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10 Types of Accommodation in the Tourism Industry

One of the Types of Accomodaiton


Nowadays, travel accommodation is not only about hotels. Are you looking for a suitable type of accommodation for your tourism business? This article will introduce you to some popular types of accommodation.
Types of Accommodation-Glamping Hotel

Understand the Accommodation in Tourism

What is accommodation service? Why is it important to choose the right type of accommodation for your tourism business? First of all, you need to know the basics of accommodation.

What is Accommodation Service?

The accommodation service industry provides accommodation and related services such as breakfast, and room cleaning. Some types of accommodations even need to offer additional services such as shuttle services and recreation programs. The accommodation industry is particularly focused on a comfortable experience and quality service. Thus, choosing the right accommodation type is especially important.

The Importance of Suitable Accommodation Type in the Tourism Industry

  • Attracting Customers: Your customers’ interest determines the popularity of your accommodation. Accommodation types that are themed and distinctive are more likely to attract potential customers.
  • Increasing Satisfaction: Good reputation and reviews are key to running a tourism business. Comfortable accommodations and high-quality lodging services tend to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Income Generation: Choosing a promising and popular type of accommodation will bring you more profit and income than expected. For example, emerging accommodations such as glamping hotels have low initial investment and distinctive features that can quickly attract customers and generate revenue.
  • Competition Improvement: Distinctive and comfortable accommodations types can set your tourism business apart from others and make your business more competitive.

10 Types of Accommodation in Tourism

What are the most popular types of accommodation? Here’s a list of the 10 most popular accommodations in tourism for you.

Classic Accommodation Types

  1. Hotel
Types of Accommodation-Hotel
Hotels are the most common type of accommodation for tourists. It provides rooms and ancillary services such as breakfast and cleaning to tourists. Hotels are usually categorized into 5 levels based on the level of luxury and services. People usually choose hotels for basic accommodation.
  1. Resorts
Types of Accommodation-Resort
The resorts are suitable for individuals or families who want to take a relaxing vacation. They are very luxurious inside, often offering multiple restaurants and even recreational facilities such as spas and karaoke.
  1. Aparthotel
Types of Accommodation-Aparthotel
Aparthotels usually don’t offer extra services, so guests must cook for themselves. Running an aparthotel is convenient, as guests usually rent for longer periods and don’t require daily accommodation services. Of course, this means that the income from it is lower.
  1. Bed & Breakfast (B&B)
Bed&Breakfast Photo from Unsplash
B&B is a small accommodation that offers rooms and breakfast to its guests. It is usually run by the house’s owner. This type of accommodation is cheap. So young individuals and couples traveling on a limited budget often choose B&Bs.
  1. Homestays
Homestay is an accommodation service offered by local families to foreign students or visitors. They provide lodging, meals and some daily care. Often, foreign students or tourists choose homestays to help them integrate into local life.
  1. Motel
Motel Photo by Mick Haupt
The motel provides lodging and parking services to travelers who drive automobiles. It is usually built in conveniently located places such as airports and highway sides. Their facilities are usually basic and their prices are low.

Innovative Types of Accommodation

  1. Glamping Hotel
Glamping Hotel in the Mountain
Glamping Hotel is a combination of glamorous and camping, meaning “luxury camping”. Glamping hotels are usually built in scenic locations such as mountains or beaches. They are different from traditional camping with a more luxurious and comfortable camping experience. Glamping hotels enable visitors to enjoy the natural beauty while having high-quality accommodation facilities and services. Therefore, they can attract a lot of tourists who want to be close to nature and want to live comfortably.
  1. Campsite
Campsite Photo by Awar Meman
Campsites are one of the most popular types of accommodation for young people and adventurers. This accommodation type is cheap and usually located in natural landscapes such as grasslands and forests. Its ability to get in close contact with nature attracts many nature-loving travelers on a budget.
  1. Motorhomes
Motorhome Photo from Unsplash
A motorhome is a type of automobile that has accommodations. Many RV campgrounds now offer RV campgrounds accommodations, attracting many young people and camping enthusiasts.
  1. Boatel
Boatel is a type of hotel built on a boat that caters to water tourists. In addition to providing rooms and food and beverage services, some of them also offer services such as yacht rental and water sports equipment rental. This accommodation type is more popular with water tourists.

The Best Types of Accommodation for a Tourism Business

After learning about each type of accommodation, what are the best accommodation types for your tourism business? Here are some suggestions.

Campsite & Motorhomes Park

Ridwan Kosasih
Nowadays many people love to adventure and be close to nature. Campsite is a popular tourist accommodation type for many young or budget travelers. Compared to a glamping hotel, a campsite is not as luxurious and the accommodation experience is not as good. Its initial investment cost can range from $100 thousand to $1 million. But with profit margins of 10% to 35%, it’s a good business option.

Glamping Hotel

Glamping Hotel in the Night
Many people today want to get away from the city and get closer to nature. The glamping hotel is one of their favorite types of tourist accommodation, which allows customers to get in touch with nature while enjoying a luxurious and comfortable experience. According to Grand View Research, the luxury camping industry is expected to exceed $5.4 billion by 2028. As you can see, there is a huge market and growth potential for glamping hotels.
Glamping hotels are created by setting up a group of glamping tents in a natural setting. The Glamping Tent has an airy exterior and a spacious, luxurious interior that can accommodate functional areas such as bathrooms, sleeping areas and even bars. In addition, glamping tents are less expensive than traditional structures and take less time to build.
Types of Accommodation-Cocoon Glamping Hotel
The initial investment for a glamping hotel is not as high as that of a hotel or resort, yet it still offers guests luxury enjoyment. Initially, you need to purchase glamping tents and apply for a land permit, and you can start making a profit after about 2 years. Based on the market prospects and growth potential of glamping hotels, investing in glamping hotels is a good choice. 


This article describes the 10 most popular types of accommodation in tourism industry and suggests the most suitable types for the tourism industry right now. It can help you start an accommodation business or choose the right package for your region. Glitzcamp can provide high-quality customized tents and professional program design services for your tourism business.

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