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Safari Tent Resort
Expansive luxury meets nature, ensuring comfort, safety, and durability.
Adaptable and versatile, our tents, with their modular design, champion flexibility, empowering you to mold your outdoor sanctuary as you envision.
Engineered to weather nature's moods, our tents epitomize resilience. They stand as unwavering sentinels, safeguarding your luxury experiences against the elements.

C18 Lite Canvas Tent

The C18 tent has a projection area of 18m², approximately 193.7ft². Compared to C15, C18 offers more activity and living space, making it suitable for family activities and gatherings with friends. It too can withstand harsh blizzards. It also features a triangular design on top, Glitzcamp’s patented aluminum alloy frame resistant to typhoons up to level 8, and a double-layer cover ensuring superior waterproofing and insulation for maximum outdoor Glamping enjoyment.

  • Embracing Mother Nature: The Appearance
    When you first lay eyes on the C18, its nature-centric design stands out. It doesn’t impose on nature; it complements it. Blending Seamlessly with Nature, it’s like the earth whispered its design secrets to the architects.
  • Inside the Tent: Comfort Redefined
    Once inside, the ambiance wraps around you in a Cozy Embrace. It’s more than just shelter; it’s a cocoon of warmth and comfort that makes you feel right at home, even in the wilderness. The Magic of Coziness? It’s the meticulous interior decoration of the C18.
  • Structurally Sound and Temporary
    Ever thought about why we lean towards temporary structures? It’s because they offer both freedom and stability. Why Temporary is the New Permanent? Because it provides us with the flexibility of movement without sacrificing protection.
  • Materials Matter: Commitment to Quality
    Quality is not just a buzzword with the C18. From its double-layer cover ensuring optimal waterproofing and insulation to the Patented Aluminum Alloy Frame, it’s designed to last and impress.
  • Weather Resistance: Beyond the Ordinary
    Rain, wind, or blizzard, the C18 stands tall. Confidence Amidst Nature’s Whims is not a luxury; it’s a guarantee with C18’s superior weather resistance.
  1. External Size: 5.0*3.5*3.3m
    External Area: 18m²
    Indoor Size: 3.3*3.3*3.0m
    Indoorl Area: 10.9m²


  2. Framework : 6063-T6 aluminum alloy with wooden pattern


  3.  Connector : black Q235B steel


  4.  Flaysheet: waterproof PVC-750g-B1; double-sided matte cloth


  5. Inner Tent : polyester canvas; fire retardant; mildew-resistant; water-repellent-370g-B2


  6. Window : polyester canvas; fire retardant; mildew-resistant; water-repellent-370g-B2; mosquito net; zipper; metal accessories; transparent film


  7. Wind load : Force 8 Wind


  8. Unit Packed Size : 2.4cbm
    Unit Packed Weight : 228.1kg

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C18 Lite Canvas Tent: Your Ideal Companion for Outdoor Adventures

Have you ever yearned for a sanctuary amidst the wild, a comfortable haven to immerse in nature without trading off comfort? Meet the C18 Tent

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Discover the Outstanding Features of the C18 Lite Canvas Tent

The Vastness of C18: Size Does Matter
The Vastness of C18: Size Does Matter

Craving space? The C18 delivers. Offering ample room for activities and relaxation, it reiterates that when it comes to tents, size truly does make a difference.

Simplifying Life: Ease of Installation
Simplifying Life: Ease of Installation

Think setting up such an extensive tent is a hassle? Think again! The C18 is all about No Hassles, Just Memories. Easy to install, it ensures you spend more time making memories than reading instruction manuals.

Designed for Rigors: Heavy-duty Positioning
Designed for Rigors: Heavy-duty Positioning

It's not just a tent; it's an armor against the elements. Positioned as a heavy-duty marvel, it's the kind of tent that you can rely on, come what may.

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