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Combining unparalleled luxury, durability, and grandeur for unforgettable events.
At Glitzcamp, quality isn't an afterthought; it's our foundational pillar. We are committed to ensuring that your outdoor retreats are defined by unparalleled excellence, underlined by rigorous quality checks at every stage.
Our tents are conceived from the most refined materials that echo both luxury and resilience. Globally sourced and meticulously chosen, we present a symphony of beauty and endurance.

L150 Skyline Commercial Glamping Tents

L150 tent spans 150m², or about 1614.5ft². The L150 is an entry-level tent mainly designed for outdoor multifunctional use. It features a special double canopy structure, making it ideal as a restaurant, water bar, or public relaxation area. Constructed with the latest PVDF tension membrane material, its multifunctionality and visual appeal make it very versatile. The tent offers exceptional fire resistance and impressive tensile strength, ensuring its adaptability for almost any setting and offering great value for money. It can accommodate up to 150 people for various events. 

  • Luxury Meets Modern Design
    At the heart of the L150 tent is its luxurious appearance design. It doesn’t just stand, it commands attention. With its sophisticated aesthetics, it’s poised to be the centerpiece of any gathering, ensuring your event is not just memorable but talked about.
  • Step Inside a World of Glamour
    Once inside, you are embraced by an atmosphere of sheer glamour. Every corner, every shade, and every texture is meticulously curated, ensuring that your guests are treated to an ambiance that’s nothing short of dazzling.
  • Robust and Complete Structure
    Beyond its impeccable appearance lies a complete structure that’s been ingeniously crafted. The special double canopy makes it versatile, be it as an upscale restaurant setting, an exotic water bar, or a serene public relaxation zone.
  • Materials that Care
    Crafted from the state-of-the-art PVDF tension membrane material, the L150 isn’t just about lasting impressions; it’s about lasting durability too. And while it stands tough against wear and tear, it also stands up for the environment with its eco-friendly construct.
  • Unyielding Against the Elements
    Whether it’s a sunny day or a stormy evening, the L150 ensures your event goes on undisturbed. With great weather resistance, it promises not just protection but peace of mind.
  • Footprint: 150 square meters
  • Roof Height: 6.3 meters
  • Entrance Height: 3 meters
  • Exterior Material: PVDF950
  • Main Pole Material: Steel structure φ1685
  • Diagonal Brace Material: Steel structure φ894
  • Rope Material: Φ16 steel cable
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Wind Resistance: Level 8 and above
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The L150 Tent: Elevate Your Outdoor Experiences

In a world where experiences are increasingly valued over possessions, why settle for the ordinary?

Skyline Commercial Glamping Tents

Outstanding in Fluffness

L150 Skyline Commercial Glamping Tents
Grandeur in Size

Spaciousness is redefined with L150's expansive 150m² (approximately 1614.5ft²) area. This isn't just a tent; it's a grand arena that can gracefully accommodate up to 150 guests, making every event larger-than-life.

L150 Skyline Commercial Glamping Tents
Hassle-free Installation

Gone are the days when setting up a tent was a daunting task. With the L150, ease of installation is guaranteed, ensuring that you can focus more on the event and less on the setup.

L150 Skyline Commercial Glamping Tents
Built for the Demands

Look beneath its elegant veneer, and you'll find a tent that's truly heavy-duty. It's designed to cater to varied needs and to handle the hustle and bustle of any event effortlessly.

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Glitzcamp adopts a modular structure that allows for swift assembly from shipment to installation, ensuring both sturdiness and safety throughout the process.

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