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Why Choose an Outdoor Wedding Tent for Your Special Day?

Outdoor Wedding Tent: Revolutionizing Modern Nuptials | Glitzcamp


1/ Architectural Space and Social Communication: Cities and Design from a Global perspective

Everyone uses building space, and the vast majority of people on Earth live in cities. Design creativity is relevant to everyone. Listen to people from all walks of life, see the world through them, and hear their views on cities, architecture, design and creativity. Communication makes the world bigger.

2/ Changes in Modern Concepts of marriage and Childbearing: An analysis of contemporary young people’s choices

According to recently released data, the number of marriage registrations has dropped continuously. These all prove that the concept and willingness of marriage and childbearing of contemporary young people have produced obvious changes. In the past, the model of family as a unit is gradually transforming to individuality, the concept of gender is more open, men and women of marriage age are more yearning and easy to pursue independence and freedom, and marriage is no longer an inevitable choice in life. Coupled with the rising cost of marriage and the increasing pressure of social competition, postponing marriage and childbearing is almost an inevitable result.

Gender differences are also an important factor affecting marriage choice. With the rise of economic status, women have more autonomy and choice in marriage and childbearing. But at the same time, women have to face a series of unfair problems brought by the workplace and society, which further affects women’s concept of marriage and childbearing.

3/2023 Global Gender Gap Report: Challenges for women in Marriage and the Workplace

According to the Global Gender Gap Report released in 2023, China ranks 107th out of 156 countries (down five places from last year), below fellow Asian countries Vietnam (72nd), Thailand (74th) and South Korea (105th). The four main dimensions that influence the ranking are: 1. Economic participation and job opportunities. 2. Education. 3. Health and survival. 4. Political empowerment.

4/ New trends in wedding venues: Personalized and innovative wedding experiences

In the “marriage is not easy” at the moment, the couple who choose to enter the marriage hall will undoubtedly put forward a higher demand for marriage than ever before. From the perspective of marriage ceremony, more and more people will be ready to get married in the case of conditions, according to their own preferences to choose and even customize their own wedding venue. No longer confined to traditional hotels, today’s wedding planning teams are setting up their weddings in a variety of innovative places, including but not limited to park meadows, castle ruins, cruise ships, theme parks, luxury outdoor wedding tent and even the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The wedding venue should be romantic, promising and memorable. The decline in marriage rates, on the other hand, suggests that people are thinking more seriously about marriage. In today’s society, people’s concept of marriage has changed a lot, more and more people pay more attention to the quality of marriage rather than the form of marriage. For young people, the significance of holding a wedding is no longer a social task that must be completed, but an expression of a sense of ceremony and spiritual sustence. For the choice of wedding space, young people are more inclined to personalized, emotional resonance and artistic places.

Proposal setup inside the glamping tent
Propose in an outdoor wedding tent

Do you think people still need weddings? What is your ideal wedding space? Welcome to leave your opinion in the comments!

Recommended wedding space project

The charm of an outdoor wedding

Wedding, as one of the most important moments in life, always carries the beauty and holiness of love. In modern society, outdoor wedding is more and more favored by new people because of its unique charm. Under the blue sky and white clouds, on the grassy grass, two people in love made a lifelong commitment under the witness of their relatives and friends.

Outdoor wedding is not only a choice of ceremony, but also a pursuit of natural beauty and pure love. Outdoor wedding tent provides a protected space and adds a unique touch of style and atmosphere to an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor wedding tent create a unique wedding experience

1/ Theme ideas

The outdoor wedding tent provides a white canvas on which couples can paint the wedding of their dreams. The curtain-like flowing roof gives the building an embracing attitude, bringing mountains, forests and rivers into its arms, creating a space where spirit and nature converge, allowing more air and light to flow into the interior of the building, depicting the floating attitude in stillness.

2/ Light game

A more modern approach is to use projection technology to add dynamic visual effects to the wedding day by projecting video of the wedding day onto the canopy of the projection dome.

When light enters the auditorium through the glass curtain wall of the outdoor wedding tent, the roof provides a visual effect of floating. When night falls, the Double happiness Hall is hidden in the night, at this time, the light from the wedding tent is lit up, the volume of the building is filled with light, the whole building is like a sky lantern about to go up, praying for the nature and people in the twilight.

Skyline Event Tent with Lights

3/ Integration of outdoor elements

Incorporating outdoor elements into the design of the tent was key to creating a distinctive wedding experience. outdoor wedding tent connects the outdoor landscape with the indoor space. If there is a natural body of water near the wedding site, the party tent and outdoor wedding tent can be oriented towards the water feature, so that the calm water becomes the background of the wedding.

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