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Project Deatails:

Site name:Domescapes
Built year:2020
Built duration:

3 months

Sector & Dome size:glamping dome, Dia 6 meters x  H 3 meters
Selected accessories:

Curtains + doors + solar exhaust fans + insulation + cat ear Windows + glass Windows


PO Box 4034 Launceston TAS 7248

Domescapes, Geodesic Dome

Domescapes Tasmania Project: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Retreats

Exploring the Unique Background of Domescapes in Tasmania

The Domescapes team had four owners. Their careers include creative director, music event coordinator, owner of an energy efficiency business and renewable energy electrician.

From passionate discussions among the owners, Domescapes was born – something we all felt we could enjoy and share. The owners believe that what they own in Tassie is precious and needs to be protected. In order to meet the increasing number of tourists, it should be carefully considered and planned. With this in mind, Domescapes was born, where each geodesic dome and site has a minimal footprint and environmental impact but is accessible enough for all to enjoy.

Aside from the plethora of food and wine offerings, the Tamar Valley is the gateway to some of the best tourism experiences Northern Tasmania has to offer. Nearby attractions include; Narawntapu National Park, Platypus House, Sea Horse World, Beaconsfield, Barnbougle and Lost Farm Golf Courses, Beaches, Tasmania Zoo, Bridestowe Lavender Farm, Blue Derby MTB, Hillwood Strawberry Farm. Basically, there’s plenty to see and do!

Setting Sustainable Objectives for Domescapes in Tasmania

Relax in your own private geodesic dome, complete with ensuite, insulation and heating for maximum comfort. Enjoy the vine views and star-gazing, while indulging on fine Tasmanian gourmet produce.

Sleeping amongst the vines in the comforts of home, with magnificent panoramic views and welcoming hosts in the heart of the Tamar Valley wine region. Experience Tasmania at its’best.

Domescapes’ design focuses on the wine tasting experience and invites guests to spend time together in the public areas of the hotel. The carefully designed rooms are quietly set among the grape jungle, each offering a quiet space for guests to enjoy. Located in the heart of the Tamar Valley Wine Trail, this immersive accommodation experience is a must for any wine lover or those seeking a unique Tasmanian holiday.

Comfortable Chair
Geodesic Dome with Insulated Cotton
Geodesic Dome at Night
Geodesic dome at Sunset
Geodesic Dome Frame
Dome under the Sunset

Implementing Innovative Domescapes in the Tasmanian

1/ Eco-friendly Design Principles in Tasmanian Domescapes

Working with nature and minimising the environmental impact is at the core of our philosophy. Each geodesic dome includes a private ensuite including shower, vanity with sink behind the dividing wall.

Domescapes aims to keep waste and power consumption to a minimum and encourage guests to do so as well.

We build hotels in a more environmentally friendly way. Building a low logistics system in a lower carbon way, rationally utilizing solar energy to supplement energy consumption, and constantly exploring the natural way of cave living are the embodiment of the deep integration of design and site.

2/Stylish Escapes with Domescapes in Tasmania

Each geodesic dome has a full ensuite, so it’s glamping in style. With comfy King-size bed with quality cotton sheets, quilts and soft furnishings. Domescapes interior design reflect the desire to add, not detract from our beautiful natural surrounds.

Working with inspiring local designers such as Geoffrey Cameron Marshall who created some of the bedside Swell Pendants in Pinot Dome allows guests to enjoy some of Tassies finest craftsmanship.

Lanterns, cushions, and throws help create a nest that will keep guests cosy and comfortable. Each geodesic dome is set on a generous raised deck so you can enjoy the views.

3/ The Comfort of Domescapes’ Geodesic Domes in Tasmania

The Geodesic Dome in Domescapes, with a relaxing atmosphere against the blue sky.Quality engineering provides guest warmth and comfort, in any weather.

Quintessential six metre domes are engineered to withstand the harshest Tasmanian winters and are also designed to cater for the intensity of the summer sun. Each highly energy efficient geodesic dome comes built in with a solar vent, the fully double insulated geodesic domes offer maximum year-round comfort. 

Immerse yourself in the celestial wonders of the night sky within the cozy confines of our geodesic domes. A remarkable feature is the expansive clear sky window, constituting 25% of the dome’s structure, offering an uninterrupted view of the stars. This unique design invites the outside in, allowing guests to stargaze from the comfort of their retreat. However, we understand the importance of privacy. 

To cater to our guests’ individual preferences, each dome is thoughtfully equipped with block-out screening curtains. These curtains not only provide a shield for privacy but also allow you to control the amount of natural light entering your sanctuary. Whether you seek the enchantment of stargazing or prefer a more intimate atmosphere, our domes offer the perfect blend of openness and seclusion for a truly personalized experience.

Luxuriously Decorated Dome

4/ Tasmania’s Domescapes: Immersive Geodesic Dome Nature Experiences

Based on the beautiful surroundings of Tasmania, the owner amplified the “wild” and integrated the geodesic dome into the experience, striving to create a comfortable and interesting immersive interaction with nature and plants. In order to ensure a wide view and break the monogeneity of the original environment, the geodesic dome with a giant picture window is used to achieve a wide view of the whole. Not only to achieve the functional needs, but also to enable the residents to get the wholehearted viewing experience.

Overcoming Challenges in Developing Domescapes in Tasmania

Domescapes has been designed in geodesic dome form, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a relaxing environment that blends perfectly with nature. The challenge for the owners was to create a building that would expand and enhance the sense of space, thereby creating a healing space that would energize visitors and modulate their mood.

Tasmania has a relatively cool climate compared to the rest of Australia, with no continental hot summers and four distinct seasons. Winter temperatures tend to be very low due to a series of cold fronts from the Southern Ocean.

How do geodesic domes withstand harsh weather? The impact resistance of polycarbonate sheets is 250 times stronger than that of glass, making them exceptionally durable. Polycarbonate is a robust and resilient thermoplastic material that performs well in temperatures ranging from –40 degrees to +130 degrees. It provides protection against various weather conditions such as hailstones, storms, and snow, and is UV-proof, ensuring longevity for up to 10 years. However, after the warranty period, exposure to harsh weather might cause the sheets to turn yellowish.

Moreover, polycarbonate sheets are renowned for their high impact resistance, making them virtually unbreakable.

The unique edge design of domes makes them waterproof. Featuring a window in the door and two additional windows with fly mesh, guests don’t need to worry about ventilation. The UV-protected curtain also blocks the sun when necessary.

For temperature control, air conditioners can be used, and in extremely cold winter areas, heated floors or stoves are effective. Temperature adjustments are hassle-free. Additionally, the waterproof nature of polycarbonate sheets ensures there are no concerns about leaks during heavy rain and floods.

Key Features and Successful Outcomes of Tasmania's Domescapes Project

Walking in the Dome Resort

As the enchantment of glamping continues to capture global travelers, the landscape of accommodations undergoes a revolutionary transformation marked by innovation and excitement.

Domescapes’ allure lies in its fusion of sustainability, comfort, and innovation. Embracing the challenge of creating eco-friendly geodesic domes resilient to Tasmania’s diverse climate, providing warmth in winter, coolness in summer, and an unobstructed view of the starry night sky through a specially designed clear dome window.

Glamping is becoming more and more popular and the variations of the offerings are getting exponentially innovative and exciting as niche accommodation moves forward in the tourism space. Domescapes Tasmania are proud to be pioneering this idea commercially in Tassie and are excited to be one of the few geodesic dome experiences in the Southern Hemisphere.  Domescapes: Proudly Tasmanian!

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