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Revolutionizing Dining with Tent Structure

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Tent Structure: Revolutionizing Dining Spaces | Glitzcamp


Tent structure is often used for glamping, but in recent years it has moved beyond the traditional boundaries of open-air use, with a fully open facade design that maximizes the boundary between inside and outside, seamlessly connecting.

The tent structure presents a light and fluid aesthetic that contrasts sharply with the bulkiness of traditional buildings. The interior center of gravity is different, the space tension is different, rather than decorative closed partition, which makes the view become transparent and coherent, the space is restrained and concise.

Tent structure to the outdoor and indoor two directions into the echelon gradually rising, in the space line of sight to present the best internal and external interworking effect, but also hope in all hours of the day the most ornamental and atmosphere to enhance the bar become the visual core of its space. The tent wooden platform continues to extend to the outdoor activity area and add more native plants to form an immersive outdoor dining experience. It is also in this way that there is such a rare “natural creation” under the conditions of industrial production.

Under Tent Structure: Unique dining experience

Visual enjoyment

The transparent tents offer incredible views and guests can enjoy both the inside and outside views. The lighting design and interior luxury decorative elements further enhance the visual appeal and create a unique dining venue. Guests dine in this beautiful setting, satisfying not only the taste but also the visual enjoyment. Tent Structure not only solves the problem of line of sight, but also reduces the oppression caused by the large area of solid walls in traditional buildings.

The outdoor natural environment is the key dialogue object of the tent structure design. In addition to the complex means of interaction, the original coexistence relationship and the property of the place determine the clear orientation of the building, and the landscape order, spatial layout, and use density maintain the same directional relationship.


Tent structures are typically modular in design, making the construction process more efficient and flexible, and can be customized to different needs. Typically made of highly durable materials, these structures are able to withstand adverse weather conditions, providing a solid backing for restaurants to operate year-round.

The tent Structure can be customized and adapted to different site properties according to requirements to accommodate different scale dining activities, without the need for large-scale reconstruction or expansion as in traditional catering buildings.

Cozying up at night in a tent

Based on the advantages of the tent structure such as low cost and short construction period, architects need to think about how to organize the space and strengthen the connection between the environment and people through design in the most necessary and non-necessary intervention, rather than isolated interior design.

In the city, the Tent Structure gives restaurants a distinctive look that makes them stand out in a competitive market. In a suburban or natural setting, the Tent Structure allows guests to get close to nature and enjoy outdoor dining. Whether it’s an everyday meal or a special occasion, Tent Structure is able to create a unique and memorable dining experience for its customers.

Return to the original scenery while dining under tent structure

Architecture and environment, indoor and outdoor, are different from the strategies in the urban context. The architects plant new vegetation in the open space around the site, including native plants under the landscape suggestion, to continue the original natural style, which not only enriches the landscape vision but also evoking the mood of dining. The interior sheds its original industrial feel due to the infiltration of scenery and natural connections.

The design concept of Tent Structure emphasizes harmonious coexistence with the natural environment. They are often located in pleasant natural places such as suburbs, forests or lakeside to maximize the integration of outdoor beauty with indoor dining Spaces. Outside, you can have a panoramic view of the outdoor landscape – “outside appreciation”, and inside, you can have a quiet small world – “Inside view”, which can meet the various expectations of diners. 

Although the area is not large, it has a unique geographical advantage to provide a short rest for diners. In order to maximize the use of space, the center of the tent is left blank to form a dining area and a meeting area. The sight passes through the large floor-to-ceiling Windows, skimming over the clear river to see the distant landscape. Soon the leafy trees cast dappled shadows on the interior platforms.

The tent Structure creates a unique dining atmosphere that makes guests feel like they are in nature. The transparent tent walls allow natural light to filter through, allowing for beautiful views during the day, while creating a romantic atmosphere at night. Plants and natural elements are often incorporated into interior design, enhancing the feeling of nature. This atmosphere makes guests feel relaxed and cheerful, making dining a real treat.

Success story: Dining experience in the mountains

A restaurant set in the mountains chose a tent structure for its dining space. The tents are cleverly integrated into the natural environment, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the forest while dining. In the thinking and introduction of the design language, in order to respect the restaurant’s operating philosophy and the style of its catering brand. “Borrow” is the design technique that the owner wants to try in the project.

The facade of the existing protected building covered with greenery serves as a backdrop for the fully open restaurant entrance. The original centuries-old trees in the courtyard form a natural sunshade for the garden. Through the techniques of refinement, fragmentation and reconstruction, combined with the metal strips of the same type, the natural overlap extends to every important corner of the dining area, forming the core main visual area inside the dining area.

Meeting with friends in a tent
Fire outside the Camping Tent

Through different grayscale and color mirror, glass and hand mirror stainless steel material characteristics, through the green, through the shape, through the “free” scattered in the space of different sizes of the circular variable atmosphere lights, naturally change the dining environment of the restaurant, so that guests in different space locations at different times, can capture different visual experience.

The restaurant has attracted a large number of diners by offering an outstanding customer experience and has become a popular local dining spot. Choose a minimalist horizontal plane to define the space in vertical control and connect the environment horizontally. Customers dine in these venues and not only enjoy the food, but also feel the joy of being close to nature, which is where the magic of Tent Structure in the dining space lies.

Future outlook

In the future, environmental protection and sustainability will become important keywords in the catering industry. Tent Structure’s design and material selection can be more environmentally conscious, such as the use of renewable materials, energy efficient technologies and the zero waste principle. This not only helps to reduce environmental impact, but also dovetails with modern consumers’ demand for sustainable dining experiences.

The perfect fusion of food and architecture fully demonstrates the possibilities of innovation and gastronomy. Glitzcamp is looking forward to the future and seeing how Tent Structure continues to change the restaurant industry and bring us more surprises and delicious treats.

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