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Dome Homes

Embark on a building trip with a Geo Dome!These structure take the geometric design, which is a witness of Innovation and sustainable development.Its sturden and handy framework have good durability and hign effectiveness, creating a fascinating space.Geo domes have visual impact and ecological awareness.It is an ideal chioce for those people who appreciate modern design and natural eleglance.

4m Garden Igloo Dome

Transform Your Space into a Year-Round, Stylish, Eco-Friendly Outdoor Haven.

12m PVDF Tarpaulin Dome

Durable 12m PVDF tarpaulin dome: weather-resistant, ideal for year-round outdoor events.

25m Glass Geodesic Dome

Our 25m glass geodesic dome: a spacious, elegant structure for events, immersing you in panoramic views.

Customized Glamping Dome

Experience luxury camping in our customized glamping dome, blending comfort with nature's serenity.

Spectacular Views Combine With Great Comforts.

6m Dome Homes

Discover the future of living with our eco-friendly, spacious 6m Dome Homes - your sustainable dream.

30m Large Dome Tent

30m Large Dome Tent

Majestic 30m dome tent, perfect for grand-scale events, epitomizing luxury and space.

More About Geo Home

Ingenious Layout Concept

Based Upon the principles promoted by R. Buckminster Fuller, geo homes use a network of triangles in a dome shape for structural integrity. This layout concept makes sure that tension is evenly dispersed across the structure.

Energy and Source Efficiency

Their round shape supplies an outstanding volume-to-surface-area proportion, resulting in less external surface area subjected to the components. This layout reduces the loss of warmth in winter months and maintains the home colder in summertime, adding to substantial power cost savings.

Calamity Resistance

The wind resistant shape of geodesic domes enables wind and water to stream around rather than against the walls, making them extremely steady in high-wind situations like storms or twisters, and durable in hefty snowfall.

Eco-Friendly Living

Beyond energy effectiveness, many geo homes are developed with recycled or sustainable products. They likewise frequently incorporate various other environment-friendly attributes such as photovoltaic panels, composting commodes, and greywater systems.

Breathtaking Sights and All-natural Illumination

The capacity for huge, tactically placed home windows and skylights in a geodesic dome allows for panoramic views and bountiful all-natural light, producing an intense and welcoming interior setting.

Unique Interior Decoration Opportunities

The lack of load-bearing walls inside a geo home supplies a large open space, providing versatility in interior design and room design. It additionally develops a feeling of spaciousness and openness.


While the preliminary expense of a geo home may be greater because of its unique layout, the long-term cost savings on energy bills and maintenance can make it a cost-efficient option.

Acoustic Efficiency

The dome shape normally improves audio within the structure, making it an excellent area for songs and audio-focused tasks.

Versatility to Different Environments

Geodesic domes are versatile to a vast array of climates, from warm and dry to chilly and wet settings, as a result of their effective insulation and air flow properties.

Why Choose The Geo Dome?

A Geo Dome is an architectural marvel defined by its geometrically inspired dome shape. These structures are known for their strength, energy efficiency, sustainability, and futuristic appearance.

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