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C15 Lite Safari Tent
Combining affordability, sturdy design, and unmatched luxury in nature.
Engineered to weather nature's moods, our tents epitomize resilience. They stand as unwavering sentinels, safeguarding your luxury experiences against the elements.
At Glitzcamp, nature is more than an amenity—it's a responsibility. Our tents are eco-friendly, reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainable luxury.

C15 Lite Safari Tent

The C15 tent has a projection area of 15m², approximately 161.4ft². It's ideal for single or double Glamping. It's more secure and stable than traditional triangular camping tents, capable of withstanding harsh blizzard conditions. It features Glitzcamp's patented aluminum alloy frame that can withstand typhoons up to level 8, and a double-layer cover that provides enhanced waterproofing and insulation, ensuring a worry-free luxury outdoor camping experience.

  • Embracing Nature: The Aesthetics of the C15 Tent
    Ah, the design! Molded by the rhythmic patterns of nature, the C15 tent is not just a sight to behold but also a conscious attempt to harmonize with Mother Earth. A Seamless Integration with the Environment makes you wonder if the tent was always part of the landscape, waiting for you to discover it.
  • Step Inside: A Cozy Retreat Awaits
    Once inside, you’re welcomed by a world that's every bit comfortable as it's exotic. Homey Vibes Amidst the Wilderness ensure that while your body is out in the wild, your spirit feels right at home. Isn't that the dream?
  • Sturdy, Yet Designed for the Moment
    While the C15 is a temporary shelter, it doesn’t feel flimsy. Temporary Structures with Permanent Feelings - that's what we’re talking about! It’s like building a sandcastle knowing the tide might wash it away, but enjoying every second of its magnificence.
  • Quality Above All: Materials that Speak
    Diving deeper, the tent showcases a marriage of science and art. The Genius Behind the Aluminum Alloy Frame is Glitzcamp’s patented technology, ensuring a fortress-like feel. Further, the Double-layer Cover: A Closer Look reveals an intelligent design offering superior waterproofing and insulation. No shortcuts here, only the best!
  • Ready for All Weathers: Reliability in All Conditions
    Nature is unpredictable, but the C15? Rock solid. Bracing for Nature’s Curveballs, this tent stays put, whether it's a drizzle or a downpour, offering you uninterrupted slumbers.
  1. External Size: 4.2*3.5*2.8m
    External Area: 15m²
    Indoor Size: 4.1*3.3*2.5m
    Indoorl Area: 13.5m²


  2. Framework : 6063-T6 aluminum alloy with wooden pattern


  3. Connector : black Q235B steel


  4. Flaysheet: waterproof PVC-750g-B1; double-sided matte cloth


  5. Inner Tent : polyester canvas; fire retardant; mildew-resistant; water-repellent-370g-B2


  6.  Window : polyester canvas; fire retardant; mildew-resistant; water-repellent-370g-B2; mosquito net; zipper; metal accessories; transparent film


  7.  Wind load : Force 8 Wind


  8. Unit Packed Size : 2.0cbm
    Unit Packed Weight : 191.8kg

Extreme Glamping Tent

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Space Just Right: Neither Too Big nor Too Small

Perfect for those solo reflections or those heart-to-heart conversations. Designed for Solo and Duo Adventures, the tent's size feels just right – like your favorite pair of jeans.

Safari Tent


Soft yet Supportive
Setting Up Made Simple

For all its sophistication, the C15 is surprisingly easy to set up. The Ease of Installation means more time soaking in the sunset and less time fumbling with tent pegs.

Fluffy yet Adaptive
Affordable Luxury: The C15’s Market Positioning

One might think all these features come with a hefty price tag. Think again! Luxury That Doesn’t Break the Bank - that's the C15 promise.

Nature-Inspired Appearance

Taking cues from the serene and harmonious patterns found in nature, the C15 tent's design is a nod to our planet's unspoiled beauty. Its aesthetic seamlessly blends into its surroundings, ensuring that while you’re enjoying the great outdoors, you’re doing so without disturbing its inherent tranquility.

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