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Peak Luxury Lodge Tent

The peak luxury lodge tent adopts a flexible tensile membrane structure and a sturdy aluminum alloy frame design, with a unique rural farmhouse style. The internal column-free design ensures 100% space utilization. Whether it is a small family gathering or a large social event, the tent is available in a variety of sizes. Customers can choose the internal layout of the tent, including beds, rest areas, entertainment facilities, etc. according to their preferences and actual needs.
Peak Luxury Lodge Tent



Peak Luxury Lodge Tent

Shelter Single Peak Luxury Lodge Tent

Single Peak Luxury Lodge Tent

Shelter Double Peaks Luxury Lodge Tent

Double Peaks Luxury Lodge Tent

Shelter Three Peak Luxury Lodge Tent

Three Peak Luxury Lodge Tent
Overall Size40㎡(Customizable)64㎡(Customizable)112㎡(Customizable)
Inner Tent Footprint31m²62㎡108㎡
Other SizesHeight 5.6m
Outer Fabric Material850g/m² PVC Waterproof 435g/m² Moisture and Mold Resistant Canvas850g Desert Yellow Matte PVC1050g/㎡PVDF Tensile Membrane + 850/㎡PVC Fabric
Wind Load100km/h(Level 10)100km/h(Level 10)120km/h(Level 12)
Snow Load0.3kN/㎡0.3kN/㎡0.4kN/㎡
Framework MaterialQ235 Steel
WallHollow Glass Walls, Sandwich Panel Walls and Other Hard Walls can be Used
Base FixedExpansion Bolts or Embedded Bolts
OptionalToilet Partitions, Thermal Insulation Cotton, Bathroom, Furniture, Home Appliances, etc.
The Inner Top Cloth

The inner top cloth is optional and it is divided into three layers:

  • The outdoor layer is PVC double-sided matte light khaki translucent cloth-360g-B2
  • The middle insulation layer is double-layer aluminum foil double bubble insulation material
  • The indoor layer is all-polyester canvas 14N flame retardant and mildew-proof

Glitzcamp is committed to meeting your different needs for glamping. In addition to the double-peak luxury lodge tent, we also launched the spacious three-peak luxury lodge tent. This tent is designed to provide an excellent glamping experience, with ample space to easily accommodate large groups or families.

From the size of the tent to the level of wind protection it provides, everything can be customized to your needs. Glitzcamp is all about creating a luxury tent that is uniquely yours.
Suit for

Suit For

Peak Luxury Lodge Tent Suit For1

The biggest feature of the peak luxury lodge tent is its spacious space design. It provides enough space to accommodate large teams or family members. The interior layout is reasonable, with multiple independent sleeping areas, each equipped with a comfortable mattress, ensuring that every camper can enjoy good sleep quality. In addition, there is a public lounge area in the tent, equipped with soft sofas and coffee tables, providing a space for campers to relax.

In addition to basic sleeping facilities, the peak luxury lodge tent is also equipped with modern bathroom facilities, including a separate toilet and hot water shower system. The existence of these facilities allows campers to maintain personal hygiene and comfort while enjoying nature.

The luxurious and comfortable characteristics and spacious space design of the peak luxury lodge tent make it an ideal choice for building a leisure tourism specialty restaurant. Choose a scenic location, such as at the foot of the mountain, by the lake or in the forest, and ensure that there is enough natural landscape around the restaurant to provide customers with a quiet and comfortable dining environment.

Whether it is a company team-building activity, an outdoor glamping adventure, a special tourist restaurant, or a family gathering, the tent provides them with a glamping environment where they can experience outdoor fun and enjoy the comfort of home.

Peak Luxury Lodge Tent Suit For2

FAQs About Peak Luxury Lodge Tent

What is a lodge tent?

Lodge tents are temporary accommodation facilities, usually made of a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and PVC fabric covering. They provide glampers with a more spacious and comfortable living space than traditional tents. Luxury lodge tents are designed quite exquisitely. They are fully equipped with beds, furniture and sometimes even separate toilets and showers.

How many people can a peak luxury lodge tent accommodate?

The number of people that can be accommodated varies depending on the model. Generally speaking, it is suitable for larger groups to glamp. The standard single-peak tent can accommodate ten people. If you need more space to accommodate more people, you can consider choosing a larger luxury high peak tent villa. Glitzcamp offers luxury tent villas of various sizes to meet the needs of groups of different sizes.

How many years can a peak luxury lodge tent be used for operation?

The service life of a peak luxury lodge tent is usually around 10-15 years, but this also depends on its frequency of use, maintenance and storage environment. To ensure the long-term use of the tent, it is recommended to check and clean it regularly and repair any possible damage in time.

Is a customization service provided? Can the color, logo or function of the tent be customized according to specific needs?

Yes, peak tent provides customization services, and the color, logo or function of the tent can be customized according to the specific needs of customers. Customers can choose the exterior design and interior layout of the tent according to their preferences and usage requirements. Even add special functional modules such as additional storage space, special ventilation system, etc.

How long does the peak luxury lodge tent customization process take? Will it affect the delivery time?

The length of the peak luxury lodge tent customization process depends on the complexity of the tent and the specific requirements of the customization. Generally speaking, it may take 1-2 weeks to determine the details and complete the design. To avoid affecting the customer's schedule, it is recommended that customers contact the luxury tent supplier Glitzcamp at least two months in advance when they need to purchase or rent a tent, so that there is enough time for customization and production to ensure on-time delivery.

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