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Explore the Best Campgrounds to Glamping with Glitzcamp Domes & Tents

Project Deatails:

Site name:la-laland.
Built year:2022
Built duration:

1 month

Sector & Dome size:glamping dome, Dia 6 meters x  H 3 meters
Selected accessories:

Thermal insulation foam +  curtains   


 Tulok Antal utca 1, Kemenesmagasi, Hungary, 9522

lalaland,X Marks the Spot

Project Background: Best Places to Go Camping with Glitzcamp


The husband and wife owner had a very beautiful campsite and wanted to add some new structures to create a different campsite because they had camping experience with wooden houses before.

The small village is located in Vas County, just 10 minutes drive from Celldomolk. La-la Land is located on the border of the village and covers nearly 3 hectares, so the idyllic tranquility is broken only by the sound of birdsong from time to time.

Because of the independence of the site, the owners turned it into a treasure map of adventure. In addition to resting, guests can have several adventures in this three-hectare area. You can fry bacon or have a light meal in our fireplace, and if the weather and season are right, you can play beach volleyball, shuttlecock, or even go sledding. 

In the summer, try glamping in the wild. La La Land is a pet-friendly place, so a vacation to La La Land is also a great experience for dogs. La La Land is completely fenced in so pets can walk around.

The grandeur and strength of La La Land continue to support our design and construction. Its beauty, power and complexity of form have given us infinite inspiration as the main elements of the project.


1/ Dome Fantastic Space: The geographical advantages of the environment combine glamping, adventure and leisure experiences

Make full use of environmental geographical advantages, and natural ecological environment resources, camping experience, adventure activities, leisure activities integrated.

The interior of the building is divided into several areas. Based on dome's shape design and special technology, the house as a whole is warm in winter and cool in summer, the interior sound effect is also brighter, and you can even feel the echo of the sound, combined with the incoming light, to create a dreamlike sense of space.

2/ Design a pro-nature design that creates a dialogue between people, buildings and the environment

Space for more possibilities can be created, redefining the connection between human creation and nature. 

Wonderland's dome structure uses new technologies and knowledge, combines the inspiration of art and nature, prioritises form and perception.Taking the dynamics of users in the space as a starting point to enhance their experience by creating an immersive atmosphere, combining the presence of natural elements with artificially constructed architectural structures, and reconnecting with the environment.

 A pro-nature design that aims to create a dialogue between man and nature.Wonderland dome does just that.

dome, dome tent, platform tents
dome, platform tents


1/ Unique viewing experience

The Wonderland Dome, with stunning sunsets and lake views, is designed in the spirit of retro futurism.The purpose of ecological design of tourist resort is to protect the natural environment, improve the aesthetic value, create a harmonious, healthy and beautiful landscape system, so that all kinds of buildings, recreational facilities and natural environment can be integrated, so that tourists can linger.

2/ Intimate service and facilities

La La Land offers a range of intimate services and facilities to ensure guests enjoy maximum comfort and convenience while spending their quiet time:

Bedding: La La Land offers large, fluffy, allergen-free pillows and blankets for each guest, as well as freshly laundered sheets.

Bathtub: Located at the other end of the lake, La La Land created a small "wellness area" with a sauna and bathtub, which is still shared with Naturland Accommodation.

Restaurant: With panoramic lake views, the restaurant is an ideal place for 2 people to enjoy the view.

Grilling: La La Land offers charcoal grills and large POTS to make the perfect kebabs and beef stew.

Single bedroom: Guests can relax with panoramic views on the 180 x 200 cm spring bed.

Books: Provide a variety of books to ensure that customers have plenty of reading options.

Large trampoline: provides a great resting, napping floating bed for older children, located in the round forest of La La Land.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the apartment, only lighting tobacco on the terrace or using Iqos/ vape devices.

Parking: Parking is available in the enclosed yard to facilitate loading and unloading.

Kitchenette: The fully equipped kitchen ensures that customers do not go hungry while also encouraging them to put their cooking skills to the best of their ability.

Towels: Small, large and check-out towels are provided, and even robes are available.

Vault: Guests can place valuables in a small number of combination safes as needed.

Shower/toilet: Fully equipped bathrooms are available to ensure that guests' bathing needs are met.

In addition, La La Land offers the following additional services:

Farm Breakfast: Start the day with a hearty, mouth-watering farm breakfast.

Sauna: Also at the other end of the lake, La La Land's small "wellness area" offers a sauna and bathtub for additional relaxation options.

Overcoming Challenges in Identifying Ideal Places to Go Camping with Glitzcamp Gear

To develop tourist resorts well, it is necessary to have a high standard of ecological and aesthetic environment, and the landscape design that does not meet the requirements of ecological harmony may lead to a low sense of identity of tourists. 

The design of tourist resort according to the idea of landscape ecology, its goal is to protect the natural scenery as much as possible, strengthen the characteristics of the existing area, and integrate the new construction with the natural environment, which is one of the key factors of the success or failure of the development ofLa La Land.
The original call for the project was to add a sightseeing room to the campsite. The owner wanted to use the dome structure, emphasizing that it is not just a room for living, but a suite for sightseeing. 

By giving the project a hybrid function of view + housing, the owners ensured that the building was used throughout the year, making it inhabited all year round rather than just during the holidays. This multifunctional approach increases the utilization rate of the building, which in turn increases its management and maintenance, thereby increasing the project's return.

Features of Glitzcamp Domes & Tents and Their Impact on Places to Go Camping

The Wonderland Dome delves into the idea of coexistence and symbiosis, further blurring the lines between the man-made and natural worlds. This unique design not only demonstrates respect for the environment in concept, but also brings significant character and results to the project in practice.

The Wonderland project demonstrates a deep concern for the environment with its excellent ecologically inclusive design. By carefully blending the building with the surrounding natural landscape, an impressive and harmonious eco-living experience is created, highlighting the strong pursuit of ecological sustainability. 

This unique feature not only highlights the green concept of the project in concept, but also polishes the unique charm of getting close to nature in the holiday experience.

Wonderland is designed with a subtle mix of social elements while focusing on individual spatial needs.

By cleverly dividing the interior areas of the building, customers can enjoy the beauty of nature in a private setting, but also experience social interaction and interaction in a shared space.

This perfect blend makes the project suitable for all types of travelers, whether they are seeking peace or socializing.

dome, , platform tents

The Wonderland project has successfully created a resort that lives in symbiosis with nature, bringing a colorful and unforgettable experience to vacationers.

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