Safari Lite Tent

The essence of camping has always been to be one with nature, a soulful retreat away from the noise of urban jungles. Yet, the idea of luxury amidst wilderness seems a paradox. The Lite Series sets out to challenge this very paradox, redefining the essence of glamping. In a world where comfort often distances us from nature, the Lite Series seeks to embrace the mantra, “Make luxury camping closer to nature”

Safari Tents

Starts At $2,890.00


Expansive luxury meets nature, ensuring comfort, safety, and durability.


Starts At $1,990.00


Ultimate luxury, durability, and spaciousness in outdoor glamping.


Starts At $2,290.00


Combining affordability, sturdy design, and unmatched luxury in nature.

Product Collection


Starts At $2,790.00


Modern luxury camping’s epitome of design, space, and resilience.


Starts At $2,390.00


Octagonal luxury meets unmatched durability for family glamping.

More About Lite Tent

Evolution Beyond Tradition

Traditions form the bedrock of our experiences. However, growth demands evolution. With the Lite Series, the conventional Glamping tent has not just been transformed but transcended. It’s not just about throwing in a few tweaks here and there. The series embarks on a journey of comprehensive improvements ensuring flexibility in installation, adaptability to various terrains, and robustness against harsh climatic adversaries. While the wilderness can be unpredictable, the Lite Series promises a safe haven, ensuring you and your loved ones savor every moment, basking in nature’s lap with unparalleled comfort.

Glitzcamp Signature Design

Each Safari Glamping Tent in the Lite Series is an embodiment of thoughtfulness and precision. It’s not just a tent; it’s art. The meticulously crafted triangular design, coupled with select materials, speaks volumes of its uniqueness. With Glitzcamp Design, the tent integrates an exclusive aluminum alloy frame, not just ensuring longevity but pledging safety. It’s a promise – no matter where you set it up, the tent stands tall, ensuring your safety, always.

Simplifying Sophistication

A mark of true sophistication is when complexity looks simple. The genius of the Lite Series lies in its ease of installation. The tent’s design is feather-light, thanks to its aluminum alloy framework. And yet, it bears strength that belies its weight. The entire frame is detachable, resolving any challenges of transportation, no matter the destination. Whether you’re a solo traveler yearning for a weekend retreat or a business curating a luxurious glamping experience, the Lite Series effortlessly caters to both personal and commercial needs.

Beyond Traditional Tents

Traditional glamping tents are passé. The Lite Series presents an avant-garde design ensuring flexibility, adaptability, and the capacity to stand tall in diverse terrains. But it’s not just about looks. These tents are built tough to withstand unfriendly weather, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Design That Speaks Volumes

The meticulously crafted triangular structure is a testament to innovation. Combining specialized tent fabric with Glitzcamp’s exclusive aluminum alloy frame, this tent promises prolonged outdoor usage without compromising on safety.

Strength Behind the Beauty

Delving into its structure, one can’t help but admire the durability of the aluminum alloy frame. This not only guarantees safety but also offers a sense of security while you’re in the midst of the wilderness.

More Like a Walk in the Park

Thanks to its lightweight frame and flexible design, transporting and setting up this tent anywhere becomes child’s play. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or a business aiming to provide top-notch glamping experiences, the Lite Series has got you covered.

Distinguishing the Safari Glamping Tent

Beyond its outstanding features, what truly sets the Lite Series apart is its seamless blend of form and functionality. It’s a symphony of design elements working in harmony.

A Night Under the Stars

Imagine a night in the Lite Series tent. You’re in the heart of the safari, yet you’re wrapped in luxury, with nature just a zipper away. Now, that’s glamping redefined!

Never Compromise on Safety

The wild is unpredictable. That’s why safety isn’t just a feature but a core principle in the design of the Lite Series tents. Sleep soundly knowing you’re protected.

From Box to Base in No Time

Its portable design ensures that from the moment you unpack to when you pitch the tent, the process is straightforward, catering to both individual adventurers and commercial outfits.

Why Choose The Extreme Series?

The Safari Glamping Tent from the Lite Series is more than just a product; it’s an experience, a philosophy. It’s where luxury finds its roots in nature. It’s where the line between the wild outdoors and lavish comfort blurs. Dive into this experience, and rediscover glamping like never before. The wilderness awaits, and with the Lite Series, it’s an invitation you cannot refuse.

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