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Glitzcamp's Glamping Dome Tent Solutions for Don Milani School

Project Details:

Site name:DonMilani Bilingual School
Built year:2022
Built duration:about a week
Sector & Dome size:glamping dome, Dia 7 meters x 1 units
Selected accessories:

 insulation + curtain + solar extractor fan + glass window + triangle windows + round zipper door


Via Mirandola, 61, 37026 Settimo VR, Italy


Ⅰ. Don Milani School Project Background

In the initial stages, Peg & Co, an Italian event planning company, approached us about a sample set of 7-meter dome. Peg & Co provided professional guidance on the Don Milani Bilingual School's dome design and was responsible for its interior design. The unique dome is planned to be built inside the local Don Milani Bilingual School in Verona, Italy.

Don Milani Bilingual School has the following two principles:

The first principle is the well-being of children. Children are at the heart of our choices and they are always the focus of our attention.

The second principle, starting with the first, is not to forget what is written in the Italian Constitution: "Care is the duty and right of parents to bring up, educate and educate their children". Based on these two principles.This means that Don Milani Bilingual School aims to provide students with a completely new learning environment in which to grow up in an environment that is both comfortable and innovative. This innovation goes beyond cultural exchange and marks an unprecedented exploration of educational space design.

From the perspective of landscape urbanism, this particular dome brings a unique view to Don Milani Bilingual School. The project not only enhances the visual appeal of the Don Milani Bilingual School, but also demonstrates a pioneering approach to the design of educational Spaces.

DonMilani Bilingual School,dome
DonMilani Bilingual School,dome

Ⅱ. Educational Dome Tent Objectives

Founded in 2001, Don Milani Bilingual School is a bilingual private school located in Verona, Italy. The school has more than 300 children from 0 to 14 years of age, covering nursery to middle school. The purpose of the school is to guide students to grow and learn, with the aim that everyone can feel their own unique. The school's philosophy is "to make the world a better place for men and women to live in".

Educating the next generation is a challenging and engaging mission that requires the concerted efforts of parents, teachers and students. Don Milani Bilingual School is clearly positioned to be an ideal time and space to actively encourage, support and promote the full personal, intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth of each child.

The goal of Don Milani Bilingual School is to emphasize and strengthen the unique characteristics of students in a diverse environmental and social context. This process will lay a solid foundation for their entire life.

Ⅲ. Geodesic Dome Tent Implementation

1.Choosing Dome Structure: Lamella vs. Geodesic - Tailoring Designs

In the initial stage of this project, our company mainly focused on introducing the differences between Lamella and Geodesic dome structures to the customer in detail. We worked closely with our clients to help them identify the right type of dome structure, size and overall design for the project.

2.Swift Dome Construction: Meeting Urgency with Efficiency

Given the urgency of the project, the client wanted to receive dome quickly and complete the construction as soon as possible. Due to the high importance of cooperation, Glitzcamp fully understands the needs of customers, and on the premise of ensuring product quality, the resources of the production workshop are mobilized, and the delivery time is successfully shortened.

This initiative is designed to meet the needs of the client and ensure that the client can proceed with the project as planned. Demonstrates our efficient execution of the needs of our partners. Glitzcamp always strives to meet all the needs of the client and provide the best support for the successful implementation of the project.

3.Logistics Excellence: Navigating Shipping for Timely Dome Arrival

In terms of shipping, delays are a fairly normal phenomenon in international logistics. In order to minimize the impact of delays, we actively communicate with shipping agents and strive for the earliest shipping date to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination on schedule or even ahead of schedule.

 Our team has been working hard to ensure the smooth operation of the project, ensuring that the customer can receive the goods in the expected time and set up under our professional guidance.

dome structure

Ⅳ. Challenges Faced During the Project

The client Peg & Co gave very professional guidance on import and export, event planning, design and glamping, which made the whole order go smoothly.

1.Dome's Delivery Schedule is Tight

Given the urgency of the project, the client wanted to receive dome quickly and complete the setup as soon as possible. This put some pressure on delivery times, but Glitzcamp ensured that the project was completed on time with quality and quantity by increasing production speed and reducing shipping wait times.

2.A Tailor-made Dome

It is worth mentioning that the client Peg & Co's unique requirements for dome design made this collaboration even more challenging. Peg & Co did not choose a conventional rectangular door, but proposed a unique design requirement: curved zipper PVC tarpaulin door. Although this design may be slightly shorter in terms of service life than traditional doors, we are not concerned about this.

We understand the high aesthetic and functional requirements of our customers. For the follow-up maintenance of the door, we also make corresponding countermeasures. In the follow-up cooperation, Glitzcamp will continue to make efforts to ensure the timely delivery of the project and provide customers with intimate and comprehensive services.

 Ⅴ. Dome Tent Features & Successful Outcome

Don Milani Bilingual School hopes that every student can thrive and soar to meet the challenges of the future. In the ocean of knowledge, we look forward to seeing students accumulate rich wisdom and constantly strive for excellence. But more importantly, the students of Don Milani Bilingual School can cultivate indomitable quality and positive attitude in the process of growing up.

The dome tent was installed to add a variety of facilities to Don Milani Bilingual School and create a more interesting and unique learning environment for teachers and students. By introducing this dome tent tailored to local conditions, a fresh vitality is injected into Don Milani Bilingual School, which not only enhances the practicality of dome, but also provides an interesting growth space for the teachers and students of Don Milani Bilingual School.

This innovative initiative is designed to guide students to grow and learn, with the aim of making everyone feel unique.

Students have their own unique needs for learning Spaces, and the Spaces they use need to be accessible, convenient and compensatory in addition to basic security. The physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics of these children are the foundation of landscape design, and also the basis of landscape design for special education schools.

classroom of DonMilani Bilingual School,dome

The future is an unknown adventure, an arena for courage and innovation. Life is a colorful book, and students are the new chapters in the book. Let us hope that this young generation can contribute wisdom and strength to society in the future journey, and achieve their own wonderful chapter.

During a recent online visit, I saw several children playing happily at Don Milani Bilingual School. The teacher said that the dome is very popular with the students, all the areas are fully used, and everyone wants to go to the dome. It was very gratifying to hear that. Don Milani Bilingual School teachers' love for education and deep understanding of these children also run through every process of the project. We believe that such a integration of education and teaching concept of the dome structure, can become a beautiful blessing for children.

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