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Safari Extreme Tent

The allure of the outdoors is timeless, but the comforts of luxury can often seem worlds apart. This is where the Extreme Series bridges the gap, rooted in a singular philosophy: "Making outdoor luxury camping simpler." Recognizing that leisure moments are fleeting and invaluable, the Extreme Series crafts an experience tailored to amplify your travel delights and outdoor adventures.


A40 Extreme Luxury Tent

Authentic wilderness experience meets unparalleled luxury and durability.


E48 Extreme Glamping Tent

Unparalleled luxury seamlessly meets modern design and durability.


E67 Extreme Canvas Tent

Architectural brilliance meets unmatched luxury in nature's realm.

Product Collection


C40 Extreme Outfitter Tent

Merging nature's essence with unmatched luxury and robust design.


P40 Extreme Bell Tents

Unmatched luxury, innovation, and durability converge effortlessly.

More About Extreme Series

Designed to Defy Nature

Your wanderlust should never be restrained by the unpredictability of the elements. With the Extreme Series, every tent embodies resilience. Its unique dual-layered top design is tailored to face nature's wrath head-on. Once anchored, these tents stand defiantly against gusts reaching speeds of over 100 km/h. And when winter's chill threatens to invade your space, our specialized winter cover ensures that the cold remains a mere whisper outside, never compromising the cozy warmth within.

Zones of Excellence

The Extreme Series is not just about protection; it's about experience. Designed with distinct inner and outer zones, it offers versatility, catering to diverse scenarios and spatial needs. Whether it's a serene evening gazing at the stars or a bustling camp party, the tent accommodates every mood.

A Terrace of Your Own

Why limit luxury to interiors? The Extreme Series boasts a private terrace space, integrating modern interior designs. It's an expanse that offers more than just room to move; it promises diverse layouts and options. It's about giving luxury a new dimension, ensuring that every moment spent is nothing short of opulent.

Smart Storage Solutions

Space is the ultimate luxury, and with the Extreme Series, every inch is optimized. Ingenious internal designs ensure that surplus space doesn't go to waste. Storage solutions, often overlooked in traditional tents, are given prime importance here. From closets for your attire to inconspicuous drawers for your essentials, the tents ensure everything has a place, decluttering your space and your mind.

Designed for the Extreme

Mother Nature is unpredictable, but should that deter you from indulging in your wanderlust? Not with our tents! The unique dual-layered top design ensures protection against the harshest conditions. Whether it's gusts of over 100 km/h or torrential downpours, you're covered. And for those snowy winter getaways? Our special winter cover makes sure the cold stays where it belongs – outside!

Tailored for Every Traveler

Why limit space to 'inside' and 'outside'? The Extreme Series introduces distinct inner and outer zones. Maybe you want to enjoy a quiet evening with a book or host a lively group gathering. You choose, we cater.

More About Extreme Series

  • Unmatched Luxury: Because comfort shouldn’t be compromised.
  • Safety Assured: Built to withstand nature's whims.
  • Space Optimized: Every nook and cranny, is meticulously designed.
  • Easy Setup: Luxury at the Snap of a Finger Our frame tents are designed for adventurers, not engineers.Easy setup means more time enjoying and less time fumbling with tent pegs.
Unwavering Quality Assurance

Unwavering Quality Assurance

At Glitzcamp, quality isn't an afterthought; it's our foundational pillar. We are committed to ensuring that your outdoor retreats are defined by unparalleled excellence, underlined by rigorous quality checks at every stage.e

Superior Materials Choosen

Superior Materials Choosen

Our tents are conceived from the most refined materials that echo both luxury and resilience. Globally sourced and meticulously chosen, we present a symphony of beauty and endurance.

Effortless Assembly

Effortless Assembly

With Glitzcamp, luxury doesn't come with complications. Our tents are ingeniously designed for a seamless setup, facilitating immediate communion with nature, sans any hindrances.

Stress-Free After-sales

Stress-Free After-sales

Our bond with you transcends mere transactions. With an unwavering after-sales service, every query and concern is catered to with speed and precision, ensuring a continuum of the Glitzcamp luxury experience.

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