Unparalleled luxury seamlessly meets modern design and durability.
With Glitzcamp, luxury doesn't come with complications. Our tents are ingeniously designed for a seamless setup, facilitating immediate communion with nature, sans any hindrances.
Our bond with you transcends mere transactions. With an unwavering after-sales service, every query and concern is catered to with speed and precision, ensuring a continuum of the Glitzcamp luxury experience.

E48 Extreme Glamping Tent

E48 covers an area of 48m², approximately 516.7ft². Another of Glitzcamp’s ultimate luxury camping solutions, although slightly smaller than E67, it still offers a sofa, dining table, wardrobe, storage, and a lavish king-size bed. It also offers an optional luxury bathroom cabinet and withstands up to level 10 typhoons. E48 promises a comprehensive luxury experience that will enrich your Glamping life.

  • A Modern Marvel
    Have you ever seen a tent that stops you in your tracks? That’s the power of modern design. With the E48, every line and curve has been meticulously planned, resulting in an appearance that’s both contemporary and timeless. It’s not just a tent; it’s a statement.
  • Inside the E48
    Step in, and you’ll think you’ve entered a glamour magazine. Plush sofas, ornate dining tables, expansive wardrobes, and generous storage solutions adorn the interiors. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – the king-size bed that promises a sleep as lavish as its design.
  • Build to Last
    When we say the E48 is built for the long haul, we aren’t kidding. Its semipermanent structure ensures that whether you’re planning to camp for a weekend or a season, the E48 stands resilient. And with its capability to resist level 10 typhoons, nature’s tantrums are a non-issue.
  • Eco-Commitment
    Nature is our host, and the E48 ensures we’re gracious guests. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, it reflects a commitment to the environment. So, while you’re enjoying luxury, you’re also giving a nod to sustainability.
  • Bracing the Elements
    The unpredictable can be fun, but not when it comes to weather. But fret not, the E48’s got you covered—literally. With its exceptional weather resistance, come rain, shine, or wind, your glamping experience remains unspoiled.
  • Interior Furnishings: Optional
  • Interior Dimensions: 7m x 7m
  • Interior Height: 4.3m
  • Roof Height: 4.55m
  • Exterior Dimensions: 6.9m x 6.9m
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Wind Resistance: Level 8

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Where Every Detail Echoes Luxury and Comfort!

E48: Redefining the Glamping Paradigm

Who said camping can’t be luxurious? Welcome to the E48, where the charm of the wild marries the comfort of a 5-star suite.

Outstanding in E48


Crafted Luxury.

With the E48, you’re not just stepping into a tent; you’re stepping into a dream.

Frequently asked questions

It blends Glitzcamp’s promise of luxury with modern design and sustainability.

Absolutely! The E48 is all about personal luxury.

With its semipermanent structure and robust features, it’s perfect for extended stays.

The E48 isn’t just weather-resistant; it’s built to face nature’s fiercest with its level 10 typhoon resistance.

Yes, the E48 is designed for ease of setup without compromising on its luxury quotient.

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