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12 Person Tents

Event Tents | Camping Tents for Sale

Welcome to Glitzcamp's Ultra Large Event Tents page. Our 12+ person tents are designed for large events and groups and are perfect for family reunions, weddings, corporate events, and even music festivals and other large outdoor events. Not only do these tents offer expansive space, they also ensure ultimate comfort and durability.

Choose the right tent for your event

S100 Skyline Luxury Tents

Elevate your camping experience with S100 Skyline Luxury Tents – the pinnacle of outdoor comfort.

25m Glass Geodesic Dome

Our 25m glass geodesic dome: a spacious, elegant structure for events, immersing you in panoramic views.

S190 Skyline Event Tent

Host unforgettable events under the stars with S190 Skyline Event Tent – where elegance meets nature.

L150 Skyline Event Tent

Transform your campsite into a luxury retreat with L150 Commercial Glamping Tents – glamorous camping redefined.

10m Event Tent Dome

Spacious 10m dome, perfect for exclusive events; elegant design, unparalleled comfort.

4m Transparent Dome

Discover the stars up close in our 4m transparent dome – perfect for intimate, starlit evenings.

12m Public Space Dome

12m Public Space Dome

Innovative 12m dome: the ideal venue for public gatherings, blending style with functionality.

20m Public Space Dome

20m dome: the ultimate solution for major events, offering vast space and modern design.

Key features of 12 Person Tents

Multi-functional Event Tent

Suitable for a variety of large-scale events, such as corporate parties, community events or family celebrations.

Luxury Series

Designed for events seeking a high-end experience, combining luxury and functionality.

All Season Series

Applicable all year round, providing a comfortable event space in both hot summer and cold winter.

Easy to Set Up Series

Quick to set up and take down, easy to prepare and conduct large-scale events.

Tent Buying Guide

Buying a tent for the first time? Let our expert guide help you make the best choice.


Have A Question? Here May Be The Answer You Want To Know

What types of camping activities are Glitzcamp's 12 person tents suitable for?

  • Our 12 person tents are perfect for large family gatherings, shared multi-family camping, community events, team building activities, and anything that requires a lot of space and a high level of comfort.

How is the ventilation and waterproof performance of the 12 person tent?

  • Our tents are made from high quality waterproof materials and are fitted with multiple vents to ensure that they remain dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Can I customize the tent?

  • Sure. Glitzcamp provides tent customization services for your personal needs. Contact us!Our customer service team is ready to assist you.

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