Desert Winemaking and Unique Dome Accommodations: Exploring the Negev’s Hidden Charms


Project Deatails: Site name: negevwine Built year: 2022 Built duration: 6 months Sector & Dome size: glamping dome, Dia 5 meters x   5units Selected accessories: thermal insulation foam +  curtains  + skylight + door +  solar exhaust fan + round glass window Location: The Negev Desert Project Background Background The negev Desert, dedicated to unique […]

Geodesic Dome Luxury: Vineyard Retreat by Domescapes

geodesic dome, dome

Project Deatails: Site name: Domescapes Built year: 2020 Built duration: 3 months Sector & Dome size: glamping dome, Dia 6 meters x  H 3 meters Selected accessories: Curtains + doors + solar exhaust fans + insulation + cat ear Windows + glass Windows Location: PO Box 4034 Launceston TAS 7248 Project background Background The Domescapes team had four owners. Their careers include creative director, music event […]

Umea Glam Kundasang: Pioneering Glamping in Harmony with Nature and Culture

During the construction of Umea Glam Kundasang, a number of challenges were faced, which required finding suitable solutions.

Project Deatails: Site name: Umea Glam Kundasang Built year: 2019 Built duration: 1 month Sector & Dome size: glamping dome, Dia 6 meters x  4 units Selected accessories: pvc cover Location: Jln Golf Course Mesilau 89308 Ranau Sabah Project Background Background Umea is a city in eastern Sweden where many cultural institutions and museums are located. […]

Revitalizing Education: Glitzcamp’s Innovative Dome at Don Milani Bilingual School


Project Details: Site name: DonMilani Bilingual School Built year: 2022 Built duration: about a week Sector & Dome size: glamping dome, Dia 7 meters x 1 units Selected accessories:  insulation + curtain + solar extractor fan + glass window + triangle windows + round zipper door Location: Via Mirandola, 61, 37026 Settimo VR, Italy Ⅰ. Project Background In the initial stages, Peg & Co, an […]

The Ultimate Glamping Experience at Arenal Volcano National Park


Introduction The evolution of travel has seen a spectacular turn, blending the primitive appeal of nature with modern opulence. Welcome to the world of Glamping, where camping receives a lavish twist. And nestled within the heart of Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano National Park offers an experience that remains unparalleled in this realm. Elevate Your […]

Australia’s Glamping Gem: Luxury, Nature, and Sustainable Grandeur Combined


Introduction Deep within the heart of Australia, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city of Canberra, lies an oasis glamping that promises an experience like none other. Introducing a paradigm shift in outdoor adventures, where wilderness meets lavish comforts, the Australian luxury camping resort beckons travelers seeking the exceptional. At its core? The […]

Embrace the Allure of “Glamping” at Yunnan Laobanzhang Tent Camp

tent camp Treehouse treasure

Introduction In the heart of Yunnan lies an unparalleled treasure glamping for the discerning traveler: the Laobanzhang Tent Camp. If you’ve been seeking an exotic escape, where the wild beauty of nature harmoniously merges with uncompromised luxury, your search ends here. At the epicenter of this awe-inspiring getaway is the concept of “Glamping” – a […]

Glamping Tents in Sharjah – Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury Amidst Nature

glamping tents

Introduction Defining Glamping Tents Ever dreamt of experiencing the great outdoors without compromising on luxury? Enter Glamping Tents – where nature and opulence intertwine seamlessly. Why Sharjah is the Prime Destination for Glamping Tents Dive deep into Sharjah’s captivating east coast, and let the whispers of the Arabian Gulf lure you into a world where […]

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