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How Did Yurt Glamping Tent Become An Ideal Nature Retreat

yurt glamping tent


Yurt is a portable round tent covered and insulated with leather or felt, traditionally used as a shelter by nomadic groups. Nomadic farming with yurts as housing has been the main way of life in Mongolia for thousands of years.

Many people give up the hustle and bustle of city life during the holidays and migrate to camping in the wild. In the process of urbanization, as people face excessive cement time, they encounter a common problem: separation from nature.Yurt glamping tent, as a derivative of glamping, is becoming more and more popular.  Glamping has emerged to enable people living in cities to find opportunities to be close to nature and to seek new ways to spend their holidays. 

Why Yurt Glamping Tent?

Yurt glamping tents are known for their unique design, features that set them apart from traditional camping tents and provide comfort for those seeking an unforgettable outdoor experience.

  • Yurt glamping tent features a unique dome design. This traditional and ancient structure, inspired by the yurt, gets its name from the curved wooden structure and cloth sail covering. The dome design has excellent stability and can withstand extreme weather, providing a safe shelter for campers.
  • Yurt glamping tent is equipped with luxurious interior facilities, which is very different from traditional camping tents. Comfortable and luxurious bedding, interior furniture, private bathrooms and electricity supply provide users with a star-rated hotel experience in nature. Especially in the cold winter months, when people are limited to inter-city activities, yurt glamping tent offers one more alternative place to go. This unique level of comfort and convenience makes yurt glamping tent an ideal choice for travelers who are looking for a natural experience but don’t want to give up comfort.
  • The design of Yurt glamping tent focuses on ventilation and lighting, and the design of multiple air holes ensures indoor air circulation. Large picture Windows allow the beauty of nature to permeate the interior. This unique design allows users to enjoy the warmth and comfort inside the tent while also enjoying the views of the outdoors. A perfect blend of nature and comfort that traditional camping tents can’t provide.
A Person Sitting in front of the Dome
Transparent Glamping Dome Tent

As we evaluate the performance of yurt glamping tent, the above points also confirm why yurt glamping tent is the new mode to support glamping.

The completion of each yurt glamping tent, and its impact, actually becomes a social aesthetic event: the sense in which people appreciate and accept a grounded and creative contemporary architecture. In other words, the creativity of a building, no matter its size, is often related to whether it can form a social aesthetic event.

Design Concept of Yurt Glamping Tent

1/ Blend of Nature and Luxury

In the process of large-scale urbanization, the accumulated architectural ills, such as the ubiquitous cement forest pattern, the dazzling glass and metal light, and the aesthetic “fatigue” formed by the copying and splice of modern architectural patterns, people want to see “grounded” and creative new buildings close to nature.

When embedded in the natural environment, the yurt glamping tent is wrapped in the shade of the forest farm, and its overall effect with the incomplete barren mountains and the endless beach is almost like a natural growth from this natural environment! Yurt glamping tent has formed a kind of descriptive experience and language context for dealing with space and choosing building materials. 

PVC Fabric Glamping Tent

Yurt glamping tent has luxurious interiors that stand in a specific natural setting.

The interior of Yurt glamping tent forms a diverse and flexible transparent space. Both the space and the materials highlight a strong contrast: the luxurious interior space and the natural scenery outside, highlighting the contrast between the closure and transparency of the space, inside and outside – that is, the feeling of closure into the functional space and out of the functional space. It is the transparent space of the “corridor”, in the transparent space, people can not only enjoy the facilities of the star-rated hotel indoors, but also see the jungle, the sea, and the mountain outside. Yurt glamping tent offers a variety of Spaces of interest and variety.

No matter the sun is shining, or the sun is setting, or even the rain is continuous, because the suburban sky is particularly bright, blue sky and white clouds, the outdoor light is extremely bright, at this time, the glass of yurt glamping tent reflects, and the scenery outside the window is set off each other, while the surrounding mountains and trees are reflected on the large area of glass, at this time, you even doubt: Are the surrounding mountains and trees part of the building? Or is the tent part of the shadow? Yurt glamping tent is fully integrated into its natural surroundings.

2/ The Perfect Combination of Nature and Practicality

When it comes to the design concept of Yurt Glamping Tent, it is closely related to the design trends over the years. In the design process of yurt glamping tent, the primary consideration was the choice of the main functional space. According to the customer’s needs, geographical conditions, natural environment, light direction and surrounding buildings and other factors, the formation of an overall design idea. The key to this idea is to place the main functional space in the right place.

From the early yurt glamping tent design experience to today’s modern style, this design concept has gradually evolved and improved. The spatial scale of the modern yurt glamping tent has been expanded, it is no longer simply a dwelling, but through innovation and adjustment of scale. Make the space inside the tent more attractive and practical, making the layout of the entire tent more flexible and livable. This design philosophy has evolved in the evolution of yurt glamping tent to provide users with more choice and a better experience.


Yurt glamping tent is designed to provide campers with a richer and more personalized holiday experience. These trends will continue to influence the future of camping, driving people to want to camp in nature.

The design of Yurt glamping tent follows three main principles: ecology, flexible construction that adapts to the different surroundings, and creating a comfortable atmosphere in a unique environment. As technology, sustainability and personalization continue to evolve, Glitzcamp looks forward to seeing the future of camping take on a whole new look.

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