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S190 Skyline Event Tent

S190 tent covers an area of 190m², around 2045.2ft². The S190 is a highly versatile event tent that adopts a unique polygonal stretch tent canopy structure, catering to various needs. Built with the latest generation of Glitzcamp’s PVDF tension membrane material, its multifunctionality and visual appeal make it the centerpiece of any event. This tent not only offers excellent fire resistance but also boasts high tensile strength, ensuring adaptability in almost any setting. Particularly suitable for weddings, festivals, corporate events, and on-site dining, it can host dinner parties or wedding receptions and accommodate up to 200 people.

  • A Modern Marvel: The S190’s Exterior
    On the outside, the S190 Tent is a spectacle of modern design. Its unique polygonal stretch canopy is not just for show; it’s a testament to both aesthetics and utility. A Fusion of Form and Function ensures this tent doesn’t just stand out in pictures, but stands strong in practice.
  • Step into Glamour: The Interior of S190
    The inside? Oh, it’s a realm of luxury. Luxe Elements Define the Inside – imagine walking into a space that oozes glamour at every corner. It’s not just a tent; it’s an experience, a mood, a statement.
  • Beyond Temporary: The Semi-permanent Nature
    This isn’t your weekend camping tent. It’s designed for those monumental events that linger in memories for lifetimes. Its Stability Meets Flexibility approach ensures that the tent remains steadfast, but can be used and moved as needed.
  • Materials: Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship
    One word – advanced. Dive into the material specifics, and you find Glitzcamp’s PVDF Tension Membrane. Wondering Why This Material Reigns Supreme? Apart from looking sleek, it offers unmatched fire resistance and tensile strength. It’s the shield your event needs.
  • Battling the Elements: Weather Resistance
    Come rain or sun, the S190 stands tall. With excellent weather resistance, this tent ensures that no matter what nature throws at it, your event goes on. Rain or Shine, The Show Must Go On – and with S190, it does!
Modular Design
Impressive Durability
Eco Elegance
  • Footprint: 190 square meters
  • Roof Height: 7 meters
  • Entrance Height: 2.7 meters
  • Exterior Material: PVDF950
  • Main Pole Material: Steel structure φ1685
  • Diagonal Brace Material: Steel structure φ894
  • Rope Material: Φ16 steel cable
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Wind Resistance: Level 8 and above

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S190 Tent: The Epitome of Event Elegance

When you hear ‘tent’, does your mind instantly conjure images of cramped spaces and flimsy materials? 

Outstanding in Fluffness

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Nature and Luxury

Presenting the S190 tent – where grandeur meets utility in a dance so harmonious, it’s almost poetic.

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From weddings, festivals, corporate events to on-site dining, its versatility knows no bounds.

Crafted with excellent weather-resistant materials, it promises reliability come rain, shine, or wind.

Perfect for grand events, it can comfortably host up to 200 people.

Despite its grandeur, the S190 promises a hassle-free installation, blending ease with elegance.

While the S190 is positioned as a luxury product, it ensures a balance between opulence and value, offering unmatched experiences without burning deep holes in pockets.

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