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Dome Homes

Discover the magic of a Dome Homes! These building blend contemporary layout with all-natural harmony, with a comfortable, eco-friendly space. Their special round form and open insides develop a feeling of spaciousness and link with the setting, while their commodious layout ensures a lasting, comfy way of life.

4m Garden Igloo Dome

Transform Your Space into a Year-Round, Stylish, Eco-Friendly Outdoor Haven.

6m Dome Homes

Discover the future of living with our eco-friendly, spacious 6m Dome Homes - your sustainable dream.

7m Dome Homes

Experience futuristic living in a 7m Dome Home: Eco-friendly, spacious, and uniquely designed for comfort.

8m Dome Homes

Enjoy unparalleled comfort and style in our 8m Dome Homes, your eco-friendly living solution.

Exquisite Facilities Meet Breathtaking Scenery.

12m PVDF Tarpaulin Dome

Durable 12m PVDF tarpaulin dome: weather-resistant, ideal for year-round outdoor events.

25m Glass Geodesic Dome

Our 25m glass geodesic dome: a spacious, elegant structure for events, immersing you in panoramic views.

More About Dome Homes

Energy Efficiency

As a result of their form, dome homes have a reduced surface area relative to their quantity, which minimizes warmth loss and makes them much more energy-efficient than traditional homes.

Structural Strength

The geodesic layout of dome homes gives remarkable stamina and resistance to natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, and tornadoes.

Ecological Durability

Many dome homes are made of eco-friendly materials and consist of lasting attributes like rainfall harvesting and natural insulation.

Spacious interior space

The walls in a dome home allows for open, ventilated interiors, providing more versatilities in creating the home.

Visual Appeal

Dome homes stand out for their special and advanced look, utilizing an aesthetic that is both contemporary and timeless.

Thermal Performance

The shape of the dome markets dependable air flow, causing even more uniform temperature level blood circulation and reduced cooling and heating rates.

Sound Insulation

The dome kind supplies outstanding acoustics, making these homes perfect for songs enthusiasts or those that value a silent, tranquil living atmosphere.

Natural Light

The style of dome homes generally contains large windows and skylights, making ideal use natural light and giving a fantastic and welcoming inside.

Why Choose The Glamping Dome?

"Glamping Dome" refers to a luxurious camping setup that often features a geodesic dome-like structure. These domes are designed to offer a more upscale and comfortable outdoor experience compared to traditional camping.

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