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Dome Decorated with Green Plants

Project Deatails:

Site name: Umea Glam Kundasang
Built year: 2019
Built duration:

1 month

Sector & Dome size: glamping dome, Dia 6 meters x  4 units
Selected accessories:

pvc cover


Jln Golf Course Mesilau 89308 Ranau Sabah

Project Background


Umea is a city in eastern Sweden where many cultural institutions and museums are located. Conveniently located just 15 km from the sea, with mountains and deep forests on its doorstep, Umea is also a dream destination for nature lovers. It has a subarctic climate defined by four distinct seasons, with appropriate winters and short but pleasant summers with bright midnight sun. Characterized by a mix of vegetation and rugged terrain, steep cliffs and hilltops create inaccessible attractions and unique natural beauty.

The four founders of Umea Glam Kundasang (UGK) hail from Sabah and share a love of the outdoors and nature despite their very different backgrounds. On a journey through Kundasang, UGK’s founders learned from this place that over the course of time, the diversity of the mountain highlights the value of the mountain asan agent of soil and social dynamic change.

From contemplative experiences of mountain landscapes, to productive and exploratory observations of resources, to group trips to the mountains on foot, we embark on the most primal explorations in this “ashes” land, as we have done since the birth of human civilization and the emergence of cities. The Kundasang lovers share a common dream: to create something in Sabah or Kundasang that is deeply immersed in nature. Thus, the concept of UGK came into being.

Dome Resort at Night


Umea Glam Kundasang’s design philosophy is “experience nature, unique design”. The construction of UGK aims to provide visitors with a unique and immersive nature experience that breaks with tradition and brings an unprecedented glamping experience. “Its design aims to interact with the landscape through the dome’s forms, which enhance the sense of place of the region and become conceptually significant through the integration of memory.

UGK sees the glamping dome element as a seed in which each person plays the role of an embryo, nourished mentally and physically by the sun, breeze, drizzle, air and the company of plants and birds, covered by a layer of concrete walls and environmentally friendly tin roof panels.

In essence, Umea Glam Kundasang is a fantastic paradise that allows guests to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the embrace of luxury and nature. The hotel creates a warm and elegant living atmosphere everywhere, providing a warm habitat for people with a poetic soul.

Dome Resort beside the Mountain
Dome under Cloud
Dome Resort under Sunset
Glamping Tent Rest Area
Dome surrounded by Green Plants
Glamping Dome surrounded by Green Plants


1/ Design with Nature

After years of conservation, has been full of vitality, UGK in the normal operation of hospitality, from the environment to management, are not easy to build. Glamping dome is scattered in the mountains, scattered layout, does not move the mountains, only to build the theme, so that nature can be placed at a high level, so that it can become a reclusive thought expression carrier.

UGK focused on the planning and design phase in the early stages of the project, working closely with Glitzcamp‘s experts. Every decision, from choosing the best location for the glamping dome to selecting the materials, is carefully thought out to ensure the design theme of “experience nature, unique design” is achieved.

Go straight to the site, cooperate with the artisans, design naturally in the site, according to the modulus, and constantly build, the construction naturally grows in the forest, the gap walks through, and does not hurt the grass and trees. Visitors linger in the meantime, can appreciate the interest of seclusion, or have an instant detached mood. Design ultimately blends natural language with artificial design language.

2/ Glamping Dome and the Environment Achieve Dynamic Balance

The consideration of the building blocks starts from “simple”, and uses “simple” design techniques to produce “complex and vivid” visual effects, so that the building and the surrounding environment can achieve both an overall and vivid dynamic balance.


During the construction of Umea Glam Kundasang, a number of challenges were faced, which required finding suitable solutions.

1/ Level the Terrain

Building the glamping dome hotel on uneven terrain was a daunting task. Given the rugged and remote nature of the site, it was a difficult and costly project to level the construction site for traditional buildings. Therefore, in this case, the use of prefabricated construction is not only a good choice, but also the only effective choice to simplify the construction process under this condition.

The specific location of the building, which should be located as high as possible to achieve better views, but also to ensure safety, has brought great difficulties to the design team and the construction team.

The construction phase is a critical step in turning an idea into reality. The Glitzcamp team closely followed the construction progress of the hotel throughout the whole process, provided methods, and timely put forward suggestions to make the project perfect. The UGK team also hired an experienced construction team to oversee the implementation of every detail. In this process, attention was paid to construction quality, safety and engineering progress to ensure that Umea Glam Kundasang goes smoothly as planned.

Dome beside green plants

2 Technological Breakthrough

The project was an opportunity to create a new experience in a prefabricated modular construction system: each glamping dome contains a separate set of technical installations (water, electricity, climate adaptation) and luxury interior furniture, and has a similar architectural appearance. By repeating the same construction procedures, the production/assembly process of the entire project is also accelerated.

3/ Retain the Signature Features and Functionality of the Glamping Dome
Building the glamping dome in Kundasang required an adaptable, scalable spatial structure so that it could maintain its potential for steady growth and excellence over time, but at the same time, it raised a question: How can you constructively move away from familiar cliches while retaining the signature features and functionality of glamping dome?
According to the above problems, the idea of decomposing the whole is put forward. glamping dome’s flexible space presents a variety of themes based on different life activities, providing a comfortable space for tourists to ensure the normal execution of life activities.

Features & Outcome

In the cosy glamping dome, sunlight pours through the huge glass curtain wall, bringing beauty into the interior space.

Umea Glam Kundasang is not only a masterpiece of architecture, but also a symbol of respect for nature and culture. A building that “touches” the site as little as possible, being as careful and respectful of the site as possible in the only places where the building touches the site.

In its open setting, glamping dome is not only a major respite and shelter, but also a great vantage point from which to enjoy the sky and magnificent views. The precisely positioned transparent picture window provides a panoramic view of Kundasang, increasing the contrast between the glamping dome interior and the infinite expanse of Kundasang, expressing the relationship between man and nature.

This project has triggered a reflection on the relationship between architecture and natural environment: the design should start from the geography, natural conditions and place of the building site, pay attention to the dialogue relationship between artificial objects and nature, respect nature, and appropriately express the existence of architecture.

Architecture should have a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding environment. The surrounding natural environment provides the background, conditions and base for the building, while the appearance of the building adds the human factor to the environment and becomes the connection point between the environment and people.

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