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Why Living in a Tent Can Transform Your Connection with Nature?

Living in a Tent

Living in a Tent: Embrace Nature and Simplicity | Glitzcamp


The charm and new trends of tent life

Living in a tent, a way of life that was once associated with ancient civilisations and explorers, is now re-entering the picture in a new light. This lifestyle goes beyond the simple camping experience, it is the pursuit of freedom, simple living and the desire to be close to nature.

In the "camping phenomenon" that has been booming in the past two years, we see that camping is becoming a popular new consumption for leisure holidays by virtue of its localization, short-distance, micro-vacation, low aggregation, convenient consumption, and strong experience. At the same time, we see that with the improvement of people's requirements for quality of life and the drive of the Internet red economy, living in a tent has gradually become a more sought after lifestyle for consumers.

The rise of glamping has even more changed the way people think about living in a tent. No longer a symbol of the rough and raw, glamping brings luxury and comfort to the traditional camping experience. Glamping tent with a sense of design, sophisticated living facilities, modular bathroom and even private service are elements that make living in a tent not just an adventure, but a stylish lifestyle choice. People are beginning to reassess and explore the possibilities of living in tents, whether for a short escape or a long-term life option.

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The benefits of Living in a tent

Mental health and stress reduction

Spring warms up, everything revives. When the weather is warm, it is especially suitable for outdoor travel. It can breathe fresh air, eliminate spring sleepiness, and reap unexpected benefits. Outdoor is a good way to open the window of the mind and have a psychological "massage". If you are upset, adjust your mood by living in a tent. With the natural partner, view its thousands of posture contentions, appreciate its wisps of fragrance, comfortable and refreshing, relaxed and happy.

Improved quality of life

Choosing a tent as a living space usually means participating in more outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking, star gazing, etc. These activities are not only good for your physical health, but also strengthen the bonds between family and friends. 

If you want to beat the "spring sleepiness", outdoor exercise is very effective. Exercise can improve the metabolic process of the human body, enhance blood circulation and respiratory function, and have a certain stimulating effect on the central nervous system, so spring should exercise more to promote the circulation of blood, body metabolism, so that the body function is in a good state. 

What's more, living in a tent allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the fast pace of life, providing a space for deep reflection and growth for individuals. In the embrace of nature, you will find more time to immerse yourself in reading, writing, painting or other creative activities that are often difficult to find time for in the busy city life.

How to live in a tent

Delicately living in a tent means that people enjoy a pleasant and quality "camping life" for a short time in nature. At present, there are generally two ways: one is to pay attention to their own equipment, supplies and food, like "family relocation" camping; One is to choose a fixed camp with facilities that you like, like a "mot-in" style glamping. Either way, it is essentially a way of life that extends the "food, accommodation and leisure" and the aesthetics of life to the outdoors. Nature, ease, comfort and quality are the common demands of camping consumers. This is what fine camping is all about.

Delicately living in a tent, First of all, glamping campsite's ecological environment should be superior, and urban forest, urban life to establish a different and harmonious relationship. Secondly, glamping campsite facilities and services should be supported, such as meals, water supply, toilets, etc., so that living in a tent glamping life more convenient and comfortable. Thirdly, glamping campsite health and safety should be guaranteed, such as mosquito prevention and accident prevention; And clean, clean, etc.; Without health and safety, how can we live a quality life? More importantly, the management and service of camping destinations should be standardized.

living in a tent


The infinite charm of living in a tent

With the development of information technology, modern urban life style, gradually reduce human contact with nature, a mobile phone can solve almost all life problems, people become more and more home.

Sometimes, people can stay at home for a few days and experience a variety of "cloud life" : cloud office, cloud shopping... The child's life is also affected, especially the time spent outdoors is greatly reduced. For adults, staying indoors is a lifestyle choice. But for children, too much home is not a good thing, their growth and development need to have more opportunities to go outdoors, contact with the wider world. Having kids at home all day has a bigger impact than we think, especially during the long holidays. Living in a tent with children is not just about choosing a different living environment, it is a decision to embrace a new way of life.

About us

Glitzcamp is committed to helping you realize your dream of living in a tent by providing innovative glamping tents, safari tents and meticulous camp planning services. Whether you're looking for a short escape from everyday life or a long-term life change, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Every day spent in a tent is an investment in self-exploration and growth, an attempt to slow down the pace of life, and the maintenance of physical and mental health. Outdoor tent life is waiting for you to join, let us explore this different world together, enjoy the simplicity and purity of life.

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A luxury glmaping tent built by Glitzcamp

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