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Basic Safari Tent

The basic safari tent for sale series is inspired by herders’ huts and designed as A-frame tents. This series is ideal for single or double-luxury camping, offering simplicity and practicality. It is the perfect choice for nature enthusiasts who are budget-conscious. These tents are safer and more stable than traditional triangular camping tents, capable of withstanding harsh stormy weather. The tent’s triangular top design, combined with Glitzcamp’s aluminum alloy frame, can resist typhoon winds up to level 8. The double-layered top ensures excellent waterproof and insulation performance, maximizing the outdoor camping experience for users.
Basic Safari Tent



Basic Safari Tent

Basic Safari Tent C15


Basic Safari Tent C18

External size3.5*4.2*2.8m3.5*5*3.3m
External area14.7m²17.5m²
Indoor size3.3*4*2.6m3.3*3.3*3.1m
Indoor area13.2m²10.89m²
Max wind load75 km/h75 km/h
Structure6061-T6 aluminum alloy (wooden pattern)6061-T6 aluminum alloy (wooden pattern)
ConnectorФ70*1.5 black Q235B steelФ60*80 black Q235B steel
Cover750 g/m² double coated opaque PVC (beige)750 g/m² double coated opaque PVC (beige)
Inner lining370 g/m² Canvas, including 1.2*0.8m window with mosquito net and zipper door370 g/m² Canvas, including 1.2*0.8m window with mosquito net and zipper door
Pakcage size200kg, 2cbm250kg, 2.4cbm

Interior Design Solution

Extreme Safari Tent Design Solution

Suit For

Basic Safari Tent Suit For1
Basic safari tent’s unique A-frame design not only blends in with the surrounding natural landscape, but also attracts travelers seeking a primitive camping experience.
Investors can make full use of this unique design and combine it with natural landscapes such as forests, mountains, grasslands or seashores to create a primitive and unique glamping site or glamping tourism project, using the primitive luxury camping experience as a feature to attract tourists. Its flexibility and versatility make it an ideal choice for tent rental services.
Basic Safari Tent Suit For2

FAQs About Basic Safari Tent

1. What size bed can fit inside the basic safari tent?

Our basic safari tents can accommodate a variety of bed sizes. Depending on the specific model, you can comfortably fit a queen or king-size bed, or two single beds, ensuring plenty of space and comfort for your guests.

2. Does this tent provide adequate privacy for guests?

Absolutely, our tents are designed with guest privacy in mind. The basic safari tent range features strong zippered doors to ensure guests enjoy their stay peacefully.

3. Is this tent warm enough for winter use?

Our tents can handle all weather conditions, including winter.

The tent can be equipped with a heating system or a high-quality insulation material aluminum foil foam layer.

Features of the insulation material aluminum foil foam layer:

  • It can achieve a temperature difference of 15 degrees
  • Theoretical thermal radiation refractive index reaches 85%
  • Energy saving of 70%
  • Weight of 130 grams
  • The thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.035
  • Service life is about 10 years

4. Can this A-frame tent be customized?

Of crouse we can! We offer customization options for our A-frame tents to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a change in size, color, interior layout or additional features, we can help you create the perfect tent for your needs. Please feel free to contact us!

5. Can you assist with the exterior decoration design for the basic safari tent?

Yes, we can assist with the design of the exterior decor to ensure that your tent is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Our team can help you choose the right materials, colors, and design elements and recommend lighting solutions to provide the necessary illumination.

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