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Elite Safari Tent

The elite safari tent, with its distinctive square shape that is the brand’s signature feature, is designed for high-end customers who seek the ultimate camping experience. Not only is the tent sturdy and durable, but its spacious living space is also equipped with a comfortable sofa, a practical dining table, spacious closets and storage. The luxurious king-size bed and optional bathroom cabinet provide a comfortable accommodation environment and can be customized according to personal preferences. It can give the guests an unparalleled luxury camping experience.
Elite Safari Tent



Elite Safari Tent

Elite Safari Tent E48


Elite Safari Tent E67

E67(inclduing glass windows)
External size6.9*6.9*4.3m9.5*7*4.3m
Indoor size6*6*4.3m6.8*6.8*4.3m
Indoor area36m²46.24m²
Window size1.2m*0.8m1.2m*0.8m
Cover750 g/m² double coated opaque PVC (beige), waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant B1
Inner lining370 g/m² Canvas
Structure6061-T6 aluminum alloy (wooden pattern)
ConnectorΦ90*1.5 black Q235B steel
Max wind load75 km/h75 km/h
Entrancezipper doorfour hollow glass sliding door with black aluminum alloy frame
Package size900kg, 7cbm1200kg, 10.25cbm

Interior Design Solution

Elite Safari Tent Design Solution

Suit For

Elite Safari Tent Suit For

The elite safari tent has a noble and elegant appearance and a luxurious and comfortable interior, which fully meets the tastes and needs of high-end customers. Whether it is a quiet valley, a clear lake, or the depths of a dense jungle, they are all surrounded by the charming scenery of nature. Whether it is outdoor adventure, vacation and leisure, or unique special tourism, elite hunting tents can provide unique experiences for different customers.

If you are planning a luxury resort or high-end special tourism, then choosing an elite safari tent is undoubtedly the wisest choice. Glitzcamp not only provides exquisite furniture, but also can be customized according to your preferences and needs to ensure that every guest can enjoy a unique luxury experience. Equipped with various outdoor entertainment facilities, it will add a unique charm to your project and attract more tourists.

FAQs About Elite Safari Tent

1. What is the difference between the E48 and the E67? How to choose?

When choosing between the E48 and E67 elite safari tents, it all depends on the positioning and target audience of your hotel or resort. If you are looking to offer a higher-end, more luxurious experience, the E67 may be a better choice as it is more spacious and has a more sophisticated design. However, the E48 is also a great option that offers comfort and spaciousness at a lower cost. If you have any questions when choosing, feel free to contact Glitzcamp.

2. Can the interior of elite safari tent be designed as two separate bedrooms?

Yes, our elite safari tent can be designed with an interior layout to suit your needs, including being designed as two separate bedrooms. We offer flexible interior configuration options to meet the needs of a variety of clients, ensuring maximum privacy and comfort.

3. Is this tent soundproof?

Our tents are constructed with high quality materials, including multi-layer structural insulation foam and soundproofing, which can effectively minimize the disturbance of external noise and provide a quiet and comfortable living environment.

4. Is the elite safari tent a long-term investment? How many years can it last?

The elite safari tent is definitely a good choice for long-term investment. The frame structure is made of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy. The cover is a double-layer PVC knife-coated tarpaulin, which has excellent waterproof and UV resistance. The service life of these tents is 10 years or more, and regular maintenance can extend their service life to ensure that your return on investment is maximized.

5. Can this tent be customized? How long does it take?

Yes, we provide comprehensive customization services. You can choose the size, material, color, interior layout and functional configuration according to your needs to create a unique tent. The process usually includes three stages: design, production and trial installation, and transportation. The whole cycle takes about 3-8 weeks. Throughout the process, we will keep in touch with you to ensure that the final product is exactly what you expect. If you need customized services, please feel free to contact us!

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