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Grandeur meets functionality, redefining event experiences with unmatched elegance.
Boundaries are mere geographical constructs for us. With a proven track record, Glitzcamp promises reliable tent deliveries, globally.
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S100 Skyline Luxury Tents

S100 tent has a projected area of 100m², approximately 1076.3ft². The S100 is an entry-level event tent that adopts a special polygonal stretch tent canopy structure. Its multifunctionality and visual appeal surpass traditional tents. Made with the latest generation of Glitzcamp's PVDF tension membrane material, it has excellent fire resistance and strong tensile strength, making the tent adaptable for almost any location. The stretch tent is ideal for weddings, festivals, corporate events, and other public area applications. It can accommodate up to 120 people.

  • Modern Aesthetics with a Touch of Grandeur
    The S100 doesn’t just stand; it makes a statement. Sporting a modern design, this tent seamlessly integrates functionality with contemporary aesthetics. Gone are the days of mundane, boxy tents. This is the era of stylish polygonal canopies that captivate attention at first glance.
  • Luxurious Interiors that Dazzle
    Inside, every inch radiates glitz and glamour. Every fold, every curve, every corner is meticulously designed, ensuring that the interiors not only look plush but also exude an ambiance of sophistication.
  • A Structure That Stands Tall
    Complete, robust, and designed to perfection – the S100’s structure is its backbone. It’s not just about holding up a cover; it's about creating a space that’s safe, secure, and splendid.
  • Eco-friendly Materials with a Strong Grip
    Crafted using the newest generation of Glitzcamp’s PVDF tension membrane material, this tent doesn’t just resist wear and tear; it champions the cause of the environment. With excellent fire resistance and unmatched tensile strength, it’s built to last while being kind to our planet.
  • Weather Resistance: Rain or Shine, We Stand Fine
    Come hail, sunshine, or stormy clouds, the S100 won’t budge. It promises excellent weather resistance, ensuring that your events remain uninterrupted, irrespective of what Mother Nature has in store.
  • Footprint: 100 square meters
  • Roof Height: 6.3 meters
  • Entrance Height: 2.4 meters
  • Exterior Material: PVDF950
  • Main Pole Material: Steel structure φ1685
  • Diagonal Brace Material: Steel structure φ894
  • Rope Material: Φ16 steel cable
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Wind Resistance: Level 8 and above
Extreme Glamping Tent

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The S100 Event Tent: The Future of Grand Gatherings

Step into the world of groundbreaking design, multifunctionality, and undeniable visual appeal. 

the Skyline Tent, event tent

Outstanding of S100

skyline tent
Spacious Beyond Belief

With an expansive area of 100m² (or approximately 1076.3ft²), space is the least of your concerns. Whether it's an intimate wedding or a grand festival, the S100 can comfortably accommodate up to 120 guests.

skyline tent
Installation? As Easy as a Breeze

Setting up tents was never this straightforward. Designed for ease of installation, the S100 promises a hassle-free setup, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your event and less time wrestling with tent poles.

skyline tent
Positioned for the Heavy-Duty Demands

While its looks might steal the limelight, at its core, the S100 is heavy-duty. Be it weddings, festivals, or corporate galas, it's poised to handle the demands of any event with aplomb.

S100 Skyline Luxury Tents

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