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What Is a Geodesic Dome Home?

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In today's world, people's needs and preferences for housing are increasingly diverse. In this case, some unique house designs began to attract people's attention. As a new and unique residential form, the geodesic dome home has attracted a lot of people's attention. This article will explore what a geodesic dome is, and in-depth analysis of its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is a Geodesic Dome?

A geodesic dome home, also known as Earth sphere architecture, is a residential structure inspired by the geometry of Earth. It usually consists of a series of interconnected triangles that form a sphere-like appearance. This unique design gives the geodesic dome home many unique features, making it highly visible in the construction community.

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The Advantage of a Geodesic Dome Home

1. The stable structure

The geodesic dome home is a circular structure. The reason why a circular structure is more stable than a vertical structure is due to its distribution and force bearing properties. Circular structures are able to spread the pressure more evenly when a force is applied, resulting in a greater overall load-bearing capacity. In addition, a circular structure is also more effective in resisting externally applied pressures because it transmits forces along the curved surface rather than concentrating them at a single point. As a result, the geodesic dome home has a stable structure.

2. Environmentally sustainable

Due to the special features of their structural design, geodesic domes use less material and have a longer service life than other housing types. This feature makes domes an environmentally sustainable housing option that contributes to the reduction of resource consumption and environmental burdens.

3. Low construction cost

Low-cost Geodesic dome homes are more competitive to build than traditional square or rectangular homes. Their special design and structure may require less time and resources to complete, thus reducing construction costs. Low-cost Geodesic dome homes can be built more quickly than traditional homes, which means savings in labour and material costs. While conventional houses may require less initial investment, in the long run, low-cost Geodesic dome homes may save more on maintenance and energy consumption costs, thus providing a more affordable living option.

The Disadvantage of a Geodesic Dome Home

1. Limited interior decoration

Due to its special structure, the interior decoration of the geodesic dome home may be limited. Custom furniture and decor may require more design and installation work.

2. Use restrictions

The design of the geodesic dome home may limit the flexibility of the interior layout. For example, the curvature of the wall may affect the placement and use of furniture.

3. Maintenance is complicated

Maintenance of multi-dome houses can be complicated by their special construction and design, where the exterior fabric is 70% blackout PVC and 30% clear PVC. The transparent polyvinyl chloride covering of the domes can yellow over time with use, affecting aesthetics. Also, the transparent fabric is exposed to sun and rain and may become unstable.

4. Bad ventilation

Ventilation may be somewhat limited due to the circular design of the dome. The layout of the interior space of a geodesic dome house may interfere with the natural flow of air compared to a traditional square or rectangular house, with all the hot air collecting at the top of the dome

Shelter Dome

Shelter Dome has been operating since 2017, focusing on spherical structures made of steel materials. Our team of experts is constantly expanding our experience and expertise, keeping up with the latest technologies and materials. As a Chinese company, we offer global delivery and installation services.

In addition, we have experienced dealer centers in Japan, Australia, Italy, Panama, and Chile. We strive for quality and lasting results and are proud to claim that our products are widely recognized and successfully used by a range of renowned customers around the world. We have implemented hundreds of events and permanent projects in more than 30 countries. Shelter's all-weather, durable tents can be found in Japan, the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Australia.

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Materials and features of Shelter Dome

Frame: Q235 steel pipe (white coated/black coated/galvanized)

Features: Press hardening, rust prevention, elegant appearance

Maximum wind load: 120 km/h (74.5 MPH)

Maximum snow load: 0.5kn/m2 (51kg/m2)

Outer Fabric: 850g/sqm completely opaque PVC fabric, 950g/sqm transparent PVC fabric

Insulation:Aluminum foil bubble insulation + canvas fabric (beige/grey), radiation heat reflection
coefficient 85%

Features: Waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant. Meets DIN4102, B1, M2/NFPA701 standards

Shelter's Solutions According to Dome's Disadvantages

Eco-friendly materials

Our PVC Dome is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which is more environmentally friendly and durable than wooden structures, and is extremely cost-effective.

Interior decoration

Provide more customized interior decoration options, allowing customers to personalize the decoration according to personal preferences and needs.
The development of more interior decorative accessories and furniture to match the special structure of the geodesic dome home provides a more diverse selection.

Excellent ventilation

In view of the potential problem of poor ventilation that can be caused by dome structures, our company has taken an innovative step by introducing solar ventilation fans as a solution. These solar ventilation fans effectively promote air circulation, improve indoor air quality, and ensure the comfort and health of occupants. By adding solar ventilation fans to geodesic domes, our company demonstrates a focus on customer needs and a commitment to solutions that provide a more comfortable and livable living environment.

Spatial layout

The design of Shelter Dome provides a more flexible interior space layout, offering a variety of options to meet the different layout needs of customers. We offer movable dividing walls or partitions that allow the customer to adjust the size and shape of the room as needed.


Shelter provides a longer product warranty period to protect the interests of customers and provide more convenient after-sales service. Develop simpler maintenance manuals and video tutorials to help customers better understand and deal with common maintenance issues.


Geodesic dome home offer unique advantages such as stable structures, high energy efficiency, low construction costs, and environmental sustainability. However, they also come with drawbacks including limitations on interior decoration, restrictions on use, and complicated maintenance. Shelter Dome, with its focus on spherical structures made of steel materials, has been providing high-quality products and services since 2017. Choose our geodesic dome home to make your home more comfortable.

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