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Misty Heights: Luxury Geo Domes in Davao City

Project Deatails:

Site name:Misty Heights
Built year:2021
Built duration:

6 months

Sector & Dome size:glamping dome, 2 sets 6 meters ball
Selected accessories:

door, solar exhaust fan


Datu Salumay, Marilog District, Davao City, Philippines

Luxury Glamping Dome under the Trees

Project background


Whether you’re spending a night in one of our geo domes, relaxing in our outdoor spas, or dining at our cafe you can expect an awe-inspiring view of the mountains. With cool, clean, crisp air and overlooking a majestic sea of clouds in the morning, Misty Heights is a great place to slow down and be refreshed. As a smaller establishment, we are able to provide personal service and solitude for all of our guests.

Misty Heights has two geo domes providing two unique experiences. Rent ‘Paglaum’ and stay within a short walk of our cafe and pavilion. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, consider renting ‘Kalino’ and take a short hike to an area all your own. Both of the domes provide a private shower & toilet as well as being air-conditioned and very comfortable.

Luxury Geo Domes & Paglaum (Geodome)

Paglaum (Geodome)

Paglaum, located near the entrance of Misty Heights, offers a convenient yet nature-immersed experience. Accessible via a short stair hike, this dome is equipped with essential amenities including a shower, CR, fridge, microwave, and water dispenser. Designed to accommodate up to 8 guests, it features a loft and a queen-sized bed for comfortable sleeping arrangements. Guests can enjoy meals or relax in the covered outdoor area, admiring the scenic views and cool weather. Additionally, Paglaum boasts a private pool with fresh mountain water, perfect for cooling off or playful moments.

Kalinaw (Geodome)

Kalinaw, the most secluded dome at Misty Heights, is ideal for individuals who love the outdoors and want a comfortable, camp-like experience. Reached along a meandering walk on the hillside, it provides a close-knit experience with the natural world. With features including a shower, CR, refrigerator, microwave, and water dispenser, this six-person dome promises a comfortable stay. Its roomy interior with its tall roof provides breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea of clouds. Extended stays can be enjoyed in a pavilion featuring a fully functional outdoor kitchen and plenty of seats. Kalinaw has a private pool with fresh mountain water for enjoyment and relaxation, just like its counterpart.

Luxury Geo Domes in the Mountains


1. The customer needs to raise the ground to set up the internal spherical double layer, and the size construction needs to be accurate

  • ① Geological survey: Since Datu Salumay is located in a mountainous area, soil stability and geological structure may have a significant impact on the construction project. We conducted a detailed analysis of the geology and soil to understand the soil type and groundwater level to safely raise the ground.
  • Design and material selection: Considering that an internal spherical double-layer structure is to be built, our design team needs to consider the weight and pressure distribution of the structure and use lightweight but high-strength materials.

  • ③Accurate construction plan: Since the accuracy of dimensional construction is crucial, we use advanced surveying and construction techniques to ensure dimensional accuracy.

Luxury Geo Domes under Stars
Luxury Geo Domes with Soft Bed
Luxury Geo Domes with Leisure Area
Bed in the Luxury Geo Domes

2.Misty Heights is located on a mountain and there are difficulties in transportation and installation.

①Logistics planning: Carrying out construction projects in mountainous areas requires carefully planned logistics. We used small, flexible transport vehicles and took into account the possible need to construct temporary roads to facilitate the transport of materials and equipment.

②Phased construction: Due to the difficulties of transportation and installation, we adopted a phased construction method. For example, infrastructure is built first and then materials and components are gradually transported.

③Environmental Impact Assessment: Carrying out construction projects in mountainous areas, especially in areas of natural beauty such as Datu Salumay, requires special attention to the impact on the environment. We conducted an environmental impact assessment before the project began and took steps to reduce disturbance to the local ecosystem.

④Safety Measures: Construction in mountainous areas requires additional safety measures. As the terrain may pose additional risks, we have implemented measures to ensure the safety of our staff.

Luxury Geo Domes Frame
Double Decker Luxury Geo Domes
Soft Bed
Luxury Geo Domes in the Mountains

Features & outcome

1. The internal height increases to provide customers with a better experience and can also open up the family camping market.
2. The surroundings are fully equipped, including swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens, etc., which enhances customer experience.

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