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Extreme Outfitter Tent
Merging nature's essence with unmatched luxury and robust design.
We understand and honor individual tastes. Thus, Glitzcamp offers customization that caters to distinct luxury inclinations, making every tent a unique masterpiece.
Adaptable and versatile, our tents, with their modular design, champion flexibility, empowering you to mold your outdoor sanctuary as you envision.

C40 Extreme Outfitter Tent

C40 tent has a projected area of 40m², about 430.5ft². The C40 uses an innovative top structure design that allows for a more spacious interior while making installation and disassembly more convenient. Inside, there's a luxury bed and a range of furnishing accessories. It also offers an optional modular bathroom cabinet. Built with a Glitzcamp exclusive patented aluminum alloy frame that can withstand a Category 10 typhoon, its double-layer cover ensures better waterproofing and insulation. The C40's design enlarges the living space, allowing friends to engage in outdoor activities like sitting around a stove or barbecuing. It is suitable for users who have higher demands for outdoor space and more use scenarios.

  • Natural Aesthetics That Resonate
    In a world dominated by concrete and steel, doesn't the thought of a tent that merges effortlessly with nature intrigue you? The C40's appearance design mimics the very essence of nature. Imagine setting up your abode amidst greenery, where the tent seems like an extension of your surroundings. It's pure bliss!
  • Step Inside to Coziness
    Home is where the heart is, and the C40 ensures that even in the wild, your heart finds comfort. With cozy interior decorations, nights become a snug affair, whether you're reading a book or having a heart-to-heart.
  • Temporary but Tenacious
    While the C40 is designed for temporary installations, don't let that fool you. It stands tall, proud, and undeterred, even when nature decides to show its might.
  • Crafted with Advanced Materials
    Glitzcamp isn't just about creating tents; it's about pioneering innovations. The C40's advanced materials ensure longevity, resilience, and an aesthetic appeal that's hard to ignore.
  • Ready for Nature's Whims
    Rain or shine, the C40 has got you covered. Quite literally! With great weather resistance, it's equipped to handle the unpredictable moods of the great outdoors. Category 10 typhoon? Bring it on!
  1. External Size: 8.0*5.0*4.0m
    External Area: 40.0m²
    Indoor Size: 5.2*4.8*3.1m
    Indoorl Area: 25.0m²


  2. Framework : 6063-T6 aluminum alloy with wooden pattern


  3. Connector : black Q235B steel


  4. Flaysheet: waterproof PVC-750g-B1; double-sided matte cloth

  5. water-repellent-370g-B2


  6. Window : polyester canvas; fire retardant; mildew-resistant; water-repellent-370g-B2; mosquito net; zipper; metal accessories; transparent film


  7. Wind load : Force 8 Wind


  8. Unit Packed Size : 3.6cbm
    Unit Packed Weight : 443.0kg

Extreme Glamping Tent

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Introducing the C40 Tent: Your Next Outdoor Sanctuary

When you think of luxury blended seamlessly with nature, Glitzcamp's C40 tent should top your list. 

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Outstanding of C40

Safari Tent
Space, the Final Frontier

With a sprawling 40m² (approximately 430.5ft²) of space, the C40 invites you to stretch out, dance, or even host a mini party! Remember those outdoor activities you've been dreaming of? Now's your chance!

Safari Tent
Hassle-free Setup

Ever held back from camping fearing the setup hassle? The C40 understands. Designed for convenience, it promises a stress-free installation and disassembly. It's time to pitch your tent and kickstart the adventure!

Extreme Outfitter Tent
For Team Building

Positioned for those with an eye for luxury, the C40 isn't just a tent; it's a statement. Experience luxury like never before, even amidst wilderness.

C40 Extreme Outfitter Tent

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Glitzcamp adopts a modular structure that allows for swift assembly from shipment to installation, ensuring both sturdiness and safety throughout the process.

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glamping accessories

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