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Tent, is the hostel of travelers; The tent dweller is a natural guest. Listen to the chirps of insects, the warbles of birds, the noise of cicadas, the frogs, the wind blowing the leaves… People’s yearning for traveling back to nature makes “tents for hotel” gradually popular in the world, and the “tent for hotel” located in the mountains is one of the representatives. 

Luxury camping tents, simple, clean standing in the pine forest, tents and tents between the woods as a natural barrier, private, quiet. Here, the romantic bamboo forest and the tent blend, so that residents in the landscape garden, birds singing insects feel a different kind of quiet, experience away from the dust, embrace the nature of the way of life.

Tents for hotel differs from traditional hotels

There are many differences between a hotel tent and a traditional hotel room, and here are some of the main differences:

1/ Environment and atmosphere

Tents for hotels are usually located in nature and offer a more natural, peaceful and wild atmosphere. Traditional hotel rooms are usually located in urban or artificial environments, and the views are usually limited by the city or architecture.

2/ Building structure

Tents for Hotels are constructed of canvas or similar materials and usually have dome-like structures to make the interior Spaces more transparent and open. Traditional hotel rooms are built with conventional materials and have picture Windows that offer less view than tents for hotel.

3/ Outdoor Experience

Tents for Hotels usually offer outdoor terraces or open air sitting areas so that guests can better enjoy the outdoor activities and nature. The gray space of traditional hotel rooms is usually very small or even no, and the activities of guests are mainly carried out in the room, lacking outdoor activity experience.

4/ Sustainability

Tents for hotel generally focuses on the sustainability of designability and materials, using environmentally friendly materials and designs to minimize the impact on the natural environment. The construction of traditional hotels usually causes great damage to the site, often irreversible damage.

Family Size Basic Safari Tent

In general, tents for hotel offers a unique accommodation experience that emphasizes connection to nature and a luxurious wilderness feel, in contrast to traditional hotel rooms. This makes tents for hotel an ideal choice for those seeking to be close to nature and seeking a unique travel experience.

Features of Tents for Hotel

1/ Dream of luxurious nature

Tents for hotel uses a variety of design elements in series design ideas, with luxury, warm, fresh and natural as the theme, make full use of the unique environmental elements in nature to create a space full of romance and wild luxury. White or earth colored domes, streamlined canvas roofs hanging down from the middle, in the nature is particularly intimate, as if you are really camping.

In the early morning, the white curtains are blowing gently, open the curtains, the gentle breeze from the face, the air in the house has become fresh and pleasant, everything is so quiet. There was a white tent among the mountains, like an elf in the forest. When night falls, the wonderful night here is just beginning!

2/ Eco-Romantic experience

Tents for hotel attaches great importance to the construction of ecology and romance, so that you can enjoy the material pleasure of super five-star while enjoying the wilderness and watching the sunset and sunrise in the mountains. The warm wooden floor, coupled with luxury soft fittings, conveys Tents for hotel’s perception of art and “luxury field”. Luxury wooden furniture is used among them, the state of being born in the wild and settling in the room is endless, which is another way of life.

Tents for Hotel

3/ Live in harmony with nature

Set on the seashore, overlooking the endless views of the sea, or rooted in the dry forest on the sandy coast, Tents for hotel harmoniously integrates with the surrounding environment with its organic architectural form. Tents for hotel is committed to providing visitors with an extraordinary experience of nature. Visitors can experience the gifts of flora and fauna and natural culture in an intimate and pleasant environment. In order to fit the unique ecological landscape and draw inspiration from interesting natural forms, Tents for hotel has found the optimal scale between macro and micro for human habitation. Tents for hotel, however, is built by designers to extend the life of the natural landscape with a new attitude.

Of course, the rooms of Tents for hotel can be customized to meet the accommodation needs of different clients as much as possible. These luxurious tents can be said to be “five things”. The roofs of Tents for hotel are made up of several layers of materials, which have good sound and thermal insulation effects. The carefully planned interior layout allows guests inside to get the maximum view from all angles.

Success Stories of Tents for Hotel

In the growing tourism tapestry, luxury camping in Arenal Volcano National Park is an excellent example of tents for hotel applications.

Arenal Volcano is Costa Rica’s ultimate adventure and spa destination. Swim a warm tropical river on a white-water rafting trip, soar above the rainforest canopy on a zipline adventure, explore hidden paths on an ATV expedition, start a horseback riding Odyssey, and much more! For nature lovers, whether it’s a stroll in the treetops of a suspension bridge, a hike in the dense forest at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, or a fascinating riverboat expedition at the charming Kano Negro Wildlife Refuge, it’s tempting. Don’t forget to visit the stunning 200-foot high La Fortuna Falls and indulge in some souvenir shopping in the bustling town of La Fortuna.

Visitors can immerse themselves in a luxurious glamping experience, snuggling up in a hunter-style tent in the heart of the jungle and gazing at the awe-inspiring Arenal Volcano. This extraordinary and one-of-a-kind resort is the epitome of tropical luxury. Here, visitors will revel in the luxurious facilities, the hotel has a large family-style spa pool, a novel swimming bar and a gourmet restaurant.

Nayara Tented Camp boasts luxurious 1,700-square-foot safari tents perched on the slopes, some offering stunning jungle views and glimpses of the majestic Arenal Volcano.

The tents were provided by Glitzcamp. Of the 18 tents, 12 are mirrored tents, connected by covered walkways, making them ideal for families seeking spacious two-bedroom units. The rest of the tents are located on a hillside with panoramic views of Arenal Volcano. Each tent has a luxurious interior with a natural spa pool and a peaceful seating area. Nayara Tented Camp’s tents are furnished with luxurious interior furniture and a comfortable seating area. Luxurious and comfortable four-poster awning beds, spacious bathrooms with luxurious bathtubs, more indoor and outdoor showers, dressing rooms, and abundant safari-themed decor. Designed to give visitors an extraordinary experience.


Nature is a paradise for nature lovers with its rich collection of creatures and amazing stories about nature. Tents for hotel’s semi-enclosed space is connected to an open landscape. In this calm tent space, users can focus on playing a game of chess or exploring the mysteries of the local culture and wildlife.

In the ever-changing mode of travel, tents for hotel occupies a great advantage as a kind of travel residence option that is on the rise. Choosing tents for hotel is an irreversible trend in the future. tents for hotel beckons to the modern traveler, urging them to comfort themselves at nature’s knees while enjoying unabashed luxury.

Luxury Tent Resort

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