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Obtain Planning Approval for Your Campsite

Use our comprehensive planning support service to ensure that all the boxes are being checked.


You must obtain complete planning clearance from your local council before you can start a profitable glamping business. Our planning support service is intended to assist you in effectively navigating this process and realizing your goal of glamping.

With our combined decades of experience, we will assist you in creating the plans, statements, and supporting documentation required to submit a successful application. Should your application be denied, we will also be available to assist you in filing a successful appeal.

Getting Complete Planning Approval Can Be Difficult

In order for your project to get approved, you'll need

Any more proof of support that your local authorities requires
Any more proof of support that your local authorities requires
Documents from market research indicating interest in your website
Documents from market research indicating interest in your website
Statements of Design and Access
Statements of Design and Access
A complete set of drawings that accurately show the location you've proposed
Statements of Design and Access


An increasingly common strategy for generating value from property unsuited for more conventional kinds of development is to establish a glamping site. Glamping enterprises have enormous potential returns on investment, and industry research indicates that demand for upscale staycations will continue to rise in the coming years.


However, purchasing a piece of land and beginning to construct on it is not possible. Building permanent structures, such as glamping tents and domes, requires obtaining change of use authorization, even if you already have authority to operate a tent campsite under the so-called '28 day' criteria.


Planning clearance is additionally required for any auxiliary structures, including as shower and toilet blocks, that are intended to support your opulent camping area.


The good news is that local planning authorities frequently show support for ideas that have the potential to increase rural tourism. However, that does not imply that you will be granted planning clearance.


It's also crucial to keep in mind that the planning office of your local council takes a long time to process planning applications, even if they are successful. Although there are ways to expedite the procedure and greatly improve your chances of success, it may take months or even years in certain situations.

Building An Evidence Base

The intricacies of the planning process are well known to us. Our founders experienced it firsthand in 2017 when they launched their own glamping company, and our staff of in-house planning specialists is well-versed in land use laws.

Receive in contact with us right now if you want to launch your own glamping company but are concerned about the amount of work required to receive the coveted green light.


Plans and Drawings
Plans of locations. Plans of locations.
Sketches and plans for the site. Sketches and plans for the site.
Design drawings for roads and drainage systems. Design drawings for roads and drainage systems.

Your local council will require to view full blueprints of your proposed development before granting planning approval for your glamping business. In order for the council to evaluate the impact of your application, this comprises a site plan that shows the arrangement of your glamping pods, buildings, and any trees you intend to plant. It also contains more technical plans that include drainage plans, road or access drawings, and elevation maps.

Make sure these plans have all the necessary information because your local council will forward them to other organizations, such as SEPA, your local water authority, and the road planning department of your council, when you submit them to them.


Statements on Design and Access
Provide evidence for your suggestion. Provide evidence for your suggestion.
Describe the process of building. Describe the process of building.
Analyze the effect of your website. Analyze the effect of your website.

A thorough design and access statement must be provided in addition to your plans and drawings. This document must demonstrate that you have considered the effects your location will have on the neighborhood, surrounding communities, and the local environment.

It must also detail the build process in detail so that your local planning authority can understand what goes into getting the site operational, as well as why you believe your proposal is a suitable response to the site and its setting, how people will access the site, and how your build will impact local infrastructure.


Market Analysis
Show that there is interest in your website. Show that there is interest in your website.
Demonstrate how your location will increase tourism. Demonstrate how your location will increase tourism.
Make sure your local council is aware of the benefits. Make sure your local council is aware of the benefits.

Councils are inclined to support plans that have a strong likelihood of boosting tourism in rural regions. You should definitely include some market research in your planning proposal to make sure you're clearly communicating the possible advantages of your new glamping site.

The purpose of this market research is to show that the demand for glamping vacations is rising annually based on local and national statistics. To create a strong argument for your new site, you should also provide some statistics showing the increased foot traffic and income from tourists visiting glamping sites.


Corresponding Data
Details on your facilities, tents, and domes. Details on your facilities, tents, and domes.
Community impact statements from the area. Community impact statements from the area.
Evidence that you've thought of everything. Evidence that you've thought of everything.

It's not easy to have a planning proposal approved. In general, the more information you include in your application, the more probable it is that you will obtain the necessary permissions. For this reason, we advise you to include as much supporting documentation as you can with your initial application.

This includes the specs for the tents and domes you plan to use, the recreational facilities you will be constructing to support your site, testimonies from locals endorsing the project, business plans, and other documentation that will demonstrate to your local planning authority that you have done all the right things.

Seeking To Save Money?

Should you be seeking planning permission for a recently established glamping location but are concerned that your finances may not allow for our comprehensive planning permission package, you may want to consider our?

More legwork will need to be done on your part, but we'll still offer guidance and support to help you get the job done.

Customized To Meet Your Requirements

Checking Accessibility of the Glamping Site

Our comprehensive planning permission service is intended to relieve the burden and labor of putting up your planning application. While you will still be involved in some aspects of the process, we will make every effort to take care of the grunt work so you can concentrate on starting your new company.

Assessing the Natural Surroundings and Scenery

Bringing you lists of documents, putting together statements, or hiring outside advisors to review your plans again are some examples of this. In addition, we will come up with suggestions to increase your chances of success and offer an end-to-end solution that is genuinely customized and takes your application's unique requirements into account.

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