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Nordic Tipis

The most distinctive feature of the Nordic tipis is its iconic conical roof, a design that not only gives the tent a unique appearance but also provides good wind resistance. It is known for its ability to withstand violent storms. It features a patented glamping accessory sleeve that offers an adjustable canopy attachment for enhanced comfort. It is suitable for outdoor activities and can be used as a temporary residence, gathering place or art performance venue.
Nordic Tipis



Nordic Tipis

Shelter Nordic Tipis

Nordic Tipis
Size8m、10m(Can be Customized)
Main StructureQ235 Steel
CoveringPVC Blackout Fabric
Wind Load120km/h
Water ProofYes, 100% Waterproof
Flame RetardantYes, B1/M2 Fire Rating

Suit For

Nordic Tipis Suit For1

Specialty restaurants

Using Nordic tipis as specialty restaurants can create a unique dining experience. The restaurant can offer local specialties, combined with natural-style decorations and music, so that customers can feel the cultural charm of the region while tasting the food. During special festivals or events, the restaurant can hold theme parties.

Landscape lounge

In outdoor places such as scenic spots or parks, Nordic tipis can be used as landscape lounges to provide tourists with a space to rest and relax. Tents can be placed in scenic places such as lakeside, mountaintops or gardens, so that tourists can enjoy a comfortable resting environment while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Nordic Tipis Suit For2
Nordic Tipis Suit For3

Featured product showroom

Nordic tipis can be used as a place to display and sell products. The interior of the tent can be arranged as a natural-style showroom to display various products such as home decorations, handicrafts, clothing, etc.

FAQs About Nordic Tipis

How many people can Nordic tipis accommodate at the same time?

The specific number of diners depends on the size of the tent. An 8m tent space can accommodate about 20 people at the same time. The actual number of people to be accommodated also needs to take into account the aisle space, the space for waiters to move, and possible decoration or equipment occupation.

How effective is the ventilation of Nordic tipis?

Adjustable vents are set on the sides of the tent, which can be opened or closed according to weather conditions. In addition to natural ventilation, Nordic tipis can also be equipped with electric fans or ventilation systems to help regulate the internal temperature and ensure comfort.

Is the transportation and installation process of Nordic tipis complicated?

The various components of Nordic tipis, including pillars, fabric and accessories, are modular and can be split into smaller parts for easy transportation. Most tents can be assembled by several people in a short time without the need for professional tools. Glitzcamp also provides you with detailed assembly instructions and easy-to-understand diagrams.

How do I clean and maintain the tent daily?

PVC fabric can resist stains and wear. To keep the tent clean and extend its service life, it is recommended to hand wash the fabric regularly with a soft brush and mild neutral detergent. During the washing process, avoid using hard brushes or strong chemical cleaners to avoid damaging the material. Metal parts of the tent, such as support poles and connectors, should be regularly inspected and coated with anti-rust oil to prevent rust and corrosion.

Are customization services available? Can the color, logo or features of the tent be customized according to our specific needs?

Customers can choose the size, color and design details of the tent to match a specific event theme or brand image. It is possible to choose a specific color scheme to match the company's brand colors or print the company's logo on the fabric.

Customers can request to add additional features such as built-in storage space, special ventilation systems or heating equipment. These customization options can be determined based on the customer's specific needs and budget.

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