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2 Person Tents

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At Glitzcamp, we know that outdoor adventures with a partner can be twice as much fun. Our range of two-person tents is designed to provide you and your travelling companion with accommodation that is both comfortable and practical. Whether it's a romantic camping trip or an adventure with friends, our tents are perfect for you.

Discover your perfect tent--2 Person Tents

6m Dome Homes

Discover the future of living with our eco-friendly, spacious 6m Dome Homes - your sustainable dream.

7m Dome Homes

Experience futuristic living in a 7m Dome Home: Eco-friendly, spacious, and uniquely designed for comfort.

8m Dome Homes

Enjoy unparalleled comfort and style in our 8m Dome Homes, your eco-friendly living solution.

C15 Lite Safari Tent

Experience wilderness luxury with C15 Lite Safari Tent, ideal for campsite owners and investors.

L17 Lite Safari Tent

L17 Lite Safari Tent: Elevate camping luxury, a perfect choice for campsite entrepreneurs.

C18 Lite Canvas Tent

C18 Lite Canvas Tent: Your investment in durable, stylish camping for discerning campsite owners.

Key features of 2 Person Tents


Designed for hikers and backpackers, they are lightweight and easy to carry.

Four Season AvaIlable

Suitable for all weather conditions, ensuring you can camp in comfort all year round.

Quick Build

Quick and easy pitching process, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors faster.


Made of high-quality materials, designed for you who pursue excellence.

Tent Buying Guide

Buying a tent for the first time? Let our expert guide help you make the best choice.


Have A Question? Here May Be The Answer You Want To Know

What types of camping activities are Glitzcamp's 2 Person Tents suitable for?

  • Glitzcamp's 2 Person Tents are perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, vehicle camping, music festivals, and any occasion where comfortable, portable accommodation is required. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced campers.

How waterproof are Glitzcamp's 2 Person Tents ?

  • Glitzcamp's 2 person tents are made from high-quality waterproof materials and can withstand normal rainfall.

How spacious are the 2 person tents?

  • Glitzcamp's 2 person tents have plenty of space and can comfortably accommodate two adults. Some models have extra space for luggage or other gear. Detailed size information can be found in the specifications of each product.

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