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Why Are Commercial Tents the Perfect Outdoor Event Spaces?

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Commercial Tents: Perfect Outdoor Spaces | Glitzcamp


In today’s busy social calendar, outdoor events have become an important part of our lives. Whether celebrating a special moment or appreciating the beauty of nature, outdoor events make for unforgettable memories. Commercial tents, as a multi-functional event space solution, has emerged in various outdoor events.

Camping tents for parties
Commercial tent for outdoor event.

Multi-purpose commercial tents for outdoor events

1/ Commercial tents as the outdoor wedding venue

The curtain on the top of the commercial tents hesitates to shuttle romantic stars between different galaxies, creating a closer connection between the couple and their relatives and friends, and bringing the love of the couple to every corner of the wedding with the wind. The starry sky walk is also like the trajectory of lovers in love, the fate has turned into eternal, love forever, hand in hand to go to this life together to romantic and brilliant love. 

Commercial tents as the whole outdoor wedding home, to witness each couple that say “I do”, this is our commitment to the lover, but also the Glitzcamp craftsman’s commitment to the land. The curtains of commercial tents for wedding are as romantic as a dream, dreamy and real, all tender.
Pour romance into the galaxy, as strong and brilliant as the stars, and give love to the stars.
You and I are independent individuals, casual encounter because of good fate, life thus produced intersection, a heart, heart origin, the story is opening.

2/ Commercial tents for graduation ceremony

Graduation is an important moment in a student’s life and commercial tent offers the ideal venue for this occasion. Accommodate a large number of graduates and family members, providing them with a comfortable place to celebrate. It can also be customized according to the school’s colors and logo, adding to the atmosphere of celebration.

3/ Commercial tents Used for sporting events

Outdoor sporting events require large covered fields to accommodate spectators, athletes and event equipment. Commercial Tents form a “stadium + park” design that can be used as spectator seats, athlete rest areas, food stalls and event control centres.
Whether it’s a football match, a marathon or a golf tournament, 2 story tent provides a flexible solution for sporting events, with a double-decker tent structure that increases the space for spectators and ensures everything is in order. The project integrates leisure, fitness, sports, expo and other functions, and is a sports landmark that serves the public and has the ability to hold regional and various events.

4/ Commercial tents for church activities

Light is a quiet force, light can open the poetic realm of the soul, and the tent structure is a container to capture light. Religious events and ceremonies require suitable venues to accommodate worshippers and convey a sacred atmosphere. Commercial tent can be used as a temporary extension of a church, providing a venue for services, church weddings, baptisms and more. These tents can be decorated internally according to different religious beliefs, ensuring that each activity is filled with meaning.

Commercial tents for religious activities aims to create a space container that not only meets religious function and spiritual needs, but also has artistic attributes. The tall canopy symbolizes getting rid of bondage and heading towards heaven. The entrance of the tent building is quite ceremonial, and the high entrance is poured out of the sacred light. Enter the main auditorium on the second floor through the big steps, walk up the ladder to the rooftop, and overlook the Qiantang River to the west, where you can see the most beautiful sunset, which is regarded as the dawn of heaven.

The creation of atmosphere and the creation of divine properties in religious buildings can guide believers on a spiritual level, and also emphasize the characteristics of the place for non-believer visitors. The highly customized commercial tent can be designed according to the actual use, in the plan layout regression axial extension, using a symmetrical layout of the cross classic space prototype. In particular, a central axis “ladder” can be created, derived from the biblical “ladder of Jacob,” which implies the path to holiness and happiness. 

As a religious symbol of the church, the cross symbol is not only used in the structure of commercial tent, but also according to the needs of customers, dotted on the railing of the tent platform, awning frame and other parts, reflecting the direction of Christian characteristics.

The light design of the facade Windows creates a divine character. The light is projected through the different window holes in the commercial tent, making the room full of mystery and tranquility, where you will feel the sacred and spiritual power. Here, light, art, architecture, faith and symbolism coexist in harmony, creating a unique spiritual realm for religious sites. Between the sunshine, people feel quiet and poetic, and time seems eternal.

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About commercial tent structures​

Our canopy tents have many styles :general canopy tents, event tents for outdoor use, outdoor tents for commercial use, temporary building structure for industrial use, military tents for emergency use, install equipment, accessories/parts updated. Our catalog also contains tent structure parts renovation & updated.

All of our commercial party and event tents are fireproof, heavy duty and designed for continuous use to protect your event guests from rain, sun and any other inclement weather.

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