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What is Concept Design in Glamping Business Planning?

Site Planning & Design


What Is Concept Design?

Concept design is actually a series of orderly and purposeful design activities, from analyzing the needs of the client to generating concept drawings. The process is like an evolving journey, from initial roughness to gradual refinement, from vagueness to clarity, from abstraction to concreteness. In this process, we continue to advance through organized design steps to ensure that the final output of the concept design of glamping site can effectively meet the needs of client.

Why Glitzcamp?

Conceptual design is the perfect combination of art and science that we create. It represents the infinite possibilities of glamping resorts from dream to reality. Like an exciting outdoor adventure, from the initial idea to the final perfect concept, the journey has been constantly evolving, gradually revealing a clear and exquisite picture.

Our Team of Professionals
Our Team of Professionals

Our designers are the industry's senior experts, proficient in glamping site planning and design. With a wealth of glamping ideas and technical experience, to ensure that you create a unique, successful and luxurious camping venue.

Personalized Conceptual Design
Personalized Conceptual Design

When developing the concept design, we always have your vision at the heart. Through in-depth discussions, we understand your expectations for glamping sites and custom tents , capturing your dreams and ideas.

Balance Aesthetics with
Practical Considerations

We balance your vision with accessibility, development costs, and practical considerations for the local environment. Our goal is to ensure the feasibility and environmental friendliness of the project while planning and designing.

Detailed Drawing Support
Detailed Drawing Support

Our services go beyond ideas and include detailed drawings to provide you with clear visualizations to help you fully understand and evaluate your design proposal.

Describe the Problem

Clarify the Needs of Party A (Establishment of the Assignment)

Understanding your needs is critical to us when providing you with excellent camp planning and design services. The mission statement is the key document that clearly defines the style, scale, function and other requirements of the camp. Our design team cleverly translated these requirements into concrete and practical technical indicators, including camp type, functional zoning, area, number of rooms, parking, etc.

Exchange and Negotiation
Exchange and Negotiation

Even though sometimes Party A may entrust planning and design docking, we still need to transform the guiding information of the task book into an actionable guide. Usually, this is achieved through in-depth communication and problem research with you, as well as continuous optimization during the conceptual design phase.

Hierarchy of Normative Problems

Disassemble the Problem

Our design philosophy puts you at the center, designed to meet your needs and enhance your experience. Using methods such as vivid user stories and situational simulations, we vividly demonstrate how conceptual design can positively impact your experience and needs fulfillment.

Grasp the Principal Contradiction

Faced with the challenge of limited resources, we are well aware of the precious and scarce resources, including talent, time, information and money. This is the core mission of our company: to realize your vision with limited resources. We are based on problem constraints to ensure that every piece of work is tightly focused around your goals. Whether it is the expertise of the team, the allocation of time, the collection and analysis of information, or the proper use of funds, we plan carefully to ensure that the project is completed with high quality. We firmly believe that through wise resource management, we can provide you with unparalleled value and make your camp planning and tent products unique masterpieces.

Standards and Restrictions

Hard Index

Professional skills

Creative Constraint

During our creative design process, there are several key aspects that need attention to ensure that the final design proposal meets your expectations and needs:

Creative Constraint

During our creative design process, there are several key aspects that need attention to ensure that the final design proposal meets your expectations and needs:


Define the breadth and depth of the problem

The first step in creative design is to clearly define the problem. Our design team needed to decide whether to solve a holistic problem or something more specific. This means that we think deeply about the scope and depth of the problem to ensure that our design is comprehensive and targeted.

Problem complexity

Sometimes the problem can be very complex, involving multiple related parties. In such cases, our design team takes creative approaches to simplify and break down problems to better deal with them.

Defined requirement

User needs and expectations

The core of creative design is to meet the needs of users. During the conceptual design phase, we take a deep dive into your needs and expectations to ensure that our design solutions actually meet those needs.

Resource constraint

Given limited resources, our design team balances user expectations with feasibility in defining requirements to ensure that the design solution is feasible in terms of resources.

Conceptual tendency

Conceptual tendency

Considering that the camp may be part of a brand, our design team ensures that the concept design is consistent with the brand image. This may involve considerations of color, shape, style, etc., to ensure that your camp remains consistent with the brand.

The balance between innovation and practicality

Our design team will find innovative elements in the concept design, while ensuring that the design is practical. We always maintain a balance in the creative process to avoid overly aggressive or overly conservative design proposals.

Case Study

Extract Keywords and Merge Similar Items
Extract Keywords and Merge Similar Items

In our case studies, we carefully select and extract keywords to precisely target the important information in the case. This includes core elements such as location, design philosophy, sustainability considerations, and resource use. With this step, we aim to give you a deeper understanding of our design approach and the informed decisions we make on each project. At the same time, we have cleverly combined similar information to ensure that the case studies are concise and easy to understand, laying a solid foundation for subsequent analysis and summary.

Intent Map
Intent Map

We use intent mapping to present each element of a case to you in an organized manner. Present key elements of the case in a visual way, providing a clear project overview. This tool not only helps you quickly understand the structure and focus of your project, but also efficiently determines design goals and draws inspiration. With intent diagrams, you can easily gain valuable feedback to ensure you make the most informed design decisions.

Summarize the Impact, Benefits, and Outcomes of the Case
Summarize the Impact, Benefits, and Outcomes of the Case

The final part of the case study is to summarize the impact, benefits, and outcomes of the project. Our goal is to clearly present that our work is not just a simple design process, but creates real impact and real value. Through in-depth analysis, we can clearly show the positive impact of the project on you, the community and the environment, including the results of sustainability, economic benefits and brand value enhancement. This will help you better understand our value and understand that we are not only designers, but also change-makers, bringing positive change and significant returns to you.

Concept Generation

Concept Output

Camp theme output

We are committed to creating a memorable theme for your camp and a unique story setting. This special and engaging theme will run throughout the design, ensuring that your camp is visually and emotionally unique.

Conceptual sketch

Our designers present you with a variety of creative ideas through careful conceptual sketches. These sketches are initial artistic ideas that are vibrant and help you visualize our design vision.

We don't just stop at concepts, we start drawing key information like floor plans and structural sketches. This helps ensure that our designs are not only aesthetic, but also practical.

Generate Site and Custom Tent White Model

In this stage, we create exquisite white models of venues and tailor-made models of luxury glamping tents. This 3D model will show you the landform of the site, the approximate functional zoning and the arrangement of facilities such as glamping tents, allowing you to better understand the features of the potential design and ensure that everything is under control.

Screening and Optimization

Select the optimal solution

We brainstorm the most innovative and potential design concepts that will form the basis of the final design. Our goal is to ensure that the selected concepts meet the requirements and have a unique appeal.

Feasibility verification

We will verify the feasibility of the selected optimal solution. This includes an assessment of technical feasibility, budget feasibility and time feasibility to ensure that your project can be successfully implemented.

Get Feedback

Debrief Phase

By communicating with you and adjusting the design in a timely manner, our conceptual design report ensures that the project develops in the right direction, effectively reduces risks, and ensures smooth implementation. Choosing us means choosing a design team that is detail-focused, creative and committed to meeting your needs to create a successful project together.

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