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Project Deatails:

Site name:negevwine
Built year:2022
Built duration:

6 months

Sector & Dome size:glamping dome, Dia 5 meters x   5units
Selected accessories:

thermal insulation foam +  curtains  + skylight + door +  solar exhaust fan + round glass window


The Negev Desert

Dome Tent Resort

Project Background


The negev Desert, dedicated to unique desert agriculture, is a fascinating and unique region of Israel

As we learn about the terroir of the Negev desert, we begin to understand and define it. The origin of terroir is the French word ‘terra’, defined as soil, but encompassing all the environmental conditions of growth: climate (temperature, sun exposure, wind, humidity, irrigation), slope, plants, and wildlife. It actually includes all the non-human elements. The term is used to describe agricultural areas, beverages, and foods, including wine, tea, coffee, cheese, and meat. Professionals can taste blind and identify commonalities between wines from similar regions, as well as differences between wines from different regions.

The drought of the desert has created lasting challenges for the growing of wine grapes in negev, as well as unexpected and significant advantages. In the Negev, there are more than 300 days of sunlight per year, high temperatures, rainfall of only a few tens of millimeters, and intense sun exposure, which is reflected on the ground, which is rich in salt but lacking in other ingredients. 

Without a doubt, this is one of the worst areas for planting, and the difficult environment of the negev hides the advantages of concealment. The sharp drop in temperature helps the grapes ripen, the dry air stops rot and the creation of pests, and the cold winter months make the vines tough. These special conditions promote the ripening of the grapes and provide a unique terroir for the wines of the Negev desert – a distinct local character.

On the one hand, the grapes of negev can produce wines that are light and enjoyable to export, while also maturing and developing over time. White grapes harvested before the acidity drops give the Negev’s white wines a crisp, mineral-like taste with a slightly stone-fruited finish. The region’s red grapes have thin, unripe skins and produce wines that are light and pleasant.

Showcasing how ancient traditions and agricultural innovations have skillfully combined to produce quality wines even in the harshest desert conditions, emerging wineries emerging from the magnificent desert landscape have positioned the Negev as an engaging global tourist destination and provided a new regional engine for growth.

Large dome tent frame


On the one hand, the grapes of negev can produce wines that are light and enjoyable to export, while also maturing and developing over time. White grapes harvested before the acidity drops give the Negev’s white wines a crisp, mineral-like taste with a slightly stone-fruited finish. The region’s red grapes have thin, unripe skins and produce wines that are light and pleasant.

1/ Follow the principles of ecological desert construction

The desert is a kind of natural existence, should highlight the word “bao”, be protected, and leave a virgin sand sea for the descendants. Deserts are resources and deserts are beautiful. The homestays on the farm are built according to the principles of ecological desert construction, and there are shallow pools next to them that simulate desert water.

2/ Feel the Desert

The purpose of the luxury camping complex is to find a retreat in the desert away from the hustle and bustle of the city, adapt to the climate of the rural desert, and allow guests to enjoy the views of the desert vineyards up close from the interior space.

The ancient tradition of growing vineyards and wine production, combined with agricultural innovation and the breathtaking scenery of the Negev, constitute a national and international growth engine and make the desert an ideal tourist destination on a global scale.

3/ Alternative Dome Accommodation Experience

At the Magical Farm of Mitzpe Ramon, a luxury camping complex has been built, offering boutique accommodation: 4 Dome units, 5 meters (20 square meters) in diameter, with panoramic Windows overlooking the wild landscape of Mitzpe Ramon. Each dome comes with boutique level amenities, including a waddish pool, kitchenette, air conditioning and private balcony. Each dome has a shower and outdoor wooden toilet with complete privacy.


In negev, wineries and vineyards prove to the world that it is possible to produce quality wine in the harsh conditions of the desert.

1/ Challenges of wine production in desert conditions

Desert has existed since ancient times, in the long geological period before the emergence of human civilization (at least in the Quaternary geological period of 2.6 million years), the desert has always existed, the formation and evolution of the desert is the determining factor of geology, landform, climate and other natural conditions, which is beyond human control. The local climate, unusually dry, and how to create comfortable living conditions is a major challenge.

Dome in the Wilderness

This requires us to make clear value judgments. We need to make subjective value judgments both in identifying risks (for example, what risks we want to avoid) and in deciding how much we care about them. These value judgments must be clear and explicit so that the reader can choose to use different values. At the same time, once a risk has been identified, we must assess it completely objectively, based on the best available information the possibility.

Dome Structure

2/ Simple Dome accommodation options

The camp is located in a special geographical location, and the transportation of materials is limited, most of which can only be manually. Therefore, the choice of dome accommodation space structure requires simple construction, convenient transportation, and less use of mechanical equipment.

3/negev hot season Dome installation consideration

The installation of Dome structures in the negev region, especially during the hottest season of the year, presents a unique set of challenges and considerations. These challenges involve not only how to effectively construct the Dome structure, but also how to ensure that the occupants can enjoy comfortable and safe accommodation in the extreme heat conditions.

In summary, Dome installation in the Negev during the hot season required a combination of factors. Only by combining these factors can we ensure the sustainable use and comfortable living of the Dome structure under extreme heat conditions.

Features & outcome

1/ As we toured the Negev, we noticed the remains that symbolized the old vineyards – water conservation facilities, agricultural terraces, and the many wine presses scattered throughout the region

2/ In recent years, sleeping vines with ancient roots have been awakened by a new wave of planting led by Israeli pioneers, awakening the ancient desert wine regions. Today, there are about 3,000 dunams (about 3 square kilometers) of wine vineyards in the Negev, with more than 30 vineyards of all sizes operating in the region.

3/ Numerous activities: The farm offers a variety of attractions, from visits to vineyards and wineries, accommodation options including breakfast, seminars and group training, cafes serving light meals and snacks during wine tastings, to visits to the visitor centre and even a local produce shop

4/ Suite accommodation experience: In this project, the owner pays special attention to the space experience brought by dome structure.

The desert is a land of constant change, shaped and reshaped by winds and seasons. Each time the wind blows the Buddha, it changes its undulating, sculptural overall appearance. In order to highlight the movement of the wind, we were inspired by this design. Glamping dome doesn’t have hard lines. Instead, it imagines every contour as if it were shaped by desert wind, rather than lines on paper.

Dome in the Desert

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