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How to Thrive While Glmaping & Living in a Tent in Winter?

The sun shines inside the tent


Tent with hand washing station

With the rise of lightweight movement, outdoor sports are developing from a minority hobby to a national sport. One of the most popular is camping. From picnic MATS in the park to glamping away from the city, “going outdoors” is the most chill way of life these days.

During the cold winter months, the beauty of nature and the snow-covered scenery make camping especially charming. Try something like glamping to experience the vibrant nature. If you want to experience glamping in winter, tent in the winter is an indispensable choice. 

Glamping is more elegant than camping and closer to nature than hotels. Cool summer needless to say, tent in the winter allows users to stay comfortably overnight in the winter when the temperature is below zero.

Glamping is also fun in winter when the air is clear. tent in the winter using hardy indoor equipment and construction materials, even in sub-zero winter, the tent is still warm inside. There are also luxury camping cabins, so people who don’t like tents can enjoy luxury camping.

Who says winter is no time for camping? In recent years, the rise of glamping, do not have to put up a tent or bring a lot of props in their own efforts, luxury tents with mattresses, heating and bathing facilities, so that you feel the nature at the same time, comfortable soaking in the bathtub to watch the stars, but also have the convenience of the city.

II. Preparations for winter camping

1/ Choose a tent suitable for winter use

Before the winter glamping, choosing the right tent type is crucial. Choose an appropriate tent in the winter to ensure safety and comfort in low temperatures.

The L1 Anlong Fancy Tent is the first choice for winter glamping, with its complex construction and design maximising the interior space. L1 Anlong Fancy Tent is a combination of luxury and adventure. Its complex structure and design maximizes the interior space. 

There are separate ventilation holes at the top to increase the flow of fresh air, and the interior offers luxurious hard and soft furnishings and optional en suite bathrooms for a variety of resort and hotel areas. The tent is built with Glitzcamp’s proprietary aluminium alloy frame, which can withstand category 10 typhoons, cold and snow. 

Its double cladding guarantees better water and insulation and represents the highest level of hotel engineering and craftsmanship to make your Glamping journey vibrant and colourful.

The key role of the tent is to prevent wind and rain! This is also to prevent the three elements of low temperature, wet; Cold; Wind, the two wet and wind key equipment! The key to warm winter camping is the wind, rain will become snow, although there is no sleet terrible, but today mainly talking about low temperature will not rain when camping. 

L1 Anlong Fancy Tent

The key to wind protection is the structure of the tent! So a tent with a tent pole bone structure is definitely more windproof than a tower tent.

2/ Essential winter camping gear

Although it is winter now, but tired of urban life friends are still willing to go outdoors, breathe fresh air, see different beautiful scenery. Winter is definitely the best time to see snow or appreciate the decline and prosperity of trees, so many people who like excitement or adventure will choose to have an unforgettable wilderness camping or snow camping! 

You can see the beauty of winter during the day and look up at the bright stars in the ice and snow at night, which is a wonderful experience that can only be experienced in winter. However, in winter camping in the wild, safety and warm measures must not be sloppy, camping equipment, equipment, etc. need to be prepared in advance!

Tents, sleeping bags, moisture MATS. Known as the camping three-piece set, they play a decisive role in resisting the cold!

In addition, tent heating is one of the important equipment for glamping in winter. These devices provide extra heat and keep the tent warm and comfortable. There are many types of tent heating to choose from, including gas, electric and diesel models, choose the right type for your needs.

Be sure to choose waterproof and warm outdoor shoes. The direct consequence of not waterproof shoes is that your feet may be frozen in the shoes. When you sleep at night, you can also wrap your shoes in a clean plastic bag and put them in your sleeping bag. If you leave your shoes outside your sleeping bag, by the next morning, they will be frozen hard, not only difficult to wear, but also wear your feet.

Also, don’t forget to pack plenty of warm clothing, gloves, hats and warm boots for winter glamping.

III. Ice and Snow Adventure: Tent in the Winter harmonious interaction with nature

Tent in the Woods

Winter is an explorer’s paradise, as nature presents breathtaking beauty during this season. In a snow-covered world, explorers can explore a variety of ice and snow activities. Such as snow hiking, stepping on snow, through forests, mountains and lakes, enjoy the beautiful scenery covered with snow.

Without compromising harmony with the landscape, tent in the winter adds new Spaces and functions to the ski area, and correspondingly better integration with the surrounding environment, an opportunity to define the model of ‘imitation’ and sustainable intervention that will enable ski-friendly places to grow and flourish.

And provide guests with even more exciting immersion in the snow scenery. The tones of the materials used in the Tent in the winter connect with the surrounding landscape, and the earth-colored canopy is reminiscent of the colors of rocks. Defined as an imitative intervention due to the use of forms and materials that are symbiotic with the landscape, the project is also guided by a sustainable mindset, with the partially buried design of the Tent in the winter structure limiting the building volume at ground level as much as possible.


Glamping is a great way to spend a night outdoors in Hokkaido. Not only suitable for family, group travel, but also perfect for solo travel. Come back with your bare hands, glamping Winter is sure to leave you with deep and beautiful memories!

Winter glamping offers a different experience for adventurers, allowing people to feel the charm of nature in the cold season. With the right preparation and safety measures, it is possible to spend an unforgettable winter trip in a tent and create precious memories. Whether you’re looking for adventure or want to enjoy the tranquility of winter, glamping Winter is an option not to be missed.

C18 Safari Tent with Chair

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