Material: CopperHot And Cold Water Taps
Towel rack/304 stainless steel brightTowel Rack
Tissue box/304 stainless steel brightTissue Box
Toilet brush/304 stainless steel brightToilet Brush
Shelves/304 stainless steel brightShelves
Floor drain100*100304 stainless steel brushedFloor Drain
Clothes hook/304 stainless steel brightClothes Hook
Stainless steel bathroom cabinet600*480Main cabinet: stainless steel
Mirror cabinet: aluminum alloy
Tabletop: gray rock board
Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet
Water Heater767*493*263/Water Heater

Additional Modules

Upper bedCustomized bed2900*1358*400Upper Bed
Folding ladder with high handrails3100*500
Bedroom ModuleBed2100*1800Bedroom Module
Bedside table450*450
Bedside cabinet2100*420
Water barVertical cabinet2995*600*2300Water Bar
Operating table
Decorative shelf
OtherCoffee table1100*800Other
Dining table1879*950*340

Need Custom Tent Accessories?

You can also customize more modular components, such as a mezzanine module, kitchen module, and bedroom module... If you need to customize the above tent accessory options, you can always contact Glitzcamp. Our expert team will provide you with a one-to-one customization service.

Solar System

All In One Energy Storage System
All-in-One Energy Storage System
Stacked Battery Storage System
Stacked Battery Storage System
Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter
Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Why Choose Our Solar Systems?

It’s not just a product, it’s a way to connect luxury with nature while saving energy. Promote sustainability with our solar systems, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while contributing to Mother Earth. It’s durable and weatherproof. A well-established solar system allows you to enjoy lighted nights and sustainable living.
Shelter Solar Panels

Dome Standard Door Configuration

 SizeOther Details
Solid wood doorHeight 2100 x Width 900mmImported solid wood door panel with copper lock
Glass doorHeight 2100 x Width 900mm 50mm thickness
  • Single-opening aluminum alloy glass door with double-layer hollow frosted tempered glass
  • With lock
  • Available in wood grain and ivory white

Luxury Tent Door Configuration

 SizeOther DetailsPicture
Single doorSingle glass door1200*2380mmAluminum alloy frame and galvanized steel frame, with 6mm thick transparent tempered glassSingle Door
Single open aluminum alloy doorAluminum alloy frame and galvanized steel structure frame, with 3mm aluminum plate
Double doorStandard double glass door2440X2380mmAluminum alloy frame and galvanized steel structure frame, with 6mm thick transparent tempered glassStandard Double Glass Door
American standard escape passage door/ push-type double-opening glass door
  • The escape door lock is a push-type
  • Aluminum alloy frame and galvanized steel structure frame, with 6mm thick transparent tempered glass
American Standard Escape Passage Door Push Type Double Opening Glass Door
European standard escape passage door, push-down double-opening glass door
  • The escape door lock is a push-down type
  • Aluminum alloy frame and galvanized steel structure frame
  • With 6mm thick transparent tempered glass
European Standard Escape Passage Door, Push Down Double Opening Glass Door
Horizontal push-type double door without lower beam for escape
  • Use of more stringent European or American standard escape passages (no obstacles)
  • Escape door lock is a flat push type
  • 6mm tempered glass
Horizontal Push Type Double Door Without Lower Beam For Escape
Double-opening aluminum alloy door/ fire door
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • 3mm aluminum plate
Double Opening Aluminum Alloy Door Fire Door


 SizeOther DetailsPicture
Transparent window (false window)1800*976
Fabric OR clothTransparent Window (false Window)
Triangular mosquito-proof window//Triangular Mosquito Proof Window
Round mosquito screen//Round Mosquito Screen
Tempered glass windows/Hard single layerTempered Glass Windows

Frequently Asked Questions About Tent Accessories

How do I choose the right tent accessories?

When choosing the right tent accessories and fittings, consider your specific needs, such as the size of the glamping tent, the environment in which it will be used, and the level of comfort you expect. Our website provides detailed product descriptions and specifications to help you make an informed decision. For personalized advice, please contact our customer support team.

Are tent accessories supplied suitable for all types of glamping tents?

Most of the accessories and attachments we offer are designed to be compatible with all types of glamping tents. If you are unsure whether a particular product is suitable for your tent, please consult our customer support.

Do you offer a warranty on glamping tent accessories and parts?

Yes, Glitzcamp offers a 1-year warranty on all of our products. Please check the product description or contact our customer service department.

How do I install tent accessories and parts?

Most glamping tent accessories and fittings come with an installation guide. We recommend following the instructions to ensure safe and proper installation. For complex accessories, we recommend that they be installed by a professional.

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