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Natural Spaces Domes

Explore the Harmony of Nature in Our Unique Natural Spaces Domes

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Natural Spaces Domes by Glitzcamp offer a unique blend of luxury and eco-friendliness, perfect for outdoor living, events, and hospitality. These versatile, durable domes provide a stylish, sustainable solution for immersive nature experiences.

Glitzcamp's Natural Spaces Domes

Discover Glitzcamp's premium hunting tents, designed to elevate your campsite business. With diversified offerings, specialized amenities, and increased occupancy, our hunting tents attract outdoor enthusiasts and hunters alike. Partner with us for turnkey solutions and expert support to enhance your campsite's success.

luxury glamping dome resort

Geodesic Dome

DIY Glamping Experience

Upgrade your camping adventure or business with our DIY Glamping knowledge. Design ideas and tips for glamping enthusiasts and businesses, they offer luxury, ease, and a unique outdoor experience. Perfect for those who love comfort in the heart of nature.

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Temporary Space

Transform any outdoor location into a unique, versatile venue. Ideal for pop-up events, exhibitions, and weddings, these temporary spaces offer flexibility and creativity for memorable gatherings.

Permanent Space

Discover a permanent outdoor oasis for relaxation and events. Our yoga domes, ballrooms, and planetariums provide a serene backdrop for schools, conservatories, and amphitheaters, enhancing every outdoor activity.

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Specifications of Natural Spaces Domes

Dome House: Revolutionizing outdoor escapades, the Glamping Dome combines panoramic views with unparalleled comfort. Adhering to 'Bringing the stars closer,' it's the ultimate haven for immersive, luxury nature experiences.

Dome house Floor Space Diameter Height Room Occupancy
6m Glamping Dome 28m² / 300sq ft 6m / 20ft 3.5m / 10ft 2-4
7m Glamping Dome 28m² / 410sq ft 7m / 23ft 4m / 11ft 2-4
8m Glamping Dome 50m² / 540sq ft 8m / 26ft 4.7m / 13ft 2-6

Event Dome: Transforming events into unforgettable experiences, the Event Dome offers a unique blend of elegance and versatility. Emphasizing 'Elevate your health,' it's perfect for wellness retreats, such as Yoga and meditation.

Event Dome Floor Space Diameter Height People standing Seated at table
4m Transparent Dome 12.6m² / 135.6sq ft 4m / 13ft 2m / 6ft / 1-4
Customized Glamping Dome Customized Glamping Dome 5m / 13ft&6m / 20ft / / 2-4
10m Public Space Dome 78m² / 840sq ft 10m / 33ft 5m / 16ft 130 60
15m Public Space Dome 176m² / 1900sq ft 15m / 50ft 7.5m / 25ft 250 100
18m Public Space Dome 254m² / 2735sq ft 18m / 60ft 9m / 30ft 400 150
20m Public Space Dome 314m² / 3380sq ft 20m / 65ft 10m / 33ft 500 190
30m Public Space Dome 706m² / 7600sq ft 30m / 100ft 15m / 50ft 1000 440
12m PVDF Tarpaulin Dome 126m² / 1350sq ft 12.5m / 41ft 5m / 16ft 100-120 60-80
25m Glass Geodesic Dome 490m² / 5275sq ft 25m / 82ft 13m / 40ft 800 300
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The Advantages Of Geodesic Dome

Low Site Requirements And Flexible Construction
Low Site Requirements And Flexible Construction

Glitzcamp's natural spaces domes are are detachable and moveable structures made of fire-resistant pvc tarpaulin and an extremely strong aluminum alloy. Its total weight is little, and it doesn't require a lot of ground. Usually, all you need is a level location. Its environmentally friendly design allows it to be assembled and disassembled as much as needed. It can even be constructed to fit the specific requirements of the mountain.

Long Life Span And Strong Structure
Long Life Span And Strong Structure

Although in most cases, luxury camping domes are used as temporary buildings. But domes are designed and manufactured in accordance with semi-permanent building safety standards. The Geodome's sturdy structure withstands harsh conditions, providing reliable shelter and an eco-friendly footprint.

Cost Effective And Short Construction Period
Cost Effective And Short Construction Period

Glitzcamp's natural spaces domes don't need complicated foundations like standard concrete buildings do, which can save a significant amount of money and critical construction time. Glitzcamp's natural spaces domes also involves less complex approval processes and essentially no additional fees or time expenditures.

Rich Style For Choice
Rich Style For Choice

You have the option to select a span between 4 and 50 meters in length. With a diverse selection of high-quality materials and customizable designs, each Geodome is a masterpiece of aesthetics and functionality. Whether for elegant homes or chic commercial spaces, our Geodomes offer unparalleled versatility and style, making every space distinctively yours.

Easy For Maintenance
Easy For Maintenance

The opulent geo dome requires relatively little daily upkeep. After a few hours of instruction, you can become an expert at the maintenance with just a few simple procedures. The tent hotel's service life is considerably increased by the use of modular universal components and easily replaceable product parts.

We're With You Every Step of the Way

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Future Trend

Future trends in natural spaces domes, crucial for campground owners and camping industry investors, focus on sustainable eco-tourism. These domes offer unique, biodiverse ecosystems within controlled environments, appealing to eco-conscious campers. Advanced technologies ensure efficient ecosystem management and climate control. Providing urban dwellers with immersive nature experiences, these domes cater to the growing demand for mental wellness and relaxation in natural settings. Additionally, they present new revenue opportunities by diversifying eco-tourism, attracting a broader audience. This innovative approach aligns with evolving camper preferences and underscores the importance of environmental conservation.

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