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Cube Cabin

The design concept emphasizes simple geometric shapes and modular construction methods. The cube cabin can be prefabricated in the factory and transported to the site for quick assembly. This design simplifies the construction process and shortens the construction period. The basic design is standardized, but users can choose different interior layouts, decoration styles and functional configurations according to their preferences and needs to create a personalized camping environment.
Cube Cabin



Cube Cabin

Shelter Cube Cabin

Cube Cabin
Top Height3.9m
CoveringPVC Blackout Fabric – B1/M2 Fire Rating
Main StructureQ235 Steel
WallSandwich Wall
DoorDouble Sliding Door
OptionalToilet Partitions, Thermal Insulation Cotton, Bathroom, Furniture, Home Appliances, etc.

Suit For

Cube Cabin Suitfor1

Merchants can cleverly use cube cabins as an innovative display platform to vividly present the charm of tourist destinations to travel agencies and potential tourists.

The appearance of cube cabins can be customized according to the characteristics of the tourist destination, such as using local traditional patterns and colors, or showing natural scenery related to the destination. Merchants can also combine glamping with nature and launch eco-glamping with small animals. Such a design can not only attract attention, but also enhance tourists’ memory of the destination.

By creatively using cube cabins, merchants can provide travel agencies and tourists with an immersive experience and effectively promote tourist destinations. This innovative marketing method can not only enhance the brand image of tourist destinations, but also promote the development of tourism.
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FAQs About Cube Cabin

What is a cube cabin?

The cube cabin combines modern architectural design and modular concepts to provide a temporary or semi-permanent space that is both practical and stylish. This structure is usually made of lightweight aluminum alloy and PVC fabric, which is easy to transport and quickly set up. The design emphasizes flexibility and customizability. As a luxury tent that can be used in tourist resorts, it is more cost-effective than other tents.

What are the characteristics of a cube cabin?

The characteristics of a cube cabin include:

  • Modular design: standardized module units that can be flexibly combined
  • Mobility: easy to transport and reinstall
  • Comfort: providing luxurious living facilities and a good living environment
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Customization: customizing the appearance and interior decoration of the cube cabin
  • Beautiful: simple lines and modern feel

How big are cube cabins?

The most common size of a cube cabin is 6 x 9m. It can accommodate 1-2 people for comfortable glamping. Larger or smaller sizes can be customized according to customer needs.

What is the covering material of the cube cabin? Does it have safety properties such as waterproof and fireproof?

The cube cabin is covered with high-quality PVC Blackout Fabric, which has excellent waterproof properties. The fabric also has a high fire rating, reaching B1/M2 standards.

The cube cabin is covered with high-quality PVC Blackout Fabric, which has excellent waterproof properties. The fabric also has a high fire rating, reaching B1/M2 standards.

The basic accessories are complete. You can increase the budget if you need to add additional facilities or accessories. Glitzcamp will provide instructions and multilingual team support, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers. There are also video tutorials on youtube to provide you with a more detailed installation process.

How durable is the cube cabin? Do parts need to be replaced after long-term use?

Under normal use and proper maintenance, the cube cabin can last for 10-15 years without replacing major parts. However, some parts may need to be repaired or replaced due to wear, aging or environmental factors.

The PVC fabric may fade or wear due to long-term exposure to UV rays. The internal electrical system and furniture may also need to be updated or maintained depending on usage.

To ensure the life of the cube cabin, regular inspections and maintenance are recommended. This includes cleaning external surfaces, checking structural tightness, and promptly replacing any damaged components.

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