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Safari Tent

Today, the Safari Tent offers more than just accommodation. It's a promise of comfort, convenience, and a rendezvous with nature. Its rising popularity isn't just because of its historical roots but due to the unmatched experience it offers today's adventurers.


C15 Lite Safari Tent

Combining affordability, sturdy design, and unmatched luxury in nature.


C18 Lite Canvas Tent

Expansive luxury meets nature, ensuring comfort, safety, and durability.


L31 Lite Glamping Tents

Modern luxury camping's epitome of design, space, and resilience.


L21 Lite Canvas Tent

Octagonal luxury meets unmatched durability for family glamping.


A40 Extreme Luxury Tent

Authentic wilderness experience meets unparalleled luxury and durability.


L17 Lite Safari Tent

Ultimate luxury, durability, and spaciousness in outdoor glamping.

Tradition Meets Modern Luxury In Nature.


C40 Extreme Outfitter Tent

Merging nature's essence with unmatched luxury and robust design.


P40 Extreme Bell Tents

Unmatched luxury, innovation, and durability converge effortlessly.

More About Safari Tent

The Rise and Evolution of the Safari Tent

The 21st century witnessed a resurgence of this age-old tradition but with modern twists catering to today's discerning travelers. No longer was camping just about setting up a shelter; it was about creating a luxurious home away from home. The Safari Tent, with its grandeur and meticulous design, seamlessly bridged the gap between luxury accommodations and the raw beauty of nature.

Unmatched Comfort in the Heart of Wilderness

Ever dreamt of waking up to the melodic tunes of birds, with the comfort of a plush bed and the finest linens? The Safari Tent makes this dream a tangible reality. But it's not just about sleep; it's about an entire experience. Every aspect of the tent is crafted keeping in mind the needs of travelers who yearn for luxury, but also the thrill of the outdoors.

Beyond Just Accommodation: A Complete Package

Traveling can be tedious - the planning, the booking, the packing. The Safari Tent revolutionized this process. It's not merely an abode; it's a holistic travel solution. From the moment you decide on a getaway to the moment you unpack, the Safari Tent has got you covered. The concept is simple: pack your essentials, and let the tent provide the rest.

Versatility at its Best

Whether it's an amusement park looking to offer luxurious overnight accommodations, a business aiming to create an extraordinary outdoor event space or even a temporary campsite for a music festival, the Safari Tent fits the bill. It's not just a product; it's a versatile solution to a multitude of outdoor needs.

Reconnecting with Nature, in Style

The essence of luxury camping, or 'glamping' as it's fondly called, remains rooted in a deep connection with nature. The Safari Tent takes this experience to an unprecedented level. It's about the rustling leaves, the distant roar of a lion, or the serene ripples of a nearby stream - all experienced without forsaking the luxuries of modern life. It's nature, with a touch of opulence.

An Unmatched Outdoor Experience

Have you ever wanted to dive deep into the essence of nature without giving up your comforts? The heart of luxury camping is this ecological experience. And with Safari Tent, you're not just close to nature; you're amidst it, albeit luxuriously.

The Beauty of "Grab and Stay"

Gone are the days of exhaustive camping preparations. With Safari Tent, all you need is to pack essentials. Ready to move in anytime, it revolutionizes the concept of travel. Isn't that convenient?

Applications Beyond Just Camping

Think beyond woods and mountains. Imagine luxury tents at amusement parks or elegant outdoor business events. From temporary setups for concerts to retreats, the Safari Tent's versatility is commendable.

Comfort Meets Wild

Standard tents? They serve a purpose. But why settle for basic when you can have opulence? The Safari Tent is where rugged meets refined, offering the allure of the wild with the luxuries of modern life.

The Future of Outdoor Stays

Glamping trends are ever-evolving. As we look ahead, one thing's clear: Safari Tent is not just here to stay; it's here to lead, reshaping the way we perceive outdoor accommodations.

Why Choose The Safari Tent?

In a world teeming with choices, Safari Tent stands out. Not just for its historical lineage or its luxurious offerings, but for the unparalleled value it brings to outdoor enthusiasts.

The Safari Tent is more than just a tent; it's a symbol of an age-old tradition, modernized for today's world. It's for those who believe that luxury and nature aren't at odds, but can coexist in beautiful harmony. Embrace the wilderness, but do it with style and panache, only with the Safari Tent.

Effortless Assembly

Effortless Assembly

With Glitzcamp, luxury doesn't come with complications. Our tents are ingeniously designed for a seamless setup, facilitating immediate communion with nature, sans any hindrances.

Stress-Free After-sales

Stress-Free After-sales

Our bond with you transcends mere transactions. With an unwavering after-sales service, every query and concern is catered to with speed and precision, ensuring a continuum of the Glitzcamp luxury experience.

SturdyFrame Technology

SturdyFrame Technology

We meld innovation with elegance. Harnessing modern technology, our tents transform into marvels of engineering, perfectly suited for the splendors of the outdoors.

Bespoke Luxury

Bespoke Luxury

We understand and honor individual tastes. Thus, Glitzcamp offers customization that caters to distinct luxury inclinations, making every tent a unique masterpiece.

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