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What Is the Difference Between a Tent and a Yurt?

Yurt On The Grassland


When it comes to temporary shelter, yurts and tents are two popular options. They are comfortable spaces and shelter us from the wind and rain. Although they both serve similar roles, tents and yurts have differences in design, function, and cultural background.

We'll dive into the differences between yurts and tents to help you be more specific about your needs.

Yurt vs Tent

Tents and yurts, as two ancient and practical forms of living, each carries a rich history. Next, let’s explore the characteristics and background of these two types of residences.

What Is a Yurt?

The yurt is the traditional living form of the Mongolian nomads. It has a unique round shape and is made of a wooden frame and felt cloth. The top of the yurt is conical, and the middle is surrounded by vertical downward walls, forming an approximate cylinder.

The history of the yurt can be traced back thousands of years, and it has been passed down to this day with the migration of the Mongolian nomads. In the lives of the Mongolian people, the yurt is not only a residence but also a symbol of home, carrying their history and culture.

Yurt On The Grassland

What Is a Tent?

Compared with yurts, tents are a more common and diverse form of living. Tents are usually quadrilateral or polygonal in shape and made of foldable fabric or waterproof material. The top of the tent is usually in the shape of a spire, surrounded by support poles and ropes fixed to the ground.

The history of tents is equally long. As early as ancient times, people began to use various materials to make tents, such as temporary shelters or marching tents. Today, there are many types of tents, ranging from simple one-person tents to luxurious multi-person tents. For example, L31 Lite Glamping Tents can accommodate 3-4 people. While S100 Skyline Luxury Tents can accommodate up to 120 people.

L31 Lite Glamping Tents
S100 Skyline Luxury Tents

How Is a Yurt Different from a Tent?

Tents and yurts differ in many aspects, such as design, materials, uses, etc. Next, we will deeply analyze the difference between a yurt and a tent.


Yurts are famous for their unique circular structure. In contrast, the shape of tents is more diverse, with round, square, conical, and other shapes available. Each design is optimized for different outdoor needs and environments, allowing campers to choose the right style based on their preferences and needs.


Yurts often feature a combination of traditional and modern materials. Traditional yurts use wool or cow felt as coverings, while modern yurts may use lightweight materials such as canvas and synthetic fibers.

Tents usually use lightweight and durable materials, such as PVC tarpaulin and aluminum alloy frames. These materials are good quality, making them the first choice for outdoor adventurers.


Due to its stability and thermal insulation, yurts are more suitable for long-term living and fixed camps. In the Mongolian grasslands and some remote mountainous areas, yurts are still the main residences of local people. In addition, some resorts and tourist areas also choose to use yurts as a unique accommodation experience.

The tent suits camping life and other outdoor activities. Especially if you want to live outdoors for several months, tents can provide people with a comfortable resting space.


Yurt's design is full of Mongolian unique aesthetic concepts and life wisdom. Its round appearance symbolizes the infinity and completeness of the sky, which means the Mongolian people's worship of nature and the universe. Various interior decorations, such as colorful ribbons and richly patterned carpets, expresses the Mongolian people’s yearning and pursuit of a better life.

The tents have various designs, ranging from simple modern style to retro adventure style. The interior design of the tent focuses on comfort and practicality. Some high-end tents are even equipped with beds, lockers, lamps, and other furniture and facilities. People can enjoy the comfort and convenience of home during outdoor activities.

The Interior Of Tent
The Interior Of Yurt Tent

Assembly and Disassembly

The construction and disassembly of yurts are relatively complicated and require certain skills and time. For example, when disassembling the yurt, you need to proceed in the reverse order of building it.

Compared with yurts, the installation and removal process of tents are more convenient and simple, and even beginners can complete them in a short time. When disassembling the tent, you just take out the brackets and fold the tent bottom side down neatly into the bag.

Channels to Buy Tents and Yurts

There are many ways to buy tents and yurts. We will offer you some ways for you to choose.

Offline Purchase Channels

  • Outdoor product store: You can try out tents and yurts in person to feel their material, structure, and comfort. But the prices in specialty stores may be slightly higher because of additional costs such as rent and staff wages.
  • Second-hand market: Tents and yurts on the second-hand market are usually cheaper and suitable for consumers with a limited budget. However, the quality of goods on the second-hand market cannot be guaranteed, and you need to have certain identification skills.

Online Purchase Channels

  • E-commerce platform(Amazon or eBay): There are tons of different brands and models of tents and yurts to choose from. You can compare prices on multiple platforms to find the best deals. However, the quality of after-sales service can vary.
  • Brand official website: You can not only get the latest product information and promotions but also enjoy the professional after-sales service provided by the brand. For example, our company's brand GlitzCamp offers a variety of high-quality tents for you to choose.

Are You Interested in Safari Tents?

If you like the spaciousness of yurts and the function of tents but want to live a more luxurious life, Safari Tents might be just what you're after. A Safari Tent offers a unique blend of rustic charm and contemporary amenities. Its wide interior and robust construction provide for a comfortable shelter in the wilderness, allowing you to completely immerse yourselves in the surrounding natural splendor.

If you're planning a glamping adventure, living in a Safari Tent is a stylish option.

A A40 Luxury Tent

What Are the Advantages of Safari Tents?

The shape of the Safari Tent has excellent mechanical stability and can maintain structural stability in strong wind environments. This tent, built with Glitzcamp's innovative aluminum alloy frame, is more than simply aesthetically pleasing. Besides, the interior space is more spacious and it can be equipped with a luxurious bed and a range of furniture accessories. This premium glamping setup offers an unparalleled level of comfort and indulgence in outdoor life.


Through this discussion, we hope you have gained a clear understanding of the difference between tents and yurts and know where to buy them. If you have any questions or need more advice about choosing tents and yurts, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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