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What Makes Event Tents Stand Out in Modern Gatherings?

Perfect luxury event tents, perfect quality.

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In the world of event tent, achieving exceptional experiences requires a perfect blend of ambiance, innovation, and personalized service. Join us on a journey to discover how outdoor tents for party redefine event experiences.Explore our wide selection of event tents for sale and find the perfect shelter for your upcoming gatherings.

Explore Series of Outdoor Tents for events

Glitzcamp's tents for events can be customized for every scene. From commercial events to sport activities, and from holiday events to home use, you will always find the best fit from our products.

Explore Series of Outdoor Tents for events

Event Tent

Event Dome

How To View The Current Status Of Event Tents and Event Dome?

Custom Event Tents have emerged as a popular architectural choice in the modern event industry, appreciated for their versatility, quick setup, and appeal to event organizers and attendees alike.

Why Why Choose Party Tents For Wedding Event Tents ?

Celebrating the fusion of technology and design, our tents for weddings and events are tailored to meet the ever-rising expectations in the world of event hosting.

Creative Sparks for Exotic Tents

Creative Sparks for Exotic Tents

Drawing inspiration from architectural creativity, our innovative exotic tent designs prioritize spaciousness, natural light, and multi-functionality, enhancing both practicality and aesthetic allure.

Creative Sparks for Exotic Tents

Our canvas cabin tents and geometric domes are artistically designed to deliver a refined aesthetic. Ingenious structural details elevate events with a unique visual appeal.

Balancing Decor and Lighting in the Artistic Creation

Crafting an eloquent blend of decor and illumination, our party canopies strike a harmonious balance between aesthetics and lighting, transforming outdoor settings into works of art. Every element seamlessly intertwines to enhance event sophistication.

Retreat from the Chaos into Unmatched Comfort

Escape the chaos and find unmatched comfort in our Commercial Event Tent. These aren’t just party tents. These shelter buildings carry hopes and dreams, even if only for moments at a time.

Differences Between Event Tent and Event Dome?

Outdoor Event Tent "Blending luxury with adventure, the Extreme Series shelter building offers a shade structure retreat into nature."

Outdoor event tent external siza Indooe area external area Framework Material flay sheet Inner Tent Material
E67 Exterme Canvas Tent 9.5m×7m×4.3m 46m² 67m² Q235Steel+Wood Pattern Aluminum Alloy 750g/m² PVC Waterproof 370g/m² Moisture + Mold Resistant Canvas
E48 Exterme Glamping Tent 6.9m×6.9m×4.3m 36m² 48m² Q235Steel+Wood Pattern Aluminum Alloy 750g/m² PVC Waterproof 370g/m² Moisture+ Mold Resistant Canvas
C40 Exterme Outfitter Tent 5m×8m×4m 25m² 40m² Q235Steel+Wood Pattern Aluminum Alloy 750g/m² PVC Waterproof 370g/m² Moisture+ Mold Resistant Canvas
P40 Extreme Bell Tents 5m×8m×4m 25m² 40m² Q235Steel+Wood Pattern Aluminum Alloy 750g/m² PVC Waterproof 370g/m² Moisture+ Mold Resistant Canvas

Personalized Canopy Tent: With custom tents of any style and multiple sizes, you can customize the tents for outdoor events.

Personalized canopy Tent External area Roof height Entrance Height Framework Material Cover Material Rope Material
S100 Skyline Luxury Tents 100m² 6.3m 2.4m Steel 168×5+ Steel 89×4 PYDF950 tension membrane structre Cable rope 16
S190 Skyline Event Tents 190m² 7m 6.3m Steel 168×5+ Steel 89×4 PYDF950 tension membrane structre Cable rope 16
L150 Skyline Commercial Glamping Tents 150m² 6.3m 3m Steel 168×5+ Steel 89×4 PYDF950 tension membrane structre Cable rope 16

Dome Shelter: Redefining luxury in the wild, the dome hut blends elegance with the natural world.

Dome Shelter Floor Space Diameter Height People standing Seated at table
10m lgloo Dome 78m² / 840sq ft 10m / 33ft 5m / 16ft 130 60
12m Glass Dome 113m² / 1216sq ft 12m / 40ft 6m / 20ft 150 80
15m Geodesic Dome 176m² / 1900sq ft 15m / 50ft 7.5m / 25ft 250 100
18m Public Space Dome 254m² / 2735sq ft 18m / 60ft 9m / 30ft 400 150
20m PVDF Tarpaulin Dome 314m² / 3380sq ft 20m / 65ft 10m / 33ft 500 190

Large Dome Tents: Turning gatherings into memorable occasions, dome camping tents combine versatility and complexity, making them an excellent choice for holding a wide variety of events that promote health concerns.

Large dome Tents Floor Space diame ter Height people standing seated at Table
6m Glamping Dome 28m² / 300sq ft 6m / 20ft 3.5m / 10ft 2-4
25m party dome 490㎡ / 5275sq ft 25n / 82ft 13m / 40ft 800 300
30m dome cabin 706㎡ / 7600sq ft 30n / 100ft 15m / 50ft 1000 440
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Why Develop a Dedicated Product Line for Premium Event Tents and Event Domes?

Provide first-class quality shade tents to meet a variety of consumer needs. Birthday parties, weddings, company events, graduation parties, and other outdoor events all need to create incredible memories that will last at least a generation.

All-purpose Compatibility

Fancy tents and igloo domes, now offered as a standardized product line, can serve diverse purposes, from upscale event hosting to intimate gatherings, delivering a versatile solution for a variety of occasions.

Perpetual Superiority and Quality Assurance

The continuous production of permanent tents and dome buildings upholds an unvarying level of quality and enables rigorous quality assurance protocols, ensuring that every unit adheres to the most stringent standards.

Brand Competitiveness and Growth

In a competitive event market, a standardized glamp tents and geo domes product line boosts brand competitiveness, establishing trust and excellence, which can lead to industry growth.

Overall, standardized custom canopy tent and geodome production offers versatility, quality assurance, and brand growth, driving industry advancement.

Prospects for Event Tents and Event Domes in the Outdoor Event Industry's Future

The future outlook for custom event tents and dome tent house in the event industry is characterized by their versatility, providing distinctive experiences for a wide array of occasions. With ongoing evolution and innovation, they are poised to excel in multiple crucial aspects.

Versatile For Multiple Scenes
Versatile For Multiple Scenes

Glitzcamp's camping tents and luxury domes can be customized for every special event.

Built-In Stability
Built-In Stability

The built-in stability options of Glitzcamp's camp tents and dome cabins allow you to customize the event space at will, ensuring a safe and luxurious atmosphere.

Green Practices
Green Practices

Glitzcamp's canvas tents and domes embrace green practices, emphasizing environmental friendliness and energy efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics or guest comfort.

event dome


We sell shelter covers and tents for weddings and events . We also have all the tent accessories you might need, Including Cover Membrane, Structure, Moisture-proof, Radiation heat reflection coefficient, Clear PVC Split Piece Replaceable, Intelligent Device, etc.

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