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Luxury Safari Tent

The luxury safari tent has a spacious interior of 24 square meters, which is perfect for accommodating two people. The top of the tent adopts a double-layer design, with a waterproof outer layer and a heat-insulating inner layer, which greatly improves the comfort of the stay. These tents are not only lightweight and easy to set up, but also very convenient to use. In addition, their low-key design blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape and looks harmonious and unobtrusive in the natural environment.
Luxury Safari Tent



Luxury Safari Tent

Shelter Luxury Safari Tent

Luxury Safari Tent
Interior area24 Square Meters
Spacious extended balconyYes
Tent roof structureDouble-layer roof
Outer layer: 1050G PVDF, waterproof
Inner layer: 650G PV with insulation cotton inside, heat insulation
Framework6061-T6 aluminum alloy with wooden pattern
ConnectorBlack Q235B steel
WallCanvas wall with gauze
Wind load75 km/h

Suit For

Luxury Safari Tent Suit For

This luxury safari tent has a low-key design and natural tones, making it perfect for placement in the woods, mountains or meadows. Its low-key appearance blends perfectly with the natural environment and provides an unparalleled background for photography.

Not only is it spacious inside, but it also has a dedicated lounge area. In this tent, users can enjoy the beautiful scenery, read, drink coffee or do yoga. This design provides users with a comfortable, high-end camping experience.

More and more tourists are looking for unique travel experiences. Our luxury safari tent is a featured product on the market with strong market potential. We have a professional team responsible for product research and development, production and pre-sales and after-sales consultation to ensure the smooth progress of your resort project.

FAQs About Luxury Safari Tent

Can luxury safari tents be used all year round?

Of course, our luxury safari tents are designed for year-round use. In the summer, you can use air conditioning to keep cool. In the winter, you can choose a tent with insulation or add a heater. If you feel it is not breathable, you can also choose to add ventilation facilities. We customize solutions for the functions you want.

Is it possible to equip the tent with heating or cooling systems?

Certainly, you can install heating or cooling systems inside our tents. We provide ample space and appropriate interfaces within the tent for easy installation of temperature control equipment. This ensures you can enjoy an ideal temperature environment in any season.

Are the tents customizable?

Absolutely, our tents can be fully customized. Whether you require a particular color, size, or interior layout, we can tailor the design to match your preferences. Additionally, we offer customization options for furnishings and amenities to ensure the tent perfectly suits your requirements.

What furniture is inside the tent?

Furniture usually includes a comfortable bed with a quality mattress, stylish seating arrangements, a sturdy table, and storage solutions to keep your belongings organized. Glitzcamp can also customize the interior furniture according to your specific preferences and requirements, ensuring that your tent feels luxurious.

Can this tent be self-installed?

Yes, the modular design of the luxury safari tent makes it easy to install. The clear instructions and installation video make the installation process simple and straightforward, saving you energy. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, the customer support team is always here to provide you with help and guidance. We also provide professional installation services to handle the entire installation process for you.

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