Merging unparalleled luxury, craftsmanship, and adaptability in outdoor tourism.
it's our foundational pillar. We are committed to ensuring that your outdoor retreats are defined by unparalleled excellence, underlined by rigorous quality checks at every stage.
Our tents are conceived from the most refined materials that echo both luxury and resilience. Globally sourced and meticulously chosen, we present a symphony of beauty and endurance.

L1 Anlong Fancy Tent

The L1 series is the ultimate solution for large outdoor tourist constructions. Its intricate structure and design maximize interior space. With independent ventilation holes at the top to increase fresh air flow, the inside offers luxury soft and hard furnishings and an optional standalone bathroom, suitable for various resort and hotel zones. The tent is built with a Glitzcamp exclusive patented aluminum alloy frame that can withstand Category 10 typhoons. Its double-layer cover ensures better waterproofing and insulation, representing the highest level of hotel engineering and craftsmanship, making your Glamping life vibrant and colorful.

  • Luxury from Every Angle
    It’s not just a tent; it’s a statement. A harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and architectural brilliance makes the L1 Series a sight to behold.
  • Size That Captivates
    When we say it’s large, we mean it. A behemoth that stands tall, making its presence felt, yet looks elegant. Space where dreams merge with reality.
  • Glamorous Interiors
    Every inch inside the L1 whispers luxury. Soft, plush furnishings contrasted with hard, sleek fixtures, ensuring every moment is an experience.
  • Maximizing Space: The Design Marvel
    An intricate design maximizes every corner, ensuring ample space. And those independent ventilation holes? They let the tent breathe, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh air.
  • Craftsmanship Unparalleled
    Exclusive Patented Frame: Strength and Elegance Combined
    Crafted with Glitzcamp’s patented aluminum alloy frame, the L1 Series promises not just luxury but also unparalleled strength. A tent that stands tall, even when faced with a Category 10 typhoon.
  • Overall Dimensions: 8.8m x 16.8m x 6.3m
  • Interior Area: 84m²
  • Projected Area: 172m²
  • Structural Material: Q235 steel structure
  • Exterior Fabric: 850g/m² PVC waterproof cloth
  • Inner Tent Material: Integrated wall + glass curtain wall

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The L1 Anlong Fancy Tent - Where Luxury Meets Adventure!

The L1 Series: Redefining Luxury in Outdoor Tourism

Ever thought of merging the ruggedness of camping with the luxury of a five-star hotel? That’s Glamping for you. 

Outstanding of L1


Nature and Luxury

Merging unparalleled luxury, craftsmanship, and adaptability in outdoor tourism.

Frequently asked questions

Shelter Dome is a leading glamping dome manufacturer and provider of holistic glamping solutions, offering a range of high-quality glamping domes and services.

We offers great glamping domes, along with comprehensive glamping solutions that encompass campsite planning to construction.

We provide detailed installation manuals and guidance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process.
Our team is readily available to assist and answer any questions you may have during the installation.

Yes, we offer assistance with campsite planning and interior decoration.

We have a team of experts who can help you optimize your glamping site layout and provide guidance on interior design to create a captivating glamping experience.

Water condensation is the result of a natural physical phenomenon – the condensation of water vapor on a cold surface. It occurs at specific parameters of realtive humidity and surface temperature (windows, walls), called the dew point. 

You might just have to deal with some condensation inside the dome too, sometimes it might be unavoidable. Cool night, with no breeze or humid weather may easily cause it. Despite your best efforts, condensation may form and a small dehumidifier will be a good solution that our customers are using in their domes.

Our domes are designed with proper ventilation systems to minimize condensation. Additionally, we offer a ground sheet for option which prevents the moisture comes from the ground or decker.

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