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Extreme Safari Tent

The extreme safari tent series is a reinvention of the classic wall tent, with a vintage design aesthetic and traditional layout for a more authentic wilderness living experience. It features an innovative top structure design and spacious interior.

It also comes with a king-size bed and a host of hotel-standard furnishings and amenities for ultimate comfort. Add a touch of luxury and peace of mind to your traveler by choosing the extreme safari tent series.

Extreme Safari Tent



Extreme Safari Tent
Item Extreme Safari Tent A32
Extreme Safari Tent A36
Extreme Safari Tent A40
Extreme Safari Tent C40
Extreme Safari Tent P40
External area 31.5m² 36m² 40m² 40m² 40m²
Roof height 4.2m 4.2m 4.4m 4m 4m
Indoor area 21.5m² 22.4m² 25m² 25m² 25m²
Inner top height 3.9m 3.9m 4.1m 3.1m 3m
Structure 6061-T6 aluminum alloy (wooden pattern)
Connectors Φ90*1.5 black Q235B steel Φ90*1.5 black Q235B steel 80*100 black Q235B steel
Cover 750 g/m² double coated opaque PVC (beige), waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant B1
Inner lining 370 g/m² Canvas, including 1.2*0.8m window with mosquito net and zipper door
UV resistant
Fire retardant
Max wind load: 75 km/h
Kitchen Optional
Packaging size 2.2cbm 2.2cbm 2.5cbm 3.6cbm 5.5cbm
Gross weights 400kg 400kg 450kg 450kg 800kg

Interior Design Solution

Extreme Safari Tent Design Solution

Suit For

Extreme Safari Tent Suit For

The extreme safari tent is elegantly designed, comfortable and luxurious. It is an ideal choice for creating leisure tourism hotels, camping sites, resorts and outdoor activity accommodations.

Whether it is forests, mountains, grasslands or seaside, our tents can perfectly blend with the surrounding natural landscape. Glitzcamp provides unparalleled enjoyment for customers seeking unique and beautiful experiences.

FAQs About Extreme Safari Tent

How long do extreme safari tents last? How durable are they?

Extreme safari tents typically have a long lifespan. Typically, our covers last 3 years and our frames 10 years. The exact time depends on the frequency of use, environmental conditions, and maintenance.

Can this range of tents be fitted with air conditioning or heating systems?

Yes, we can design and install air conditioning or heating systems for safari tents according to our clients' needs. Meanwhile, the tents can also be added with accessories such as thermal cotton and heat insulation.

Can the interior layout of the tent be customized or adjusted?

Of course! We allow customers to adjust the interior layout of the tent according to their needs and preferences. Whether it is to increase or decrease the number of rooms, adjust the size and location of the rooms, or add equipment such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Is the extreme safari tent a worthwhile investment?

Extreme safari tents are a worthwhile investment. Compared to traditional hotels, investing in an extreme safari tent is relatively inexpensive and has a shorter construction cycle. With their high durability and low maintenance needs, these tents allow you to significantly reduce the cost of replacement and repairs for years to come. The extreme safari tent resort has a different image from the traditional resort and can attract more tourists. Continuously improve service quality and customer satisfaction, thus bringing continuous and stable income growth to your business.

Is the after-sales service guaranteed?

The after-sales service period of the tent is one year. Glitzcamps always puts customers at the center and provides comprehensive after-sales service and support, including timely installation guidance, maintenance services and technical support. Multilingual team support, barrier-free communication. Please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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