Ultimate luxury, durability, and spaciousness in outdoor glamping.
At Glitzcamp, nature is more than an amenity—it's a responsibility. Our tents are eco-friendly, reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainable luxury.
From conception to completion, Glitzcamp is your holistic partner. Our comprehensive solutions address every facet of glamping, ensuring an uninterrupted voyage of opulence.

L17 Lite Safari Tent

The L17 tent spans 17m², about 182.9ft². In contrast to C18, L17 has a larger external cover and recreational space, and can resist severe snowstorms. It has a triangular exterior design, an interior structure made of Glitzcamp’s patented aluminum alloy frame which resists up to level 8 typhoons, and a double-layer cover for superior waterproofing and insulation. It accommodates two single beds, perfect as a Glamping refuge.

  • Weather Resistance and Durability
    Tired of the sudden snowstorm spoiling your fun? With the L17’s capability to resist severe snowstorms, those worries are a thing of the past. The tent’s triangular design isn’t just for looks; it adds an element of stability against the harshest of conditions.
  • Modern Appearance
    Beyond its durability, its modern design is a visual treat, merging seamlessly with nature while standing out as a contemporary structure.
  • Glitz Interior Decoration
    Inside, the L17 doesn’t disappoint. With a glitz interior decoration, it’s like stepping into a five-star suite, except you’re surrounded by nature.
  • Semipermanent Structure
    Its semipermanent structure ensures that while it’s sturdy and can handle the elements, it isn’t a permanent fixture. This means you can move your luxury experience wherever you please.
  • Advanced Material Composition
    Built with Glitzcamp’s patented aluminum alloy frame, this tent isn’t just about looks. It’s designed to withstand typhoons up to level 8. Talk about sturdy!
  1. External Size: 3.1*2.7*2.6m
    External Area: 8.37 m²
    Indoor Size: 3.0*2.5*2.4m
    Indoorl Area: 7.5 m²

  2. Framework : 6061-T6 aluminum alloy with wooden pattern

  3. Connector : black Q235B steel

  4. Flaysheet: waterproof PVC-650g-B1; double-sided matte cloth

  5. mildew-resistant; fire retardant CA117

  6. Groundsheet : PVC Tarpaulin-480g-B2; colour number 2310U

  7. Wind load : Force 8 Wind

  8. Unit Packed Size : 1.2cbm
    Unit Packed Weight : 149kg

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Introduction to the L17 Tent

There’s a rush in the world of outdoor living.


Outstanding Of L17


Grandest, Luxury

The L17 tent is at the very forefront of this rush, redefining what it means to camp in style.

Frequently asked questions

The L17 is larger than many standard tents, offering approximately 182.9ft² of space.

Yes, from typhoons to snowstorms, the L17 is built to handle it all.

Thanks to its semipermanent structure, the L17 can be set up and taken down with relative ease.

Designed for luxury, the L17 can comfortably accommodate two people with ample space for relaxation.

With its advanced material and sturdy frame

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