Architectural brilliance meets unmatched luxury in nature's realm.
We meld innovation with elegance. Harnessing modern technology, our tents transform into marvels of engineering, perfectly suited for the splendors of the outdoors.
We understand and honor individual tastes. Thus, Glitzcamp offers customization that caters to distinct luxury inclinations, making every tent a unique masterpiece.

E67 Extreme Canvas Tent

E67 spans 67m², roughly 721.1ft². It represents Glitzcamp’s ultimate luxury camping solution. Its living space includes a sofa, dining table, wardrobe, and storage. It features a lavish king-size bed, an optional luxury bathroom cabinet, and can be customized per individual preferences. It boasts Glitzcamp’s patented aluminum alloy frame resistant to typhoons up to level 10, and a double-layer cover ensuring top-notch waterproofing and insulation. E67 embodies the pinnacle of Glamping craftsmanship and offerings.

  • Design Elegance
    What’s the first thing that captures your eye when you look at a masterpiece? The sheer luxury of its design. The E67 is not just another tent; it’s an architectural marvel. Its design screams sophistication, blending modern aesthetics with timeless luxury.
  • Interior Excellence
    Step inside, and you’re greeted with the very definition of glamour. From a plush sofa to dine upon tables, every detail is meticulous. The centerpiece? A lavish king-size bed that promises dreams as grand as its design. And guess what? You can even have a personalized luxury bathroom cabinet if that’s what floats your boat.
  • Strong and Lasting
    Imagine having a semi-permanent dwelling amidst nature. Sounds dreamy, right? The E67 boasts a semipermanent structure, which means it’s built to last. Couple that with Glitzcamp’s patented aluminum alloy frame, and you have a fortress that laughs in the face of typhoons.
  • The Pinnacle of Materials
    What’s luxury if it doesn’t stand the test of time? The E67 is crafted with advanced materials, a testament to Glitzcamp’s relentless pursuit of perfection. It’s not about looking good; it’s about ensuring longevity with aesthetics.
  • Weather: A Non-Issue
    Rain, sun, or wind—the E67 stands undeterred. Its top-notch waterproofing and insulation ensure you’re cocooned in comfort, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.
  • Interior Furnishings: Optional
  • Interior Dimensions: 6.8m x 6.8m
  • Interior Height: 4m
  • Roof Height: 4.3m
  • Exterior Dimensions: 9.5m x 7m
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Wind Resistance: Level 8

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A Masterpiece of Luxury and Craftsmanship!

E67: The Zenith of Luxury Camping

We’ve all heard of camping, but have you ever immersed yourself in a glamping experience? 

Outstanding of E67


Luxury Glamping

Dive into the world of the E67 and discover the essence of luxury amidst the wild.

Frequently asked questions

It’s designed for large gatherings, easily accommodating a significant number.

Absolutely! From blazing sun to Category 10 typhoons, it stands undeterred.

Yes, the E67 offers both soft and hard furnishings, allowing for customization.

Ingeniously designed ventilation holes ensure a continuous flow of fresh air.

From resorts to hotel zones, the E67 Series seamlessly blends into any luxurious setting.

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