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Cocoon House Tent


The cocoon house tent is shaped like a cocoon. It is characterized by high space utilization, compact structure and good wind resistance. The cocoon house tent is made of lightweight PVC material. It is easy to carry and quick to set up, suitable for single or double use. The design of the cocoon-shaped tent usually includes a hemispherical top and a relatively large entrance, which helps to reduce wind resistance while providing good space utilization efficiency.

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Cocoon house tent

Shelter Cocoon House Tent

Cocoon house tent
Building Floor Area44㎡
Structure TypeQ235 Steel + White Powder Coating
Exterior CladdingPVC White Blackout Fabric – 850g
Interlayer InsulationNeedle-punchedIinsulation Cotton -600g
Interior DecorationHigh-End Linen Fabric + White Sheer
Curtain Wall Glass Facade5+9A+5 Hollow Glass /Aluminum Alloy Frame (Includes Four-Panel Sliding Door + Protective Net)
Curtains100% Polyester Canvas 14N, Flame Retardant and Anti-Mildew
Standard accessoriesCurtains, Round Glass Windows
Indoor optional partsPlatform (floor), Partition Wall, Bathroom, Furniture…

Suit For

Cocoon House Tent Suit For

Businesses that Provide Outdoor Rental Services

For businesses that provide outdoor rental services, the cocoon tent is a very popular product. Its durability and ease of use make it the first choice for rental companies, which can meet the needs of different customers and reduce maintenance costs.

Businesses that Develop Outdoor Tourism Resources

For businesses that develop outdoor tourism resources, the cocoon tent can be one of the accommodation options for tourists. Its comfort and beauty can enhance the experience of tourists and increase the attractiveness of tourist destinations. The high quality and luxurious accommodation conditions of the tent make it an ideal choice for organizers, which can improve the overall quality of the event and the satisfaction of participants.

Optional Furniture

Bath Room
Bed & Bedside Table
Safa Tea
Sofa & Tea Table
Dining Table & Chairs
Tv Table
TV Table
Air Conditiord
Air Condition
Lounge Chair
Flooring System

FAQs About Cocoon House Tent

Is the cocoon house tent suitable for long-term living?

The cocoon house tent is suitable for long-term living. Its frame is made of Q235 Steel, which is sturdy and durable. The design service life of this tent is 10-15 years, which can be extended with proper maintenance. So it is necessary to clean the tent in time and replace the worn accessories.

What material is the cocoon house tent frame made of?

The frame of the cocoon house shaped tent usually uses high-strength Q235 Steel+ White Powder Coating. It has good load-bearing capacity and corrosion resistance, ensuring the stability and durability of the tent structure.

Can the cocoon house tent resist wind and snow?

The curved design of the cocoon-shaped house tent takes into account the wind and snow resistance. The frame structure and the tent material work together to resist the invasion of strong winds. In addition, if there are strong winds or blizzards in the area, accessories such as windproof ropes and ground nails can be installed to further enhance its stability in severe weather conditions.

Is the cocoon house tent warm enough in winter?

The cocoon house tent is filled with insulation cotton. This has good thermal insulation performance and can maintain a certain degree of temperature in the cold winter. However, if the area is too cold, additional warming measures are still needed, such as installing a heater or using floor heating equipment.

Can the cocoon house tent be customized?

The cocoon-shaped house tent can be customized. You can choose different sizes, colors and additional features according to your needs, such as additional rooms, solar panels, etc. Customization services can provide a more personalized living experience, but it will increase costs. For commercial use, you can add brand logos or patterns to the tent to enhance brand recognition.

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