Unrivaled luxury, durability, and eco-conscious design converge.
With Glitzcamp, luxury doesn't come with complications. Our tents are ingeniously designed for a seamless setup, facilitating immediate communion with nature, sans any hindrances.
Our bond with you transcends mere transactions. With an unwavering after-sales service, every query and concern is catered to with speed and precision, ensuring a continuum of the Glitzcamp luxury experience.

DF Luxury Camping Tent

The DF series tents provide an independent living environment designed to withstand all four seasons’ weather conditions. Equipped with luxury soft and hard furnishings, they offer optional standalone bathrooms, making them suitable for resorts and hotel scenarios. The interior amenities match the standards of star-rated hotels, delivering a luxurious vacation and accommodation space.

  • A Four-Season Luxury Redefined
    When one thinks of tents, the usual images are of makeshift temporary accommodations, often at the mercy of the elements. But what if you could redefine this narrative, bringing the luxury of star-rated hotels into a tent? Welcome to the DF Series Tents, where luxury and durability coalesce.
  • A Modern Marvel in Design
    At first glance, the DF Series Tent promises a visual treat with its modern appearance design. It’s a testament to contemporary aesthetics, seamlessly blending in with any upscale outdoor setting while asserting its presence.
  • A Dive into Dazzling Interiors
    Step inside, and you’re immediately ensconced in glitz and glamour. Every inch of the interior exudes opulence, ensuring that guests are always in the lap of luxury. From soft furnishings that rival those in upscale lodgings to hard fittings that spell class, it’s luxury at every turn.
  • Structural Integrity at Its Core
    At its heart, the DF Series Tent houses a complete structure. This ensures that irrespective of the nature or scale of the event, the tent stands unfazed, providing an unwavering shelter to its inhabitants.
  • Crafted with the Earth in Mind
    While the tent is a fortress against the elements, it’s gentle on the planet. Made from eco-friendly materials, it ensures that while you indulge in luxury, the environment doesn’t pay the price.
  • Overall Dimensions: 8.7m x 10m x 5.6m
  • Interior Area: 32m²
  • Projected Area: 58m²
  • Structural Material: Q235 steel pipe + hexagonal steel pipe
  • Exterior Fabric: 850g/m² PVC waterproof cloth
  • Inner Tent Material: 435g/m² moisture and mold resistant canvas

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Experience Four Seasons of Luxury

Braving the Elements

Come rain, snow, sun, or wind, the DF Series Tents stand tall. 

bell tent

Outstanding of DF


Luxury, Durability

Their excellent weather resistance ensures that the vagaries of nature don’t intrude on the comfort within. A true haven, regardless of what the skies dictate.

Frequently asked questions

It’s designed for large gatherings, easily accommodating a significant number.

Absolutely! From blazing sun to Category 10 typhoons, it stands undeterred.

Yes, the DF offers both soft and hard furnishings, allowing for customization.

Ingeniously designed ventilation holes ensure a continuous flow of fresh air.

From resorts to hotel zones, the DF Series seamlessly blends into any luxurious setting.

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