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Nature’s Harmony: Luxury Glamping Amidst Mount Fuji’s Enchanted Forests at MOSS Jurigi Camp Resort

Luxury Glamping Dome under the Trees

Project Deatails:

Site name:MOSS Jurigi Camp Resort
Built year:2022
Built duration:

6 months

Sector & Dome size:glamping dome, 3 sets 7 meters ball
Selected accessories:

Insulation, curtains


2427-1 Suyama, Susono, Shizuoka 420-0834Japan

Project background

A luxury camping experience at the foot of Mount Fuji, in the majestic nature of the Jurigi Plateau, with a variety of activities and a variety of accommodations, like spending time in contact with nature in another world.

MOSS Jurigi Camp Resort is located on the Jurigi Plateau at the southern foot of Mount Fuji. In a forest that changes with the seasons, you can feel nature while enjoying extraordinary experiences such as the sounds of birds, the scent of plants and the green color of moss. You can stay in spacious yurts and your long-awaited Airstream trailer. Spend your time in unprecedented luxury in a completely private space throughout the building.

1. It takes about an hour and a half from central Tokyo to reach the lush forest at the foot of Mount Fuji
MOSS Jurigi Camp Resort is located in a 3,000-square-meter forest about an hour and a half from central Tokyo. In addition to activities like forest yoga and moss terrarium making, there are attractions nearby for families and small groups.

2. Immerse yourself in the majestic nature of Shiliji Plateau and satisfy your five senses
Julimu Plateau at the southern foot of Mount Fuji is located in a natural forest area above 1,000 meters above sea level. The moss covering the lava, the scent of flowers blooming on the plateau in spring and summer, the calls of native deer and squirrels in the forest, the calls of wild birds, and the twinkling stars on the course – the black night sky. Immerse yourself in nature and refresh your mind and body.

Luxury Glamping Resorts
A Puppy on a Camping Trip

3. Luxurious space and accommodation so you can relax and unwind without worrying about your surroundings
You can stay in a spacious and comfortable dome tent with precious airflow. Each facility is separate so you can use the space without worrying about your surroundings. There is also a covered BBQ space where you can enjoy hearty meals prepared with local produce.

4. Come with your dog – 2 dog walking areas are open with restrictions
MOSS Jurigi Camp Resort has a limited number of dog walks where you can stay with your dog in a yurt. Enjoy a glamping stay where you can relax and enjoy nature with your beloved dog.


1. The problem of humidity in the local environment. Because it is surrounded by an ancient and dense forest, the humidity is high, and the question of condensation water has been raised unanimously.
2. The camp is located in a special geographical location, which often attracts small animals to come to look for food. It is a famous place for family fun.
3. The installation process takes place in December, the coldest month of the year.

Green Moss

Features and Outcomes

Luxury Glamping under Trees

1. In the luxury camping area, there are two types of dome tents to choose from. “STANDARD VIEW [7m]” with a diameter of 2m, “STANDARD VIEW [7m]” where you can relax with a small number of people. In STANDARD VIEW [5m], there is a “DELUXE VIEW” plan, a clump of moss spreads out in front of you. In addition, starting this year, dog sites where you can stay with your dog are open.

2. In the mobile home you can stay in the American trailer “Airstream”. Indoor furniture is divided into three types: GLOBETROTTER, which is characterized by unique indoor furniture and simple beauty, Flying Cloud, which is characterized by the warm texture of indoor furniture based on wood grain, and Bambi, which has been loved by generations.

Luxury Glamping Cube Cabin
Luxury Glamping with Bathroom

3. At Mount Fuji Jurigi Hot Spring, a family bath with natural hot springs that can heal the fatigue of the day, you can enjoy simple alkaline hot springs that gush out from 1,1 meters underground

4. All glamping plans at MOSS Jurigi Camp Resort include meals (breakfast and dinner). Guests can enjoy a camp-style breakfast, including a barbecue using local Shizuoka ingredients.

Luxury Glamping with Kitchen
Luxury Glamping Dome under Trees

5. At Jurigi Camp Resort, you can experience activities that take advantage of the natural beauty of the Jurigi Plateau at the southern foot of Mount Fuji.
Please move your body through yoga and marathon, observe the insects, animals and plants living in the forest, gaze at the stars and experience what you can only experience in nature
to get the feeling.

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