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The Advantages of Semi-Permanent Tents for Glamping

Glamping Tents with Rest Area
As the core accommodation facility of luxury camping, semi-permanent tents have many unique advantages that can bring tourists unprecedented glamping experiences. Next, let’s learn about glamping and its advantages.

What Is a Semi-Permanent Tent?

Semi-permanent tents are a form of construction between temporary and permanent buildings. Semi-permanent tents have a lifespan of 3-5 years, while permanent tents can be used for more than 10 years. They are mainly composed of metal frames and waterproof fabrics. Compared with traditional permanent houses, semi-permanent tents have lower construction costs. What’s more, compared with conventional tents, semi-permanent tents have longer service life and more stable structures.
Therefore, semi-permanent tent structures are widely used on various occasions that require temporary or long-term outdoor accommodation, such as resorts, outdoor hotels, and luxury glamping sites.

The Pros of Semi-Permanent Tents for Glamping

Choosing the right accommodation facilities is the key to ensuring a comfortable experience in glamping. Let’s see why they are so popular.


Compared with traditional permanent buildings, the initial investment cost of semi-permanent tents is lower. This is mainly due to its modular design, which greatly reduces the construction cost. Moreover, when a part is damaged such as a connector or roof fabric, only that part needs to be replaced instead of the entire tent, which reduces maintenance costs. So, semi-permanent tent structures are undoubtedly a wise investment option for investors who want to get involved in the glamping business.

High Security

The frame material of semi-permanent tents is mostly made of high-strength steel or aluminum alloy. The structure composed of this material is stable and wind-resistant. At the same time, the fabric material will be waterproof, wear-resistant, and UV-resistant materials, such as PVC-coated cloth, canvas, or Oxford cloth. These fabric materials can effectively protect the space inside the tent from the influence of bad weather.
For example, our extreme safari tent uses a wood pattern aluminum alloy frame combined with Q235B steel connections, which make the entire frame structure very solid. The tent also uses a double-layer fabric covering design. The outer fabric of the tent is made of 750g/m² waterproof and flame-retardant PVC material and the inner tent uses 370g/m² moisture-proof canvas. This fabric provides campers with a warmer and safer resting environment.
High Security

High Privacy

When we talk about glamping, privacy is undoubtedly one of the important elements that every camper pursues. Semi-permanent tents can provide campers with a more private space by equipping them with private bathrooms and curtains. Besides, partition boards can be installed in semi-permanent tents to separate the functional areas
You can see the picture below. It is our A40 luxury tent. This tent has luxurious configurations and pays special attention to the design of privacy. It is equipped with a modular bathroom, allowing campers to enjoy bathing privately similar to that at home. Furthermore, curtains with zippers are installed inside the tent, which can be adjusted at any time as needed to protect your privacy.
High Privary

Comfort and Luxury

Semi-permanent tents are usually designed with spacious interiors that can accommodate more furniture and people, bringing great convenience and comfort to glamping life.
The below picture is our L1 Anlong fancy tent. It has an amazing indoor area of 84 square meters and is divided into two separate rooms and a spacious living room. This wild space design ensures that every family member can have enough private space and provides ample public areas for everyone to have fun together. Moreover, you will find a range of luxurious furniture and facilities in this tent, including large tables and matching stools.


Compared with permanent buildings, semi-permanent tents are more flexible in design and manufacturing. Semi-permanent tent structures can be customized and manufactured according to your specific needs, including the size, shape, color, interior configuration, and other aspects of the tent. This pro can make you have unique glamping tents to create a brand advantage and ensure that the tent blends perfectly with your campsite.

Leaving an Attractive Impression

Semi-permanent tents incorporate modern design elements, which enhance the overall beauty of the tent and meet the pursuit of aesthetics and quality by modern campers. Take our DF luxury camping tent as an example, it is the design concept of this unique appearance. The overall shape of the DF luxury camping tent adopts a hexagonal design to create a harmonious and layered aesthetic visually. At the same time, the tent roof has also been specially designed, with smooth and beautiful curves.
Df Luxury Camping Tent

Saving Construction Time

The process of setting up a semi-permanent tent is relatively simple and quick, because of mudolar design. The modules are assembled through simple connection methods (such as bolts, slots, etc.), without the need for complex construction processes. During the peak tourist season, the number of tourists increases. Semi-permanent tents can help you expand the size of the camp and increase the number of guest rooms in a short period.
Worried about the construction issue? Then you may choose our brand – Glitzcamp. We provide installation videos, instruction manuals, and corresponding installation tools. Most importantly, you can always contact our team if there are any problems during the installation process. We will answer you in time so that you can install it without worries.

A Case Study on Semi-Permanent Tents for Glamping-Laobanzhang Tent Camp

Laobanzhang Tented Camp is located in the heart of Yunnan Province, China. It has become a favorite destination for many discerning travelers because of its unique natural beauty and luxurious accommodations. The success of the Laobanzhang tent camp is inseparable from using our Glitzcamp’s semi-permanent tents.

Using Glitzcamp’s Semi-Permanent Tents

Glitzcamp’s semi-permanent glamping tents provide visitors with a safe and comfortable accommodation environment and add a luxurious atmosphere to the campsite with their exquisite design.
The material selection of our semi-permanent glamping tent has been carefully considered, using corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy and waterproof and sun-proof PVC fabric. This combination of materials ensures the stability and durability of the tents. The indoor furniture is well-equipped and exquisite. There are soft bedding, lighting systems, and independent bathroom systems.

Some User Reviews

Many tourists gave high praise after visiting the Laobanzhang tented camp. Some tourists commented, “What a unique glamping experience! We were pleasantly surprised with the size and stylishness of the semi-permanent tents.” Another tourist said, “I decided to go again because the glamping tent was too great!” These positive comments increased the popularity of the Laobanzhang tented camp and attracted more tourists to experience it.

How to Buy Semi-Permanent Tents Online?

After introducing the benefits of semi-permanent tents, do you want to buy one? Below we will introduce some ways to buy them online.

Online Retail Platform

Online retail platforms such as Amazon and eBay are common online channels for purchasing semi-permanent tents. These platforms can provide a large number of products for consumers to choose from. You can compare prices of different brands and models to find the most cost-effective products. Due to the uneven quality of goods, you need to carefully identify them when purchasing and spend a lot of time finding the right product.

Brand Official Website

Compared with online retail platforms, many well-known semi-permanent tent brands have their official websites and sell their products on the website. Consumers can get official guarantees and perfect after-sales service by purchasing semi-permanent tents from the brand’s official website. In addition, the brand’s official website will occasionally launch discount promotions to allow consumers to enjoy more affordable prices.
Glitzcamp is an experienced glamping tent manufacturer. We specialize in providing customizable and high-quality glamping tents at affordable prices. All products have a 1-year warranty.


Semi-permanent tents have excellent durability and can withstand the test of various weather conditions. And its exquisite design and comfortable interior space can bring a luxury experience to campers. For campsite operators who want to create a high-quality glamping site, choosing semi-permanent outdoor tents is undoubtedly a wise decision. If you have any questions about semi-permanent tents, please feel free to contact us.

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